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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Archfiend of Gilfer


When this card is sent to the Graveyard, you can activate its effect. You can then equip it to a monster on the field, and this card will be treated as an Equip Spell Card that decreases the ATK of the equipped monster by 500 points.

Type - Fiend/Effect
Card Number
- JMP-EN003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.21.04


Archfiend of Gilfer


No, no, no, no, NO!  You may NOT use Archfiend of Gilfer with Woodland Sprite to create an infinite burn loop!


Today’s card is Archfiend of Gilfer, a promo from Shonen Jump, and another card we’ve been waiting quite a while to receive.  With 2200 ATK, he’s capable of doing a fair amount of damage, though he’s slightly below the standard for one-tribute monsters; 2500 DEF is quite nice, capable of defending against most anything your opponent will have.  Being a Fiend gives him a place in Necrofear Decks, and yes, he is an Archfiend, so you can use him in those too. 


Gilfer’s effect is fairly useful, and, being an optional trigger effect, it activates similarly to Peten’s, if you want to look at him that way (note: my review for Peten was written BEFORE rulings for Peten were released, so there are several big inaccuracies; don’t bother pointing that out). 


If he goes to the Graveyard – and his hitting the Graveyard is the LAST thing to happen in a series of events – you may use his effect.  What does this mean?  Discard him for Magic Jammer and you CAN’T use his effect, since a Spell is negated after Gilfer goes to the Graveyard.  Launch him with Cannon Soldier and you CAN’T use his effect, since 500 damage happens afterward.  Send him to the Graveyard with Painful Choice, however, and you CAN use his effect.  If he’s destroyed by Smashing Ground, or killed in battle, you CAN use his effect, since nothing happens after he hits the Grave.


Now, getting to the actual effect, it’s not spectacular but could be nice.  If an opponent’s monster is bothering you, just get Gilfer into the Graveyard and make that monster easier to kill.  Kill the monster and Gilfer comes back for more (if you want him to).  It may not win you many games, but there’s always the chance you’ll be very thankful for that 500 ATK reduction. 


My recommendation is to run him in an Archfiend Deck, just to see how he plays.  I’d probably avoid him elsewhere though, since there are better tribute monsters – unless, that is, you want to be rentsy and make a Yugi Deck.


Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5

Traditional – Archfiend Deck: 3.5/5

Advanced – CCWC: 2.5/5

Advanced – Archfiend Deck: 4/5


Snapper Archfiend of Gilfer

Today’s card is Archfiend of Gilfer, a monster that really doesn’t have any great uses.

Gilfer has substandard stats; 2200 ATK is just slightly under the ideal ATK for Level 5 or 6 monsters. While not bad, a higher ATK would be welcomed.
It’s an Archfiend as well, giving it immense amounts of monster support in the areas of Type and Name bonuses.

Gilfer has a somewhat nifty effect; when sent to the Graveyard it can become an Equip Spell Card and decrease the ATK of the equipped monster by 500 points. Decreasing an opponent’s monster’s ATK is always an advantage, and it should be an easy effect to activate. Like yesterday’s card, just get Archfiend of Gilfer to the Graveyard with something like Painful Choice or have it die while on the field and its effect will activate.

Before you all jump on the idea that Gilfer can be comboed with Woodland Sprite, think again. While you can equip Gilfer to Woodland Sprite when it’s initially sent to the Graveyard, sending it to the Graveyard through Woodland Sprite’s effect will make Gilfer stay there. It’s the whole timing issue; Woodland Sprite sends Gilfer to the Graveyard, Gilfer tries to comeback with its effect but Woodland Sprite then needs to do 500 of damage to your opponent, causing Gilfer to lose its chance to activate. So without that combo, Gilfer doesn’t have many uses.

I don’t know where you’d want to use Archfiend of Gilfer. I suppose it could work in a Fiend or Archfiend Deck, but that’s a tad obvious, and I’m not one to be obvious am I? J

All in all, Archfiend of Gilfer lacks a truly useful effect. Sure the effect is helpful, but it won’t make much of an impact on the duel.

Advanced Format: 2.5/5. Substandard stats + substandard effect = substandard rating.
Traditional Format: 2.5/5. Substandard stats + substandard effect = substandard rating.
Overall: 2.5/5.
Art: 4.5/5. Oh if only it had a better effect; it looks so gosh darn cool!
ExMinion OfDarkness
Archfiend of Gilfer
Here we have another card struck down by "the man".  And by "the man" I mean the "optional" effect rulings that also harm Peten the Dark Clown.
Forgetting about that part of it, we have a 2200/2500 one-Tribute monster -- usually considered poor without an awesome effect.  The effect lets you equip it to a monster when it's sent to the graveyard (doesn't matter how it got there, so it works from Painful too) and that monster gets -500 attack.  Not bad, as if it gets killed, it can help kill something else.  The fact that it gets sent to the graveyard when its original target dies means it's reusable (so if a Jinzo kills this, and then it equips to the Jinzo, and you kill the 1900 attack Jinzo, it can equip to their Berserk Gorilla right after that.  I'm fairly sure on that but not 100%.)
However, the pain in its side is the "can" in its effect.  Being optional means, just like Peten the Dark Clown, it has to be the -LAST- thing to occur in the chain.  Tributing it doesn't work, because the last thing to occur is the new monster hitting the field.  Discarding it for a cost doesn't work because the last thing to happen is the resolution of the card (T-Virus killing the monsters, Raigeki Break destroying whatever card it was intended to kill, etc.)
It's okay, but as far as fiend-types go, I'd run Dark Ruler Ha Des over it any day of the week.
Traditonal:  2/5 (ATK means very little with monsters getting field-cleared every other turn)
Advanced:  3/5 (ATK means more, but not if you can't attack because of a Level Limit...but it has its uses here.)

