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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Monster Reincarnation
Super Rare




Type - SPELL
Card Number
- RDS-EN045

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.25.04

Coin Flip Last card of the week is Monster Reincarnation.

When I first saw this card in Spike and Baron's translation file, I
thought to myself, "Hmm. Basically, I'm losing two cards from my hand
to retrieve one specific one from my Graveyard. Although I'm gaining
tactical advantage since I can retrieve one monster I need, that is
entirely dependent on there being A) Monsters in my graveyard and B)
Monsters useful for the situation in my graveyard. It is extremely
nifty in that it offers the advantage of putting back monsters that
are otherwise difficult/impossible to get back, I.E. Exodia the
Forbidden One. But then again, you wouldn't WANT to discard in an
Exodia deck because you're already slowly diminishing your useful
cards to put useless cards in your hand. I suppose it might see play
in decks where the tactical focus is around only a few monster cards,
but I can't see people playing this in any standard deck."

Wow, was I wrong. This thing is seeing horrible amounts of play. I
see people plugging this into their warrior decks. Here's a thought:
The Warrior Returning Alive. Too many people are playing this card in
decks where it does not belong. Yes, it retrieves cards. That is
great for nomi monsters like Horus LV8 or Berserk Dragon. But where
else is the use?

It's a nifty card in any deck where you really need to have a specific
monster at a specific time. It's just not worth it if you're only
getting back Tribe or Breaker, though.

Standard decks:
1/5 Traditional (cough Monster Reborn cough discard cough suicide)
3/5 Advanced (tactics are far more present in this format than luck
is. Therefore, a better score)

Monster Reincarnation


Hereís a card Iím honestly surprised ExMinion didnít pick for his ďBroken Cards of RDS Week.Ē  Monster Reincarnation is certainly one of the better cards in Rise of Destiny, a spin-off of Monster Reborn that (clearly) isnít quite as good butís still a very nice option.


Monster Reborn was a one-for-one deal; you got rid of Reborn in your hand but summoned a monster to the field.  Monster Reincarnation has some cons Reborn didnít: you have to discard, you can only choose from YOUR Graveyard and the monster only goes back to your hand (not directly to the field).  Nevertheless, itís a good Spell.


The ability to get back any monster from your Graveyard to play all over again can be amazing in the right deck.  Did your opponent discard that Exodia head?  Reincarnate it.  Did that BLS-EotB die before you even got to summon it?  Reincarnate it (of course, you could just use Warrior Returning Alive for thatÖ).  Do you just really want to use that Breaker again?  Reincarnate it.  See, Monster Reincarnation has some advantages to Reborn after all!


If you want some recursion in addition to your Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial, give Monster Reincarnation a try.  Iíd actually recommend it above all else in an Exodia Deck, since getting the head back just became a lot easier.  Of course, you can also use him to bring back those Emissaries of the Afterlife for some more use.


Traditional Ė CCCC: 3.5/5

Traditional Ė Exodia: 4.5/5

Advanced Ė CCWC: 4/5

Advanced Ė Exodia: 5/5  



Snapper Monster Reincarnation

Our final card this week is Monster Reincarnation, a more universal The Warrior Returning Alive.

At the small price of discarding one card from your hand, you can add one monster in your Graveyard to your hand. The effect could be useful for retrieving your Black Luster Soldier that somehow wound up in the Graveyard before being properly summoned, or that Mobius the Frost Monarch that will do you no good the Special Summon. It could be used to retrieve that Dark Ruler Ha Des that canít be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, or as an alternative way to summon monsters that died in battle. Themís nice options arenít they?

If you for some reason you wanted to just get rid of Monster Reincarnation, you could discard a monster through Monster Reincarnation, and then retrieve that same monster with Monster Reincarnationís second effect. Use Painful Choice on a monster you want in your hand, then use Monster Reincarnation on it to solve your dilemma.

Monster Reincarnation fits with ease in any deck, although Warrior Decks would do best to use the free The Warrior Returning Alive.

Monster Reincarnation could come in handy at times that your Premature Burial or Call of the Haunted are gone, but should not be considered a replacement for them. As a closing note this week, Merry Christmas! If you donít celebrate Christmas then Happy Holidays! If you donít celebrate anything this time of the year then enjoy your few days off from school/work!

