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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Morphing Jar #2

[Rock / Effect Monster]
FLIP: Return all Monster Cards on the field to their respective Decks and shuffle them. You and your opponent then pick up cards until you both have the same number of Monster Cards (Level 4 or lower) that were returned to each Deck. Special Summon the monsters on the field in face-down Defense Position. Any other cards picked up are discarded to the Graveyard.

Type - Earth/3/800/700
Card Number
- PSV-040

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.13.04

f00b Morphing Jar #2 - 02.13.04 

A member of the ever-debatable jar family. And, Semi-Restricted for a reason. 

+“Switches Up” the field 
+Returns a tribute monster to the deck for a level 4 or lower monster 
+Can deck your opponent 
+Massive discard = loss of options 

-If you play the maximum, watch out for Nobleman of Crossout 
-Can be used against you 
-Is random-based, which is often a downfall in Yugioh 
-A “passive aggressive” card aka you must set it to use it’s effect, which is offensive in itself. 
-Getting this Change of Hearted is pretty NASTY 

*There are some, but it’s better just to use this card with others like it - Morphing Jar (1), Needle Worm, Card Destruction, some Shallow Graves and Book of Moons, and other cards to quickly mill through your opponent’s deck. Combine that with the current speed and thinning you see in decks such as with painful choice, and it could be GG pretty quickly ;P 

Basically, any card with an effect that can wipe out the field is usually considered pretty good. And this one is no exception. I’ve had this turned against me so many times it’s a wonder I’m not packing two per deck -_- 

But seriously, if your opponent has 2-3 beefy monsters hitting you up style, and you top deck this, it’s like…amazing. Of course, they will still have the same number of cards on the field after the jar’s effect is employed, but they will probably lose many cards from their deck in the process, not to mention the fact a jinzo or vampire lord could be sent back to the deck and in return they get…a SINISTER!!! *evil laugh* Obviously, combined with like, a scapegoat, this could do some major damage. 

Still, it is not without counters. Magical scientist->Fiend Skull Dragon, Nobleman of Crossout, Exiled Force, Dark Ruler Ha Des, Sasuke Samurai, Raigeki, Dark Hole, and the worst - Change of Heart; all these cards make using this jar kinda…miserable. 

Still, with the right support, this is a DEADLY weapon that is actually seeing some play. A very good card, and good thing it’s only semi-restricted now, which makes it more playable, etc. There ya go, short and sweet. 

Constructed - 3.4/5 Disruption is always welcome in my book. Unfortunately removal exists as well ;X 
Limited - 2.3/5 Dangerous potential, it depends on what you’ve drafted. A sort of gamble, but might be worth it. 

Good way to end the week. Hope everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day (or single-awareness day, whichever applies to j00). ^_~  
ExMinion OfDarkness Morphing Jar #2

This card used to be maindecked in the PSV and earlier days. Basically, if your opponent attacked it, it was like you ended their turn (almost): All of their new monsters would be face-down, unable to attack. You'd get to flip your monsters first (if you got any) and have an offensive advantage.

The Deck Destruction aspect also appeals to many players; If your opponent has 2-3 monsters out, getting to 2-3 monsters in the Deck could be a problem as most Decks run more Magics and Traps than monsters. They'd end up losing a lot of cards.

Sadly, this card is just a mere shadow of its former self. Back in PSV and LoN, Gemini Elfs, Harpie's Brothers, and 7 Colored Fish were a common sight on a Dueling field. Now, everyone uses effect monsters to try to get hand and field advantage. Back when the only way to get rid of a face-down monster that wasn't a staple was Nobleman of Crossout, this could potentially set a player back a turn. Now, people have not only Nobleman and the Staples (Dark Hole/Raigeki), but Exiled Force, Sasuke Samurai, and Magical Scientist (summoning Dark Balter to negate the opponent's monster's effect when he kills it), most of which are very common sights.

I'd also like to mention that if a high-level monster comes up, it is discarded, but still counts toward the number of monsters you would receive. For example, if you had 3 Gemini Elves on the field, and Moprhing Jar #2 sent them back into the Deck and you got a Jinzo, Airknight Parshath, and one of the Geminis, the Gemini would go to the field F/D and the other two would be discarded.

Overall, this card really doesn't do enough against other tournament-worthy Decks to be considered playable.

In Limited, however, this card is a higher pick. With less monsters, there will usually be less monster removal, so this card will get its effect. Both players would most likely get a high amount of monsters, and since you'd get to flip yours first and attack, that's nearly a death sentence for your opponent.

Tournament: 2/5
Limited: 3.5/5 
Gambit This card is one of the most annoying cards to have used against you, and that is usually a good indicator that it might be good in your deck. The way players often feel compelled to pull as many monsters out of their deck as quickly as they possibly can, this card can make them pay. For example, if someone plays 17 monsters, and has already thinned out the bottom half of their deck with WotBF, Sangan, Tomato, Pyramid, etc., a Morphing Jar #2 has a better chance of forcing them to discard more Spell and Trap cards than a more monster-dense deck. As an added bonus, all cards that cannot be Special Summoned by MJ #2 are sent to the graveyard. That means Yata, Necrofear, and HaDes are gone (almost) for good. AND it ends the Battle Phase (effectively). AND it puts opponent monsters in their often weaker Defense Position. The only reasons not to use this are (1) you play a lot of Tribute Monsters, (2) you play a lot of irreplaceable M/T (Last Turn, Ritual Spells, etc.), or (3) your deck is running low. Outside of that, this card has some SERIOUS potential to it, and most decks could find use for it.

