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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ultimate Offering

At the cost of 500 Life Points per monster, a player is allowed an extra Normal Summon or Set.

Type - Continuous Trap
Card Number
- SDY-050, SDP-046, SDK-050, SDJ-047

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.12.04

Thursday - Ultimate Offering
*insert witty remark followed by apology for slacking off here*
Rulings notes for anyone that doesn't know them:
*The only legal times you can use Ultimate Offering's effect are during your Main Phase 1, your Main Phase 2, and your opponent's Battle Phase.
*The summons count as Normal Summons, so go ahead and use your Trap Holes if you wish (or can).
*If you use the effect in response to the declaration of an attack by your opponent, a replay occurs.  However, Ultimate Offering must be face-up before the declaration of attack (the best time would be in response to your opponent ending Main Phase 1).
*You can do Tribute Summons or Tribute Sets as long as you offer the required number of monsters.
*I'm not sure on this one, but I believe that you can summon out Spirit monsters with this, as the effect creates Normal Summons.
With that being said, this card isn't quite as good as it should be.  I mean, it has the potential to be game-breaking, but there are just very few situations that you could use this in.  A large monster swarm is surprisingly easy to deal with in today's game.  All it takes is a single Torrential Tribute to completely screw your board position, or there's always Waboku followed by Raigeki/Dark Hole next turn.  Oh yeah, did I mention it sucks to watch your entire attack force run into a Spirit Reaper?
You also need to take into consideration that your hand size is going to decrease very quickly if you try to use this card.  Hand advantage is quite possibly the most important advantage you can have in a game.  I don't think burning cards from my hand this way is a good way to win, considering that Monsters are the most fragile of the three card types.
Required Fun But Not Truly Playable Combo:
Ultimate Offering + Tsukuyomi = Reusable Book of Moon every turn (your turn and your opponent's turn).
Score: 2.0
If someone can find a way to break Ultimate Offering, feel free to share it with the rest of the Pojo viewers.  I'm interested to learn, as well.
Thursday - Ultimate Offering
Many a combo can be accomplished via Ultimate Offering. The only tricky aspect to the card is that it promotes hand disadvantage. You know you've lost a game when your opponent has just played Torrential Tribute or Raigeki, when you had between three to five Monsters on the Field with a depleted hand. If there was less mass removal in this game, Ultimate Offering would be seeing much more play.
Casual decks love this card, but Tournament decks despise it.
Ultimate Offering can be either really good or really bad in Limited. The thing about Limited is that you will often be holding several Monsters in your hand. And having the option to play them all and swing at your opponent's Life Points for the game is priceless. The disadvantage to this card is that your Life Points are at more of a liability, the last thing you want to do is to diminish your already low Life Points into nothing.

Constructed - 1.5/5
Limited - 2.5/5
f00b Ultimate Offering - 02.12.04 

Now HERE’S an original card. I never understood why beatdown didn’t implement this card more…Well here are some reasons, both for and against the utility this trap provides. 

+A good way of filling up the field 
+Can be used to get out tribute monsters 
+Amazing if all of your monster are more powerful than the opponent’s 
+CAN be a quick win 

-Your opponent can also pay the 500 for another monster 
-Useless with a jinzo on the field 
-Horrible hand management 

*After your opponent pays (if they do) for extra summons, just play Raigeki to clear their field and essentially you’ve also neutralized their hand. 

It’s pretty simple. If you play big attack monsters, use this to end the game quickly. If you play multiple effect monsters, use this to employ parts of your strategy now instead of later. But never forget, this is a double-edged sword, so be careful. 

Basically, this is a “has-been”, it HAD it’s uses, but I don’t see it as a TRUE force in tournament play right now. Of course there’s always a casual game… 

Now, in draft, if you get this going along with a bunch of monsters…you have a chance ^_~ a good chance. 

Alright, I must admit, you could theoretically fill up the field with a swarm of nimbles…then “ultimately offer” out a few airknights or something, but it probably wouldn’t happen. Still, this is the best way I could think of, for refilling your hand after the loss given by this particular trap card. 

