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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Ultra Rare



Pay 5000 Life Points. Special Summon a Fusion Monster from your Fusion deck in face-up attack mode.

Type - Dark / Machine
Card Number
- SJC-EN001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.22.04

Coin Flip NOTE: To the gentleman who replied to my Friday review, I would
suggest you read the disclaimer a few hundred million times until you
understand what I am saying. That said, the reason I stopped putting
my e-mail up in CotD's is that I got stupid responses from people who
would argue my opinion without putting any thought into it, thus
wasting my time and clogging up my inbox. At least read the
disclaimer before you bother sending an e-mail to Pojo about my
review, sir. The rest of you should be familiar with the fact, from
now on, that I am giving you my opinion, and you are reading it. If
you are stupid enough to treat it as fact and send someone else an
angry e-mail about it, you are only complimenting me by saying that my
opinion is fact. That said, Cyber Stein.

Cyber Stein has sold for 23000 dollars. It will probably sell for
that much twice. If you have it, don't even read this review and sell
it with a reserve of 22000 dollars on eBay. Buy yourself a nice car
and pay off your bills for the next 3 months. Or put down a down
payment on your first house. Don't play it in the game of YGO.

That said, this review contains the 7th or so FTK/OTK I've mentioned
this week. Reversal of Worlds, Scientist FTK, Last Turn FTK, Chick +
Call + Makyura, Elma - Exodia, Elma - Marionette, Woodland Sprite +
Gilfer (even though it's illegal), and now this guy's FTK. That said,
let's go into the details.

Having played the Japanese GBA game DM6 for the hundreds of hours I
have, I'm familiar with the Cyber Stein FTK. Here is Kaiba's opening
hand ~80% of the time (and he is going second, mind you):

Heavy Storm
Harpies Feather Duster
Dark Hole
Cyber Stein.

Well, let's see. With his 4 field clearers, he has a pretty clear
shot at victory. Then he summons Cyber Stein and pays 5000 LP to
summon BEUD. Then he equips Megamorph to BEUD. After that, he
attacks directly for 9700 damage. Nifty, huh?

Although BEUD isn't out in the English game (yet), you can still
perform the FTK using Master of Oz. That said, he has already earned
a 5/5 in his own FTK deck.

The thing is, 5000 LP does a lot. You can use Dimension Fusion twice.
You can use the effect of Amazoness Chain-Wielder (1500 LP to take a
monster card from your opponent's hand when it dies in battle) 3
times. You can use two copies of Final Countdown. You can take 3
1800 attacks. Two direct attacks from a Dark Magician. This is a
hefty amount. You're gaining 1 net card from this. 1. Let's view the
candidates: Master of Oz (highest attack). All the others are
Scientistable. And Master of Oz is morphable. Get a Moisture
Creature out on the field. Or Koitsu with A Legendary Ocean out. You
can dumpnrevive or in the case of Koitsu, use Mother Grizzly. There
are plenty of ways to get out the fusion monsters from your fusion
deck. If you're looking to cheat Polymerization and the natural
process of fusion, then use Scientist or something. 5000 LP will do
too much for you to be worth sticking a 700 attack monster out on the
field and then summoning out one monster.

This card deserves its own decktype built around it. Like Last Turn
and Final Countdown, it goes in its own deck. And nowhere else.
Ratings reflect that.
1/5 Traditional standard deck
5/5 Traditional Cyber Stein FTK
1/5 Advanced standard deck
5/5 Advanced Cyber Stein FTK

Cyber Stein


Yyyyeah, Iíll start this review off by emphasizing how unimportant this review is, since I can pretty much guarantee that the vast majority of you readers (and, of course, I as well) will never even see Cyber Stein, unless/until UDE reprints it in an easier-to-find form than it is now.  That said, now the review!


Cyber Steinís stats are nothing great.  Level Two isnít anything special, 700 ATK is substandard at best, and Machine doesnít help his playability all that much because, even with Limiter Removal, heís not that strong. 


His effect has a rather large payment, one that you likely wonít be able to or wonít want to pay unless you manage to get Cyber Stein VERY early in the game.  Pay 5000 Life Points and summon a Fusion from your Fusion Deck in ATK position.  What are some good Fusions to get?  WellÖitís really, really, really not worth it to bring out Scientist Fusions like Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Dark Balter the Terrible, etc; after all, Scientist + Metamorphosis does that for a lot less.


The only Fusion (in the TCG) thatís really worth it at this point is Master of Oz.  Get out Cyber Stein, pay 5000 to summon Master of Oz, equip it with Megamorph and smack your opponent for 8400 damage.  Of course, this doesnít work if 1) your opponent has a monster on the field, 2) your opponent has something face-down that could stop your attack, 3) your opponent has something face-down thatíll finish off the rest of your Life Points, or 4) you donít get the cards you need.  While it certainly has the potential to be effective, this combo is really not worth it.  Neither is Cyber Stein, Iím afraid.  If you get one, sell it.  Iíd much rather have $23,000 than a potential, inconsistent OTK (but thatís just me). 


Traditional Ė CCCC: 2/5

Traditional Ė Master of Oz OTK: 3.5/5

Advanced Ė CCWC: 2/5

Advanced Ė Master of Oz OTK: 3.5/5


Snapper Cyber-Stein

You all knew it had to be reviewed eventually, so why not today? I think the $23,000 card is worthy of Wednesdayís slot, donít you? Yes sir, today weíll be reviewing Cyber-Stein, the biggest waste of money (for that one guy) and Life Points youíll ever find.

