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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day




This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card returns to the owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn that it is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned or flipped face-up. When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or flipped face-up, flip 1 face-up monster on the field into face-down Defense Position.

Type - Spellcaster/Spirit
Card Number
- DCR-075

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.27.04




I feel a bit hesitant to review Tsukuyomi, since I’ve already read eight really, really good reviews on him and I’m not sure I’ll be able to match up.  But, since you readers will only read two of those eight, I might stand a chance.  All right then!


Tsukuyomi is, more or less, the best Spirit in the game (in Advanced Format).  With 1100 ATK, he isn’t that powerful, but he can hit for a little damage or kill something with weak DEF if he needs to; and 1400 DEF allows him to defend against those 1400 ATK Control monsters. 


Whenever Tsukuyomi is summoned, you must flip a monster on the field into face-down DEF position.  Is that Jinzo bothering you?  Summon Tsukuyomi; you’re now free to use Traps again and instead of 2400 ATK to contend with, you’ve got a measly 1500 DEF.  Flip that BLS-EotB face-down and use Nobleman of Crossout on it.  Flip that Tribe-Infecting Virus face-down and just kill it with Tsukuyomi.  Flip your own Magician of Faith face-down, and you get to use that effect one more time.  Or more, since Tsukuyomi will just return to your hand after ALL of these to be used again next turn.  Tsukuyomi is very useful.


The best deck for this Spirit is a Trample Deck, decks based around getting monsters into Defense Position and smashing them with Spear Dragons, Airknights and Enraged Battle Oxen (and Berserk Gorillas).  Before Tsukuyomi, all these decks had were three Books of Moon; now that’s not a problem.  Give Tsukuyomi a try, even in a typical deck (after all, most Chaos Decks run Airknight Parshath and a good number of Warrior Decks run some o the Mystic Swordsman family). 


Traditional – CCCC: 3.5/5

Traditional – Trample: 4/5

Advanced – CCWC: 3.5/5

Advanced – Trample: 4.5/5


Snapper Tsukuyomi

Welcome to what is apparently Second Look Week! Today’s card is Tsukuyomi, a monster that got me my current “job”.

Tsukuyomi has a slightly below adequate ATK of 1100. Although Spirit Monsters are somewhat pardoned for having bad stats, a good ATK never hurts.
It’s also a Spellcaster, a Type that really is nothing to be proud of considering Dark Magician takes all the Spellcaster support.

As said before, Tsukuyomi is a Spirit. I’m sure you all know the perks that come with Spirits so I won’t bore you with the details. In Tsukuyomi’s case, being a Spirit Monster is ideal. If it weren’t a Sprit, Tsukuyomi’s Book of Moon ability that activates when Tsukuyomi is summoned or flipped face-up would be a one shot deal. This effect allows you to reuse Flip Effects multiple times and turn face-up threats in to face-down obstacles.

Like all Spirits, Tsukuyomi can be Creature Swapped to the opponent allowing you to get a monster for free. A replacement for Yata-Garasu involves a face-down Mask of Darkness, a previously Set Time Seal, and Tsukuyomi in your hand. Activate Time Seal, stopping your opponent from drawing during their next turn, then flip Mask of Darkness to get back Time Seal. Set Time Seal and Summon Tsukuyomi to flip Mask of Darkness face-down again. Repeat the process and you’ve filled the void that Yata-Garasu once occupied by preventing your opponent from drawing ever again.

Tsukuyomi works in any deck that Book of Moon works in, but is best Side Decked if you wish to use it. There are exceptions to this statement but there aren’t many decks that would benefit form a Main Decked Tsukuyomi.

Tsukuyomi is a monster that could be fun to use, but I’d prefer using a Book of Moon or two and a monster that fits my deck theme better.

Advanced Format: 3/5. Book of Moon is successful, so why shouldn’t Tsukuyomi be so also?
Traditional Format: 2.5/5. The effect won’t be as useful in Traditional but Tsukuyomi will be helpful at times.
Overall: 2.75/5.
Art: 1.5/5. I don’t really care for the art on Tsukuyomi. No real reason; I just don’t like it.
ExMinion OfDarkness
Welcome to the last week of 2004!  Usually, all of the shows on TV after Christmas, but before New Year's all deal with looking at things that happened in the past year.  Likewise, we're looking at cards we've either reviewed already, or just deserve a second look for a spot in your deck.
Tsukiyomi is much better than people give her credit for.  There are just so many combos here it's not even funny.  You can flip a weak opposing monster face-down so you can get rid of it, as most high attack monsters have sub-par defenses.  (Mobius is a good example.)  You can flip an opposing monster down, then use Nobleman of Crossout to remove it from the game.  Or, you could go the route with your own monsters, re-using Magician of Faith (Pot of Greed a few times a game sounds really good to me!), or the most broken combo in advanced if you pull it off:  Mask of Darkness + Tsukiyomi + Time Seal.  You flip Mask of Darkness, regain Time Seal, play Tsukiyomi to flip MoD face down, attack opponent's life, use Time Seal...Yata-Lock, but harder.
1100 attack isn't much, but if it's attacking defenders, it usually doesn't have to be.  Dark = Chaos food, which is important because some people may splash one of this into a deck containing BLS and/or Chaos Sorcerers.
One thing that a lot of people don't realize is that this card is -VERY- effective against Metamorphosis decks, as a Thousand-Eyes Restrict that's flipped face-down can't do jack.  I know that Coin Flip had a deck I called the "lock-picker" because it was able to break out of most locks my Morph deck was capable of pulling (Balter or TER) with Tsukiyomi alone.
It doesn't belong in every deck, but the decks it does belong in can use it exceedingly well.
2.5/5 Traditional
3.5/5 Advanced
sHecKii Sorry guys for not being able to do many Card of the Day reviews. I'm currently in my hometown South Korea ^^ and spending a lot of time with family. Well here's a card that many flip effect users love to play...

