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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Precious Cards from Beyond

When you successfully Tribute Summon or Set a monster that required 2 or more Tributes, draw 2 cards from your Deck.

Type - Continuous Spell
Card Number
- DCR-038

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.11.04

f00b Precious Cards from Beyond

Eh, I donít really like this card. Or most of this week, for that matter. Iíll be up front about it, thoughÖ

+Seems like card advantage

-ISNíT card advantage
-Waaaay too situational
-Must be a NORMAL summon o_O of a TWO tribute!

*none should ever be made. You canít special summon to get this effect or else it would help with the chaos monsters. But noooÖ

This card is like a reward for fools. You should not be playing with 2 tribute monsters. Moreover, you shouldnít be NORMAL summoning them if you do. Thus, playing this card in the first place is so situational because how often are you going to pull of a normal summoning of a 2-trib monster? Itís like, if you pull this off, your opponent should let you draw as many cards as you want -_- not just two.

I mean, I canít think of any REAL playable 2x trib mons I would ever play, except MAYBE a barrel dragon or mystical knight of jackal. And even then, I would reborn/premature/call them before normal summoning them. PLUS too many factors play into the equation when setting up this card. a) you would have to first get 2 monsters on the field and keep them out. This would require nimble momonga, giant germs, spirit reapers, etc. b) your opponent must not use Raigeki/dark hole/change of heart/snatch steal/exiled force/tribe infecting virus/dd warrior lady/summon any monster/do ANYTHING to kill these 2 monsters c) you would have to have a tribute monster in your hand, and a worthwhile one at that d) you have to have precious cards out. All this wasted on a combo that ultimately means you draw two cards after having wasted the entire game. Oh and funny thing is. All they have to do is MST precious cards while you summon and you donít draw ****

Keep this in a draft deck, though. You DO draft level 7ís and eh, cards advantage is the key in limited. And if you have more than one level 7+, it CAN work more than once to net you some cards.

Casual - 2.5/5 Iím sure this seems MUCH better in a fun duel. If you are into casual play, itís worth a shot
Constructed - 0.5/5 low rating cuz the card is virtually unplayable
Limited - 1.6/5 depends on the set, not a first pick obv. 
infinitekhaos Fo course draw power is crucial in this game, and in any game. First of all this card is a continuous spell, meaning its very easy to destroy it. Secondly, you wont be tributing two monsters very often unless its for Cannon Soldier or a Catapult Turtle OTKO. Had the card been for any tribute, it would of been somewhat playable. I suppose you could combo this with Ultimate Offering, but that is just too situational. There aren't that many tournament worthy monsters out there that even require two tributes, just Barrel Dragon as of now. However, this *could* be useful when we get Chaos Black Magician. Right now this card is way too situational. Don't even bother playing it.

Tourney - 1/5

Draft - 1.5/5

Artwork - 1/5 - Cards aren't spaceships, that is all.

Closing Line - TRIBUTE FOR BEWD...POT! 
ExMinion OfDarkness Precious Cards From Beyond

For players who successfully build decks around tributing for high-level monsters, this is a great card. Give up two monsters, get two cards. The best way to go about that is to use monsters that "swarm" (summon other monsters to the field when destroyed). Nimble Momonga and Giant Germ quickly come to mind; Troop Dragon and (dare I say it) Bubonic Vermin could also help get you additional monsters.

However, keep in mind that you are losing 1 card by playing Precious Cards From Beyond in the first place. When you first get to use its effect, you will have gained one card overall. After that, then you will be getting some serious advantage.

I really didn't expect all that great of drawpower, as our best draw cards are "Draw 2" and "Draw 3 and discard 2", both limited.

In Limited, you may actually want to take this card. You may get passed a 2-Tribute monster you can use, and this card will probably stay on the field for you to get its effect without getting destroyed first.

Tournament: 2.75/5 for a Deck that focuses on Tributes
Limited: 2.5/5 
Gambit I have yet to find a decent combo for this card. Very few 2-Tribute monsters are played nowadays, unfortunately, and they are often sent to the Graveyard to be brought back with Monster Reborn, rather than go through the trouble of giving up 2 monsters on the field. And even if you did, what are the odds of you having this card available to play? And even then, you would only gain 1 net card -- not worth the risk. You would have to play a risky number of 2-Tribute monsters to have this card win the risk-benefit trade-off. You'd be better off playing Double Spell for your opponent's Pot or Graceful. You can't use it with Lava Golem, and there are just better ways to get extra cards besides this.

Combos: can't think of any

Rating: 1.0/5.0 I am never a fan of putting in otherwise totally useless cards in a deck just for the SLIGHT CHANCE of getting an extra card or 2 in hand. 
Tony hRmm..a card that really can't see play in this metagame but let's try this..

Only 2 tribute monsters that I can think of are Blue Eyes, Barrel Dragon, Despair from the Dark, and Tyrant Dragon.

Notice that 3/4 monsters on that list is normally summoned through other combined effects (Lord D/Flute, milled from deck/discarded from hand). And the other infamous combo: Reborn/Premature/Call from the graveyard. If you read Precious Cards from Beyond closely, you MUST successfully tribute summon (not flip/special summon). When's the last time you've NORMAL summoned a blue eyes in a dragon deck? When's the last time you didn't reborn a 2 tribute monster? When's the last time you actually got Despair from the Dark tribute summoned? see where i'm going with this? But if you want to play it because of it's 2nd effect (drawing two cards ^^) then here's some combos:

Make sure ur Nimble Momonga/Giant Germ dies during battle. Then on ur next turn, play Precious Cards from Beyond and tribute both nimbles/germs and draw 2 cards ^^. Or if you want to take a more combo related card, make sure you hold onto a Snatch Steal or Change of Heart and only tribute 1 monster on your side of the field and take one of your opponent's monsters and tribute both monsters. Or here's for the control deck lovers. Creature Swap using nimble/germ/troop dragon/mystic tomato/giant rat/etc to gain field advantage and then tribute BOTH monsters on your side of the field for a BIG monster while your opponent is left with none.

wow, I almost made that card playable >_< hahaha...basically it's a very heavy combo oriented card and since 2 tribute monsters are almost impossible to play, it does not belong in constructed decks. Even playing with 2 1 tribute monsters is hard enough (and most of the times, they are NOT normal summoned). Unless in the next few sets (actually ALL THE SETS FROM NOW ON) gives us more interesting 2 tribute monsters, this card will never see play.

Constructed - 1/10 (*sigh* 2 tribute monsters)
Limited - 3/10 (more playable in draft because you actually do draft 2 tribute monsters dxP)

Best Situation:
You Snatch Steal your opponent's Blue Eyes, play Precious Cards from Beyond, tribute both your Witch and your opponent's Blue Eyes for your OWN Blue Eyes, search for Sinister Serpent, Draw 2 cards being Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity.......yes it's not realistic at all but it's a situation! hahaha 


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