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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Coffin

When this face-down card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, your opponent must select and execute 1 of the following effects: 
·Discard 1 card in his/her hand at random. 
·Select 1 monster on his/her side of the field and destroy it.

Type - Normal Trap
Card Number
- PGD-047

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 2.10.04

Tuesday - Dark Coffin
Dark Coffin is one of those cards that is on the brink of being playable in Control decks. Like Judgment of Anubis, Dark Coffin sees little tournament play for just about the same reasons.
First off, it's a Trap. Most decks already have their Trap line perfected, and don't want to go above seven Trap cards in total. Second, it requires a specific activation of a card. Not only do you have to hope your opponent falls for the bluff, but it's also one of the worst late game topdecks your deck can give you.
If your opponent so happens to fall for the bluff, you've just gained two-for-one card advantage.
Dark Coffin is almost completely useless in Limited, keep away from it.


Constructed - 2.5/5
Limited - 1/5
f00b Dark Coffin - 2.10.04 

+GREAT decoy 
+One of the effects MUST be activated 
+Common = easy to get? 

-If your opponent never uses M/T removal these are just DEAD cards 
-Horrible, horrible top deck 
-You don’t get the choice, your opponent does 
-Because of Jinzo, the only traps you should play are the ESSENTIALS 

*Heavy Storm inflicted by you to use these effects en mass. The fact here is you have to waste your own card to get this effect or else HOPE your opponent plays duster/storm/mst/breaker (which is BAD cuz it means you’ve let them keep it!) 

This card was a funny card to see used when it first came out. I once (count em ONE TIME ;p) heavy stormed while my opponent had two of these down, killing my don on field and yata in hand, but otherwise I’ve never EVER seen these do well. 

They are too situational and offer too little effect. The fact they are horrible to draw late game doesn’t help. In fact, these are _utterly_ unplayable. Quote me on it. 

In draft, rip these up before passing them to the next person, noone deserves to be stuck with these -_- They’re THAT bad. 

Constructed - 1/5 it has a CHANCE and can make your opponent “think twice” at best. But still, “oh no I lose sinister” is what I say to this card =\ 
Limited - 0.2/5 

POSSIBLY this card gains playability after IoC is released, but CoTD is for the “current” environment. In which case these make great coasters. This coffin deserves to be buried in one of its own and nailed shut.  
infinitekhaos I've seen this card in action. Dark Coffin seems to be good at first. I call this a "Broken Mirage" because at first glance, its awesome...later is just sucks. Like yesterdays card, this depends on it being destroyed. Sure you can MST it yourself, but that MST could have been used to destroy your opponents Mirror Force, or chain to his Imperial Order. Lets analyze this cards two effects. It's monster removal. In the current meta, there's more than enough monster removal, some of the "elite" monster removal include, Exiled Force, Tribe Infecting Virus and my personal favorite, D.D. Warrior Lady. Now, with those cards, you control who is being destroyed, if this card is activated. Your opponent just might blow up his Witch and search. When monster removal is involved, it is best when YOU are in control.

Now onto the hand disruption. There is a good amount of that in the game. The three pre negators (Confiscation, Delinquent Duo, Forceful Sentry) are already devastating enough. On top of that, we still have Don Zaloog and Spirit Reaper. So as you can see there really is no need for this card as of NOW. Had it come in the earlier metagame, it might of been useful. Save your MST's folks, and don't wait for your opponent to burn a Feather Duster or a Storm.

Tourney - 2.5/5

Draft 2.0/5

Artwork - 3.5/5 - very ominous

ExMinion OfDarkness Dark Coffin

This is an improved version of yesterday's card. Instead of getting a monster, you get rid of one of theirs, or a card from hand. This makes that 1-for-1 advantage they would get from using Mystical Space Typhoon on this card a 2-for-1 in YOUR favor. You get rid of MST, and something else.

However, this can work against you, for several reasons:
1. Your opponent could have a Sinister Serpent in hand, and end up discarding that.
2. They could kill their own Witch or Sangan and take the effect
3. Despair/Fear from the Darkness. If they get lucky, they would get a free monster out of it.

If this card had been worded differently (as in if they pick monster, you would get to pick the monster), it may have seen some side-decking, but it's just short of making the tournament-level cut.

As with yesterday's card, don't bother playing it in Limited; you'll never get to use it.