Nobleman of Crossout whatever your opponent gets
Asura Priest -- he can probably kill all of your opponent's monsters easily when they are in defense
Deck Destruction -- timed properly, this will thin out your opponent's deck as well as put flipped monsters (Needle Worm, etc. ) back into the deck for re-use
Anti-Burners - they rely so much on M/T... why not get as much out of their deck as possible?
Skull Invitation -- do 300 DMG for each card sent to the graveyard
Mirage of Nightmare -- (not yours, THEIRS) watch those MST's get discarded while the deck gets thinner, just in time for them to draw 4 new cards...

Rating: 4.0/5.0 Less drastic way to get out of a jam than Fiber Jar, and a good way to get rid of annoying monsters and M/T alike 
TheCommon FolksPath Feb 13 Fri - Morphing Jar #2 

Like Ultimate Offering, this card can be devastating at the right time. 

This card is best suited in a Deck Destruction deck (Of course, Deck Destruction here in the English game isn't too practical, considering the cost of Needle Worm, Morphing Jar #1, Vampire Lord, etc.). If you manage to pull this card at the right time, your opponent is in some major trouble.
All the cards that are pulled as a result of Morphing Jar #2 that are not monsters go to graveyard. If your opponent has more monsters than you do, this will obviously be devastating to their deck (unless they pull off a miracle and get 3/4/5 monsters in a row). 

However, there are downsides to this card. If the tables are turned and you have more monsters, then this card is worthless, for the most part (of course, unless you want to try and get out a certain monster). Also, it is a Flip Effect monster, so you will have to wait a turn to get the effect off. On top of that, it cannot get out monsters above Level 4 (I believe they still count toward the number of monsters picked up by MJ#2). 

This card combos best with Deck Destruction related type cards. Since most Deck Destruction cards have weak stats, this can buy you some time.
Although I can't think of any specific cards this combos with (my fellow reviewers can probably think of some), overall, this card is OK in most decks, but work best with Deck Destruction 


Today we’re looking at Morphing Jar #2 from Pharaoh’s Servant.


Morphing Jar may not be one of the best flip effects out there (not even the best Jar in my opinion) but it’s quite the annoying card when used against you.   However in today’s metagame with all the monster removal, monsters don’t often stay on the field for more than a few turns, and Flip Effects stay even less.   But in casual duels (or this limited I always hear about) you will find yourself having several monsters on the field at a time.   This is where Morphing Jar shines.  


Since most decks run only about 16-18 monsters, flipping this when your opponent has several monsters on the field almost guarantees several of their Spell or Trap cards will be sent to the graveyard (unless they stack their deck after the shuffle).  


However this card isn’t for everyone, and is skewed towards Deck Destruction but with Needle worm (being a major monster in Deck Destruction) being a TP Ultra Rare, building one could prove very difficult.  


Casual: 3/5

Tournament: 1/5 (unless deck destruction)
Morphing Jar #2...I remember when I used to play with this just to screw up my opponent's field.  I still believe it's a good sidedeck card if you are going against someone with little monsters.  Let's look into this...
+ Amazing if you can put back at least 2/3 monsters back into your opponent's deck
+ It can change the game in a matter of seconds
+ Say bye to your favorite Magics and Traps
+ Monsters are special summoned FACE DOWN so they cannot continue the attack
- It's a flip effect monster
- The new monsters could be a LOT better (since people are running searchers)
- They could also top deck monsters, making Morphing Jar #2 useless
- You could mill out useless cards
hRmmm...soo basically the question of the day is "is this card worth it?"  To tell you the truth, no.  I like it but not that much.  Sure you could mill away Raigeki, Pot of Greed, Delinquent Duo, Imperial Order, Yata-Garasu, etc...but you could also mill away an unneeded Mystical Space Typoon, Confiscation, Ring of Destruction, Card Destruction, etc...Basically it's a coin flip.  The good side is that you could give your opponent really bad cards.  Their field could've been Jinzo, Mystic Tomato, Spear Dragon and all of the sudden they could have Sinister Serpent, Tribe Infecting Virus, and Breaker the Magical Warrior, IN DEFENCE MODE...once again, situational and you could also give your opponent an amazing field. 
Because most people (unlike myself) like to play about 13-15 monsters, this card might not be a bad sidedeck.  The chances of Morphing Jar #2 to be used to it's full potential got higher.  If you use this card against me, good luck.  I like to run a lot of monsters (16-18) in my deck soo Morphing Jar #2 is not a threat.  Here's some neat little combos with this card:
Let's say you have a Spear Cretin facedown on your field and a Morphing Jar #2 in your graveyard.  Your opponent summons a monster, attacks Spear Cretin, you get to bring back Morphing Jar #2 when your opponent has more monsters on his side of the field. Good use of the card..
Also, try to combo it with yesterday's Card of the Day: Ultimate Offering...Play it during your opponent's battle phase
Another good trick with this card is when your opponent knows you searched for a different flip or effect monsters using Witch or Sangan.  Trick them by setting Morphing Jar #2 and try to bait out a DD warrior Lady or DD crazy beast, actually works
the Jar's in this game (Fiber Jar, Cyber Jar, Morphing Jar 1/2, Jar of Greed) they are all meant to change the game.  Learn how each of them works to understand the game a lot better.  I personally like Jar of Greed and Morphing Jar #2/Fiber Jar only (in that order).  See which ones you like
Constructed: 5/10 (only in sidedeck unless you are making a "deck-out" deck)
Limited: 0/10 (don't draft only helps ur opponent)
Best situation:
Your opponent has multiple monsters on the field.  They attack Morphing Jar #2 and they all go in back to the deck.  Your opponent cycles through about 15-20 cards throwing away Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Monster Reborn, Mirror Force, etc and left with Sinister Serpent, Spear Dragon, and some useless card in face down defense.  You now have board control again ^^


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