Tsukyomi...a spirt...that's what yata was right? Is it going to be that annoying!?!? hahaha, nope, just another combo card for you guys to look at...

The card basically says: I probably will kill a Berserk Gorilla and such big monsters with low defence and I probably will re-use a Magician of Faith if it stays alive on the field somehow. I also return back to the hand so if my opponent has like 2 monsters on the field, it's not the best card to top deck if I'm low in life...

SOOOO BASICALLLY (haha) this card is a combo card. Possibilty of killing breaker, tribe, berserk gorilla, and to re-use flip effect monsters like magical merchant, magician of faith, etc...I think this card can NOT go in Chaos...doesn't matter if u use magician of faith and magical merchant AND cyber's still not that dependable as a top deck to stablize into BLS and/or Chaos Sorceror. If you are looking for a dark monster with a possibilty of killing big monsters, then look into Zombyra the Dark.. You can RotA it and it's just not that bad of a monster.

If this card goes in any deck, you might as well run it in a deck out deck. 3 Needleworms, 1 Morphing jar, 2 morphing jar #2, like desert sunlight (i forgot the name...i think that's it), stumbling ground (?), book of moons, book of if you own 3 needleworms, MAD props to u but for all of us challenged people, use the jap commons and/or proxy it...i'm sure i'd be a fun deck ^^

Constructed: 2.5/5
Limited: 1.5/5
Coin Flip Tsukuyomi has been needing a review since her release in Dark Crisis.
She is a very useful monster.

Her stats are subpar - I've found that 1400 defense has been useful against people running Don Zaloog and Mystic Tomato left and right, and it's survived attacks before. Setting it is a stupid thing to do, however, since if it dies in battle, you can't get it back. It's forgivable if you need to do it to stay alive or set up for a game-winning move somehow. She is a Spirit, so you can reuse her effect as many times as you want provided she doesn't make it to the Graveyard. This also opens up combo possibilities that will make you squirm in rentsy delight.

It is useful enough on its own as a monster - just by itself it kills Shining Angel (okay, bad joke), Breaker with or without token, any of the monarchs (Zaborg, Thestalos, Mobius), Tribe-Infecting Virus, Berserk Gorilla, and Horus LV4 along with a slew of other monsters.
That by itself is very interesting. The bad part is that, like Asura Priest, it is a Spirit and will contribute nothing to field presence (besides taking away from your opponent's field presence) and thus is not the best choice for all offensive decks. Unlike Yata Garasu, its effect doesn't involve taking away your opponent's draw phase (though it can do that very easily). It is most likely going to die if it remains on the field and it will most likely not enjoy the experience of a monster with higher DEF than 1100. Meaning that you have to have other monsters on the field to gain full advantage of this thing.
Flip a Jinzo into DEF and then run into it with your Tribe-Infecting Virus. You don't have to discard. Flip their Horus LV8 into f/d defense position, and then enjoy the brutal pleasure of using Nobleman of Crossout on it. (Trust me, it's satisfying.) Using it on a monster you Snatch Steal will keep you in control of the monster while Snatch Steal is destroyed. The bad part is, unless you have some use for this card's effect, you're not going to find it too nice to summon it.
Its effect is mandatory, so it will flip itself f/d if it's the only card on the field. And you cannot flip tokens face-down either.

It also has a solid ability of getting permanent effects (such as that of Jinzo or Horus LV8) off the field for a while.

That said, this thing has an obvious combo that involves other monsters on the field with flip effects or effects that occur on summon. Flip the monster, get the effect, summon Tsukuyomi, and you have a loop. Let's go through them all, mmkay?

Magician of Faith - Get back:
Pot of Greed for infinite drawing
Swords for infinite stall
Removal of any type for infinite removal of any type Infinite Painful Choice (3x Blasting the Ruins after Infinite Painful Choice… Ouch) And you can use Stumbling effectively here. Get back Creature Swap and Swap them your face-up Tsukuyomi. It will return to your hand at the end of the turn. Any monster they summon sticks in defense, meaning it's an idle threat.

Mask of Darkness - Get back:
Time Seal or Drop Off for a slightly more difficult Yata Lock Removal of any type (Ring of Destruction and Dust Tornado sounding familiar?) Ceasefire for infinite burn Waboku or Frozen Soul or Thunder of Ruler for infinite stall…

Then you have stuff like Penguin Soldier and other things for something that will hurt your opponent continuously. Morphing Jar or Needle Worm… I myself like the idea of using Needle Worm 4 times in a row under Swords. Sounds deliciously painful.

One note that makes me like this card particularly, however, is that this is the card me and Snapper (as well as 5-6 other competitors) reviewed in a contest hosted on Pojo for people aiming to become a CotD reviewer. I was one of the lucky winners, obviously. :)

It's a special card. It has a horrifyingly powerful effect at times, and at other times it's just really good tech. For the long and short of it, it's a good card. It has a really cool effect in Mystic Swordsman decks, and is about as near staple as the Mystic Swordsman cards are.

Standard decks:
4/5 Traditional (Not on the field means Geki can't hurt it, not on the field means it leaves Don Zaloog a clear path.)
4.5/5 Advanced

Mystic Swordsman deck:
4.6/5 Traditional
4.6/5 Advanced


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