Tournament: 2.25/5
Limited: 1/5 
Gambit This card is a little more versatile than yesterday's COTD, "Statue of the Wicked". Since the errata came out, this card has become a little more playable, since if your opponent elects to discard from their hand, they no longer decide what to discard. If you are playing a strategically deck, and you know how annoying all that M/T removal can be, this card may not be a bad choice. Set it by itself and watch your opponent play Harpie's Feather Duster. The look on their face when they realize that they have to discard from their hand or destroy a monster is priceless! Besides the fact that you will more likely do damage to your opponent with this card than with Statue, it is often a 2-for-1 card, where you lose 1 card for playing Dark Coffin, and your opponent loses 2 -- the M/T removal and the card that is destroyed or discarded. It is especially good when your opponent has no choice, as in they have no hand or no monsters.

The biggest downside to this card is that in order for it to reach its full potential, your opponent must destroy it (as opposed to you using MST or Heavy Storm), making it pretty slow.

Combos: Again, hard to combo due to it effectively being activated by your opponent. 

Rating: 2.0/5.0 In this trigger-happy M/T removal environment, this card can make your opponent think twice or pay the price. 

Dark Coffin


Not a whole lot of people use this card.  And on some levels I agree with them, while others I don’t. 


This is a card that you want to get destroyed, either by Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, Harpies Feather Duster, or any other card that destroys your Spell or Trap cards.   Imagine the look on your opponents face when they use one of their own cards, only to have it blow up in their face.    And just in case you’re impatient you can use your own Spell destroying cards to set it off yourself.


When you break down this card you will see that your opponent is losing 2 cards (providing they destroy it), where you only lose 1.   First the card to actually destroy your spell/trap cards, and then a second card lost due to the discard, or the monster removal.

Like yesterdays Statue of the Wicked, this card bypasses Jinzo’s effect because it’s triggered when destroyed while face down so don’t be scared to set it if your opponent summons Jinzo.


A small downside to the effect however, is that your opponent gets to choose which effect to activate.   But that’s not really that much of a downside because both generally will hurt him/her.   It could be a Sangan or Witch they are destroying, but that’s a 2/40 chance.   That’s what I call good odds.


This card doesn’t go in just any deck however, and it’s suited more towards control decks, or any variation of the above.   Many control decks use any cards that empty their opponent’s hands, so if your running a control deck, you might want to give this card a second look.


Control Decks:   2.5/5

Any other deck: 1/5

Tony Wsup everyone ^^ 

This be ur boy toNy joining the infamous COtD crew. This is my first post and I hope you guys enjoy my posts...thx ^^ Props to f00b and profpoke for giving me my time to shine dxP haha...Also, f00b and I are going to Nationals baby! Rockin' the 4th spot! okay soo onto my first post! 

This is very similar to yesterday's card of the day. A very situational card use to bait out Mystical Space Typoon or any other Magic/Trap destroyers. 

+ Your opponent wastes a magic/trap destroyer and forced to destroy a monster or discard a card 
+ Even if Jinzo or Royal Decree is on the field, it's effect STILL works 
+ Amazing sidedeck/tech card if it works out perfectly 

- It's situational and sometimes a horrible top deck 
- They could just discard a Sinister Serpent or destroy a Witch/Sangan 
- In late game, neither player has monsters or hand, especially a magic/trap destroyer 
- It HAS TO BE destroyed. You can't activate it. 

Basically, this card does not belong in every deck. Actually, you can't even make a dark coffin/statue of the wicked deck (I've tried it) But let me show u some interesting combos: 

Set Magic Drain and Dark Coffin down. Your opponent plays heavy storm, you activate Magic Drain. They pay the cost of magic drain. Your Dark Coffin is now destroyed and they have to discard a card now. =( They just lost 3 cards to destroy a Dark Coffin! hahaha...I've seen it work. Why do you think Mike Rosenberg (3rd place guy at World Championship last year) had it in his sidedeck? Try it out with Magic Drain, to bait out Breaker the Magical Warrior's counter, Scapegoats, or your Swords of the Revealing Light (your swords is protected in a way)'ll like the results. See f00b? this card isn't that bad! dxP 

This basically belongs in a control deck. If your opponent plays a lot of cards fast and uses as many magic/trap removal you can possibly have, it's not a bad card to put in. Make sure you have enough Monster Removal and "fake traps" to support this card if you use it. Once again, only after a lot of practice you will see this card's full potential in action ^^ 

Constructed - 5.1/10 (goes in control decks only) 
Limited - 0/10 (don't draft it >_<) 

Best situation: 
They have Jinzo and a Mystical Space Typoon facedown with no cards in hand. You top deck a Dark Coffin and set it. They MST it during ur end phase. They just destroyed their own Jinzo ^^


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