Cyber-Stein is a crap monster. It has 700 ATK, a number youíll be doing some major damage with. And to make it better itís a Machine, allowing you to use Limiter Removal with it to make it have 1400 ATK. 1400 ATK? Oh joy![/sarcasm]

If you thought the stats were great, you must think the effect is even better! For the insignificant cost of 5000 Life Points, you can Special Summon one Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. Iím sure everybody loves spending 5000 Life Points to Special Summon a single monster, donít they? In reality though, Cyber-Steinís cost is going to be far too expensive once you get a few turns into the duel and a major blow to any future plans you may have if you do use the effect. Sure you get to Special Summon any Fusion Monster, but I hope you find a way to make it count.

Iím sure youíre all painfully aware of the Cyber-Stein + BEUD/Master of Oz + Megamorph FTK, so I wonít go over the details. Know this though; youíll have a hard time pulling it off in Traditional Format and an even more difficult time doing it in Advanced. And if youíd like a no-brainer, use some Life Point increasing cards if youíre going to use Cyber-Stein at all, they may allow you to live longer.

Cyber-Stein lives in his own little Deck, and should not be used anywhere else.

Cyber-Stein is a monster that relies on being drawn in the first 5 turns.
After that youíll most likely not be able to afford its effect. On a closing note, if you meet anyone using Cyber-Stein in their deck prior to a time that itís made more widely available, slap them twice for me and then highly consider stealing it. Iím not one to recommend thievery but if someoneís going to use this expensive piece of cardboard (expensive by money and Life Points), they deserve to have it stolen.

Advanced Format: 1.5/5. WAY too expensive to be useable or recommendable.
Traditional Format: 1.5/5. WAY too expensive to be useable or recommendable.
Overall: 1.5/5.
Art: 3/5. A blue Frankenstein with guns for arms? Whatever floats your boatÖ
ExMinion OfDarkness
This review should really only be helpful to two people (the two that own the currently in-circulation Cyber-Steins.)
I have a hunch that it'll be re-released at some point, so for those who still want to get a hold of one without paying $23,000, here's what you're looking at:
Basically, you're paying 5,000 LP to summon any Fusion (except for those who can't be summoned by other effects...sorry Dark Paladin!)  The Japanese use of this card was Cyber-Stein + Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (from fusion, which we SHOULD be getting soon...) + Megamorph = 9000 ATKer = one-turn kill.  This card even caused Megamorph to be restricted to 1 for a short while in Japan.
Here, we don't yet have BEUD.  But we DO have Master of Oz, who is 4200.  This would come as a weakness to the Cyber-Stein player -- although 8400 would be good enough for a DIRECT attack, it + the Cyber Stein probably wouldn't finish off someone who had a monster on the field, but that extra 600 damage the Megamorphed BEUD would do probably would.
Unless you're going to win that turn, I don't see any reason to play this card to get out a Fusion -- there are more cost effective ways of bringing out fusions (Scientist + Metamorphosis for the 6 and lowers, Metamorphosis + Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode Beast for the 7-stars, and we get good 8 stars in Flaming Eternity, so Snatch Stealing that BLS, removing something, then m0rphing it will be a reality for us all.)
5/5 in OTK, 1/5 all else.



Rated For: Two lucky people in the world


Let me pontificate on the value of Cyber Stein, to those grousers and grumblers who question the sanity of those who paid 20,000 for this exclusive tournament prize. The more publicity gets as a game, the more money is given out in the form of prizes like Cyber Stein, the more incentive there is for more players to play Yu-Gi-Oh! competitively and casually.


Publicity for the game you love is a GOOD thing. Having new users come in and play to become the best because of prizes like Cyber Stein is a wonderful thing for the growth of YGO in general.


Having said that, the card is rather garbagy, as you can see by the fact its original use was for the dreaded one turn kill combo, using Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (or even Master of Oz) + Megamorph and a clear field to end the duel. But now Raigeki and Harpieís Feather Duster are gone, so it becomes quite difficult to pull it off.


That makes this card rather worthless.


Advantage F/H: Thereís plenty of targeted removal going around in this day and age, so assuming you bring out a good fusion monster such as Master of Oz for 5000 life points, heíll probably go down within a few turns. Sure Cyber-Stein can lead to field advantage, but 5000 life points? If they have a set Ring of Destruction, youíre toast.

T:                                                            4/10

A:                                                            4/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Heís slightly better in the traditional format because of HFDuster and Raigeki/Dark Hole to pull off the combo. In the advanced format, youíll likely want to Heavy Storm the field before bringing him out; he can be a great topdeck (if you have the life points), but 5000 life points is a crippling cost.

T:                                                            5/10

A:                                                            4/10


Attributes/Effect: Being a dark type is rather good; the machine type is worthless because youíll never actually Limiter Removal it. Having said that, Cyber-Stein has one of the most unique effects in the game, but fusion monsters are already pretty easy to summon (because of King of the Swamps and the upcoming Flaming Eternity cards), so it doesnít really justify paying 5000 life points since the one turn kill combo is hard to pull off.

T:                                                            5/10

A:                                                            5/10


Dependability: The use of this card depends on whether you have 5,000 life points to spare. More often than not, you wonít.

T:                                                            2.5/10

A:                                                            2.5/10


The Bottom Line: He was released far too late to make a significant impact.


A BAD Score:                                      T--           2.06/5

                                                                A--          1.93/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++           Contributes Field Control and Presence

--             Detracts from Energy (Highly Significant Loss of 5000 Life points)



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