Advanced Format: 3.5/5. It could be helpful. I personally Side Deck it in a few of my decks.
Traditional Format: 2/5. Why use this when youíve got Monster Reborn?
Overall: 2.75/5.
Art: 2.5/5. Itís a ďrentsyĒ Monster Reborn.
ExMinion OfDarkness
Monster Reincarnation
With the increase of "discard 1 card from your hand to..." cards seeing play in Advanced, this thing's worth a second look.
It lets you retrieve any monster in your Graveyard -- basically a Warrior Returning Alive, just...for stuff other than Warriors.  Your BLS or Chaos Sorcerer get killed with Sakuretsu or Ring?  Bring it back for a second summon.  Creator get killed but have the 2 Tribute monsters or Creator Incarnate again?  Pitch your Serpent (at least hope it's Serpent) and retrieve it.
As good as the card can potentially be, recursion is the better bet.  Sorry for the short review, but I don't have any experience with use of the card, nor have I seen anyone use it in some great combination.
Traditional: 2/5 (Discarding from your hand where hand-kill runs supreme?  No thanks.)
Advanced:  3/5 (Again, if your recursion isn't showing and you have the card to spare, it can work -- especially with those monsters you can't resummon out of the Graveyard.)
Warrior deck:  0/5 (You should be running The Warrior Returning Alive here!)

Monster Reincarnation


Rated For: Any Deck (Especially Exodia!)


Now this is one of the best cards of Rise of Destiny, but not for the reasons others may be giving you!


Monster Reincarnation was never really intended for the current, dominant deck-types in the environment. It's not intended for Black Luster Soldier, obviously, because of a rare spell card from LOD. Sure it can be used wildly in the Traditional format, but then anything goes there.


Nope, Monster Reincarnation was created, with great care I might add, for the EXODIA deck. After years of teasing, Exodia users FINALLY have a foolproof way of getting the head back into the hand through the graveyard. With the release of this SINGLE card, the culmination of a life-time of struggle has arrived.


Before Monster Reincarnation, the Exodia deck relied on garbage such as Pharaoh's Treasure and Des Feral Imp. Now, however, we can dump all 5 pieces (which are the most worthless cards in the arsenal, incidentally), and leisurely draw out support! This card gets my highest recommendation in the Exodia deck. It doesn't really belong in any other (other cards do a way better job, and the discard makes no card in the game except BLS and Breaker worth the cost).


Advantage F/H: Discard one card to get a monster from the graveyard; youíll basically be losing slight tempo for your wasted normal summon. The only monsters that can actually even out the cost of this card are Black Luster Soldier (which can be Warrior Returning Alived), Breaker the Mag. Warrior (because of his counter), Magical Scientist (at a cost of thousands of life points) and such. In almost every other cases, this card isnít ďworth it.Ē Itís perfect for an Exodia deck though.

T:                                                            6.5/10

A:                                                            6.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Perhaps if you have Painful Choice, or if Breaker is in the graveyard, this card can be a good option. Itís also a rather good combo with Sinister Serpent. Just realize that youíre losing what I like to call tempo, or your normal summon, AND two resources. Obviously with such a steep cost, you can see how the card can be a liability.

T:                                                            5.5/10

A:                                                            5.5/10


Attributes/Effect: This is one of the only ways to get certain special summoning requirement monsters out of the game. In decks with lots of draw power, it actually serves as a searchability tool for ANY monster in the game, because you can Painful Choice the monsters out and then bring them back with this wicked card. There isnít much monster revival in the game, so this card is gorgeous.

T:                                                            9/10

A:                                                            9/10


Dependability: All it relies on is one card in your hand and one monster in the graveyard. Basically playable at any time; the question is whether the costs justify it.

T:                                                            7.5/10

A:                                                            7.5/10


The Bottom Line: 5/5 in an Exodia deck, subpar in all else.


A BAD Score:                                      T--           3.56/5

                                                                A--          3.56/5

Exodia Deck:                                        T--           5/5

                                                                A--          5/5


Force System Suggestions:

++           Contributes (erratically) to Field Control, On-Field Presence.

--             Weakens Resource Replenishment and Counter-Disruption (Youíre basically disrupting yourself by discarding resources of your own.)



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