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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Sasuke Samurai #4


Type - Warrior / Effect Monster
Card Number
- RDS-EN016

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.23.04

Coin Flip Sasuke Samurai #4 is a bad card. He has lackluster stats (save for
his Warrior support) and will kill nothing in battle. Ironically
enough, he is the strongest of the Sasuke Samurai's. Basically, you
have a 50% chance of having been a tool and rammed your 1200 into a
stronger monster or of killing one monster only to have yours die the
next turn. Blowback Dragon is a great card because it combines great
stats with an optional, free, and beneficial effect. If you lose the
coin flips, you don't actually lose anything. You have a chance of
gaining advantage. SS#4 puts something at stake if you lose.

However, there are times when the effect will do you no harm. Say,
when you're attacking a Magical Scientist or attack mode Spirit
Reaper. Other than that, meh.

Standard decks:
2.75/5 Traditional
2.75/5 Advanced.

Sasuke Samurai #4


Three Sasuke Samurai just weren’t enough; say hello to SS4!  He has less-than-desirable stats, with only 1200 ATK for a Level 4 monster, but he is a Warrior, always a nice plus; and WIND, which I suppose makes him an okay choice for the reviving Harpie Decks. 


I don’t really like effects that force you to flip a coin or roll a die; it adds a much more flagrant element of luck to the game.  You may draw the card you need – but now you need to call the coin correctly.  Anyway, the effect, if you DO call the coin toss correctly, is pretty nice.  The monster will simply die (note: there won’t be a replay since the effect doesn’t occur in the Battle Step, but the Damage Step), and that’s the end of that chapter.


It might be worth the risk to attack a really, really big monster with SS4 and PRAY you call the coin correctly, but if you call it incorrectly, you just wasted a monster and a lot of Life Points.  Attacking smaller monsters with this guy sort of has the same result, unless they’re very weak, in which case there’s no real reason to be using this sort of effect anyway.  Attacking face-downs might be a better option for SS4, but even then, there are better options (Mystic Swordsman family, the original Sasuke Samurai…)


You can also set him and hope your opponent attacks him, which I suppose is the best use for SS4.  Call the coin correctly and SS4 will live while the attacker dies.  Call it incorrectly and, well, you know.


Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5

Traditional – Warrior Deck: 3/5

Advanced – CCWC: 3/5

Advanced – Warrior Deck: 3.5/5



Snapper Sasuke Samurai #4

After being away for a few weeks we finally return to RDS cards. Today’s card is Sasuke Samurai #4, a monster I feel is being neglected by the public.

Sasuke Samurai #4 has a decent 1200 ATK, allowing it to do a little damage to your opponent. It’s also a Warrior giving it plenty of potential as well as searching capabilities with Reinforcement of the Army and Freed the Matchless General. While not standing out in stats, Sasuke Samurai #4’s effect allows it to get by without too many problems.

Sasuke Samurai #4 has the potential to destroy any monster it does battle with by means of a coin flip. Calling it right will destroy that mysterious face-down monster your opponent has or that stronger monster your opponent foolishly sent out to destroy Sasuke Samurai #4, all through Sasuke Samurai #4’s effect. So when you think about it, Sasuke Samurai #4 has a 50% chance of becoming a member of the Mystic Swordsmen family or becoming very similar to Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke. This means you may be able to bypass Shining Angel-type monsters, Spirit Reapers, D. D. Warriors, and so on. Of course it requires a coin flip to work, so just work on getting that right 100% of the time and you’ll be fine.

Sasuke Samurai #4 fits in a Warrior Deck without much difficulty, although you’d need to find room for it. It could also fit into a Sasuke Deck, an idea that may or may not work very well.

Overall, Sasuke Samurai #4 could be a valuable monster at times. I’ve been trying it out in my Warrior Deck with moderate success, and am rather happy with it. Try it out for yourself and see if you can share my experience.