Constructed - 2.5/5 
Limited - 3.2/5 

A fun card, at least =D  
ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday: Ultimate Offering

This can be a very powerful card, if used correctly. It has great combos to work with that can single-handedly win the Duel or go a long way towards winning a Duel.

You can use this card during your opponent's Battle Phase. It's a great way to deceive them into attacking with a weaker monster (Zaloog) and using this card to get a stronger one out. Keep in mind you can NOT flip the card AND activate it during the same Battle Phase. It must already be face up in order to use its effect during the opponent's Battle Phase.

As for the combos:
*Huge Revolution decks: These cards need speed more than anything. If you play 2 of the 3 monsters in this combo (People Running About, United Resistance, and Oppressed People), your opponent will know to either (A) get rid of one of them FAST or (B) set Mystical Space Typhoons and activate them any time you set a Trap so you won't get to use it. However, with Ultimate Offering, it is possible to get all 3 out in the same turn, set the Revolution, and activate it after your opponent draws.

*XYZ decks: Unlike normal Fusions, the XYZ fusions have to have the pieces on the FIELD and not just in the hand. Ultimate Offering can give you that extra monster you need to get a fusion out.

This card has its darker side, however.
You are getting another monster onto the field but you are losing a card from your hand as well. You want to be ESPECIALLY wary about using this card's effect if your opponent has even one face down Magic or Trap. Mirror Force, Waboku, and Torrential Tribute will all turn that advantage you just got into nothing. Hitting any one of those three cards could very well cost you the Duel.

You may even want to try one of this card in a normal Beatdown to try to get that extra smack in that will win before your opponent can respond.

In Draft, take this. You only have 4,000 life points, so that 500 cost is bigger, but you will be stuck with a LOT of monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh drafting, so getting a HUGE monster out at the cost of your hand/1000 Life Points isn't as big of a deal.

Tournament: 2.75/5
Limited: 4/5 
Gambit This card can be really useful at the right time. For starters, every Summon is a Normal Summon or Set, so you could, for example, Normal Summon Exiled Force and Yata for a small 500 LP. You can also use its effect to get Tribute Monsters out quicker, and even use special effects (such as Tsukiyomi or Gora Turtle) in your Main Phase or your opponent's Battle Phase. Also, when your opponent attacks with Vampire Lord, why not shell out 500 LP to set a Morphing Jar #2, D.D. Warrior Lady, Spirit Reaper, or GAF?

This card works best in a high-monster count deck, otherwise you may easily lose all of the monsters out of your hand. You can easily take your opponent down 8000 LP in one turn if this is used properly.

Mysterious Puppeteer -- gain your 500 LP back
Catapult Turtle -- summon GAF for 500 LP, tribute for 1150
X-Y-Z -- a little more reliable way, albeit slower, to get the pieces on the field to fuse
Last Revolution -- get those crazy rebels out on the field so they can do some damage 

Rating 3.5/5.0 This underplayed card can get you a big lead FAST... just don't lose your hand too recklessly. 
TheCommon FolksPath Sorry for taking a couple days off. I was swapped with work... 

Rolling on with crappy card week ;-) we look at Ultimate Offering, a common from the starter decks. 

Early on in this card game's history, there were actually people who played this card. Since there were really no ways to mass remove monsters (besides Raigeki, Dark Hole, or Mirror Force). So, you could just overcome your opponent by bringing out a ton of monsters and hopefully end the game quickly. 

However, there are just way too many cards out in today's game to turn the effects of this card in a bad direction. Cards like Torrential Tribute, Ring of Destruction, or even Cyber Jar (which by the way, are all popular/semi-popular cards) just make this card not worth playing. Unless you can clear away your opponent's field, this card is probably going to be unwanted topdeck material. As of now, the only possible deck I could see this card being used in a Spirit Deck, where you need a lot of summoning power to get out the heavy hitting Spirit monsters. 

Constructed: 1.7/5 
Sealed: 1.9/5 (Assuming you do get to use a Starter Deck. Otherwise, N/A)  

Ultimate Offering 

This being one of the first cards in the game, it is now extremely overlooked as a very useful card that can make the difference between a win and a loss.

Although at first glance the card may not seem like a very good choice to put into a deck, you may want to reconsider. If Ultimate Offering is used along with the Continuous Trap Solemn Wishes you will gain back the life points you used to get that extra normal summon or set monster.

There is of course a down side to using this combo. Since Ultimate Offering and Solemn Wishes are both continuous traps, they take up two of your five magic and trap slots. This doesn’t leave you with much space to set or activate many other magic or trap cards. Also, Ultimate Offering and Solemn Wishes can be destroyed with Mystical Space Typhoon, Harpie’s Feather Duster, or can be made idol if Jinzo is on the field.

Even though Ultimate Offering has many downsides, I personally think it can be useful in some decks if there is a higher ratio of monsters to magic and trap cards. This could allow you to get all those extra monsters out quicker and allow the player a few extra attackers. For example, if you used Raigeki and Heavy Storm, which leaves your opponent’s field completely open, you could easily summon a few extra monsters to your field to possibly win the duel for you that turn. This would be difficult to pull off though, but if you could do it, it could be a sure way to ensure a victory.  Other decks that Ultimate Offering could be useful in would be a Magnet Warrior Deck, or an XYZ deck (or god forbid a Gate Guardian deck) which both require you to summon your monster as soon as possible.

One word of advice when using Ultimate Offering:  Be very careful about burning your hand.  The last thing you want to do it leave yourself with 0 cards in your hand with the ever possible threat of Yata-Garasu

Tournament Decks – 3/5
Fun/Normal Decks – 3.5/5

Tony Ultimate of the first cards I played in my long years of Yu Gi Oh. I'm sure you guys remember playing this card from your Yugi or Kaiba starter decks...I'm going to enjoy this one 

+ At only 500 life points cost, you can summon another monster 
+ It's effect is only for your side of the field, not your opponents too 
+ You can use this effect during your opponent's battle phase 
+ Easier way to bring out a tribute monster 
+ Makes Flip Effect Monsters a LOT playable 

- Metagame of Yu Gi Oh = Top Decking or having Sinister Serpent 
- It could always be Mystical Space Typoon-ed 
- Once again, Yu Gi Oh is in constant Top Decking mode 
- Can be ONLY used during your Main phases OR your opponent's Battle phase 

Now that I've listed the Pros and Cons, it's not a bad card. 
haha...I actually might put it in my sidedeck because I run soo many monsters. But I really can't see this card being played unless you run at least 17-18 monsters (at least 4 for them being deck searchers ~tomatos,rats,turtle~) and 2 tribute monsters in your deck. Also, you do NOT have to worry about if your Magician of Faith will be Change of Hearted or if you Fiber Jar will be Noblemen of Crossout-ed. 
Just play it during battle phase. 

Basically Ultimate Offering is another one of those situational cards that could work. I think that's what this week is all about...I'm not too sure 

I say try it in beatdown, a control deck that has heavy amounts of monsters, or if you have 2-3 flip effects. Here's some neat combos: 

You have no monsters on the field and your opponent has 3 creatures on the field. 
Your opponent has less life points than you but you lose after this battle phase. You have an Ultimate Offering facedown. 
Your opponent declares his attack phase. You activate your Ultimate Offering's effect and set Fiber Jar. 
Instead of dying that turn, you can start the duel over IF he chooses to attack. Here's another one... 

You normal summon a Sangan/Witch. Activate Ultimate Offering and Tribute it for Jinzo/Vampire Lord/etc... 
At only a cost of 500 life, you got a tribute monster on the field and use Sangan/Witch's effect too...not bad 

And what a surprise using Ultimate Offering during a duel. 
Makes a sidedeck very interesting. 

Constructed: 5.2/10 (only if you run multiple flip effects, multiple tribute monsters, and a high monster count in your deck) 
Limited: 7/10 (It's the field advantage for draft) 

Best situation: 
During your opponent's battle phase, use Ultimate Offering's effect to set a game changing card like Fiber Jar or Cyber Jar and hopefully win the duel.  


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