Advanced Format: 3/5. If you’re good with a coin flip Sasuke Samurai #4 could become your savior.
Traditional Format: 3/5. If you’re good with a coin flip Sasuke Samurai #4 could become your savior.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 3.5/5. It’s what a samurai would look like if you put a J on its face.
ExMinion OfDarkness
Sasuke Samurai #4
Do we REALLY need another Sasuke?
We do see something fairly rare here -- a coin flip card.  Those who can call their coin results (or those with rigged coins) love them, and everyone else hates them.  When this card attacks something, you can call a coin toss and possibly destroy it without entering damage calculation.  This would usually only come into play if either (A) it is attacked by another monster, or (B) you're attacking a monster stronger than 1200 ATK and hoping to get lucky.
The 1200 ATK pales in comparison to other Warriors, but Command Knight could help out in that department in the typical Warrior deck.  Command + this would also force the Sasuke to be attacked first, giving you that 50/50 shot at destruction.  The Warrior type helps with all the searching, but the Wind-type doesn't really help much at all.
Overall, it's a good monster to set if you're out of DD Warrior Ladies, and can kill something big in a pinch.  I guess the big question is, "Do you feel lucky?"
Rating for either format depends on your luck with coin flips.

Sasuke Samurai #4


Rated For: Only the good Lord knows…


Sasuke Samurai is the fourth in the venerable line of Samurais that have grown increasingly unplayable with each set. As we all know, the first one was Sasuke Samurai, the precursor to Mystic Swordsman LV 2 that remains highly playable to this day. The second one, released in Dark Crisis, was also highly playable because he functioned as a Cold Wave all by himself.


And then the bottom fell out. Sasuke Samurai #3 was utter garbage; anything used to justify drawing seven cards was eliminated with the ban of Chaos Emperor Dragon.

So does Sasuke Samurai #4 halt the trend of increasingly unplayable cards? Or will he bring glory back to the name and reign gloriously as Tom Cruise (The Last Samurai).


I feel he would make a good fit in a coin flipping deck featuring the likes of Dice Jar and Fairy Box. The chance to reflip, effectively increasing your odds, is not something to be taken likely. Let’s examine his use in the rather bizarre “coin flip” deck.


Advantage F/H: 1200 attack is rather pitiful, but note a few things. SS4, assuming you have some good luck with the dice, is one of the best forms of monster removal in the game. Why? Because his effect lets you destroy face-down monsters without flipping them up! You immediately have a 50% chance of destroying ANY monster in the game, without their effects activating, and 1200/1200 isn’t great, but will protect you from overflow damage. He has to receive slight consideration, although his use is predicated on luck.

T:                                                            5.5/10

A:                                                            5.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Obviously if you’re topdecking this monster, you’re not going to rush headlong into the fray; simply summon him face up or set him down to make an effective wall. In many key situations, including the opening game, a lucky coin flip will let Sasuke Samurai #4 take control of the situation. Also keep in mind, with each successful coin flip you make, the more resources you’re burning of your opponents.

T:                                                            7/10

A:                                                            7/10


Attributes/Effect: He’s a warrior, so he’s automatically highly searchable. SS4 is also part of the Sasuke series, so if they receive any type of themed support later on (highly unlikely), that’s also a bonus. The effect isn’t too great, but it’s solid enough if supported right.

T:                                                            6/10

A:                                                            6/10


Dependability: Here’s the chief downfall of SS4. He has puny 1200/1200 stats, and the effect only has a 50% chance of working. Sure you can take a good streak of luck all the way to the top, but if you’re messing up that puts you in big trouble. Perhaps the best strategy would be to activate cards like Spirit Barrier and Heart of Clear Water to create an unstoppable fighting force.

T:                                                            5/10

A:                                                            5/10


The Bottom Line: I can already smell that he’ll be underrated.


A BAD Score:                                      T--           2.94/5

                                                                A--          2.94/5


Force System Suggestions:

++           Weakly contributes to Flip Effect Management, On-Field Removal  

--             Weakens Field Control, On-Field Presence, Counter-Defense




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