Archfiend of Gilfer


Rated For: Fiend Decks


Archfiend of Gilfer is another hotly anticipated card that’s finally been released stateside; this one is the card that begat the infamous Peten the Dark Clown ruling. For those who don’t know, cards with optional trigger effects like Dark Magician of Chaos, Peten the Dark Clown, and Archfiend of Gilfer are not allowed to use their effects if they aren’t the last thing to resolve.


So you cannot tribute summon Archfiend of Gilfer, use Raigeki Break/Card Destruction/Cannon Soldier, and other such cards that end up with an effect AFTER the discard of Archfiend.


What you can combo him with is battle destruction (which is highly unlikely considering his 2200/2500 stats), Mirage of Nightmare (a definite possibility), and Painful Choice (perhaps the best option).


The Peten ruling initially arose because of the combo between this guy and Woodland Sprite, a card that has created numerous confusing rulings ever since the release of Butterfly Dagger-Elma. So Archfiend of Gilfer’s use needs to be paraphrased; he really only belongs in an Archfiend deck that emphasizes heavy discard elements.


Advantage F/H: If you’re using a tribute summon on this card, you’ve basically passed the “break point” of 2000 attack, meaning he has just as much impunity on the field as Jinzo and all the higher tribute monsters. If he dies by a monster stronger than him, they’ll be cut down to either 1900 (Jinzo, Mobius), or 2500 (BLS). His effect is rather lackluster as well, and there are far better fiends including Skull Archfiend of Lightning and Summoned Skull.

T:                                                            5.5/10

A:                                                            5.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Archfiend of Gilfer is a card that really needs to be dumped to discard opposing monsters; you don’t really ever want to draw into him. I would argue that Gilfer is one of the weakest tribute summons you can make, supported rather well by his low stats and effect that triggers AFTER he’s destroyed.

T:                                                            1/10

A:                                                            1/10


Attributes/Effect: Archfiend is an archfiend, making him solid for archfiend decks. He has decent stats of 2200/2500, and his effect is decent. This gives him a solid score in an archfiend deck, simply because they’re starved for options to bring Terrorking out. The savvy player would still favor SAfLightning or Summoned Skull.

T:                                                            7.5/10

A:                                                            7.5/10


Dependability: Run him with Mirage of Nightmare and other discarding cards and you’ll be guaranteed of using his effect every now and then. Unfortunately, his effect is lackluster.

T:                                                            5/10

A:                                                            5/10


The Bottom Line: Unfortunately, the new Shonen Jump promo is garbage. This merely reinforces how little support Archfiends have gotten.


A BAD Score:                      T--           2.38/5

                                                A--          2.38/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++ Contributes to Field Control (2200 attack is stronger than almost all 4 stars)

--  Weakens On-Field Presence (tribute monster), Defense (effectless)

Coin Flip


Gilfer (yes, Gilfer, Gilfar sounds stupid) cannot be used with
Woodland Sprite. Do not even ask. The ruling is similar to that of
Peten the Dark Clown in that it's an optional Trigger effect and you
miss the timing to activate it. That said...

I am biased towards this card. 2200 attack won't do anything, but its
stats are very cool. For one tribute, you get a great defending
monster and a good attacking monster. It will die if they pull out a
GAF or Giant Orc. That sucks.

What doesn't suck is that after it is no longer useful as a monster,
it becomes an equip spell card and starts weakening monsters. They
kill this with a Jinzo, eh? Berserk Gorilla. It'll help that Jinzo
take out that Dark Magician of Chaos, it'll kill that Spirit Reaper
they were going to attack with, and then it'll weaken the other
monster they have on the field. And if the monster equipped to it
dies in battle, you reuse the effect. Or you can. Once your opponent
doesn't have any monsters, you just drop Gilfer. It's interesting as
an actual tribute. Most of the time, though, you won't want to play
this over Airknight Parshath or Jinzo or Blowback Dragon or something
because of the level of competition.

This thing singlehandedly makes Archfiend decks playable. Because it
counts as a monster when it is sent to the grave, it triggers
Pandemonium. That means that you can reuse the effect several times
to search out any monster you want except for Skull Archfiend of the
Lightning. On top of that, you can use it with Archfiend's Roar,
summon it in DEF, block all attacks for a turn, and then when it dies
at the end of the turn, bring it back as an equip. Double trouble if
Pandemonium is on the field. You're using the effect of an otherwise
lackluster card to your advantage. You can Painful Choice it to the
field in a Necrofear-Archfiend deck and just keep on hurting people.

It's a really nifty card, IMO. It just isn't all that good outside of
Archfiend decks. Since it is considered an equip spell, it may be
possible to combine it with Gearfried for various Elma-type combos.
I'm not exactly sure about the Royal Magical Library and Magical
Marionette combos, but I see no reason it couldn't work with Morale
Boost and Fire Princess.

2/5 Traditional. Chances are they will Raigeki or Nobleman or CED it
with no other monsters on the field and the effect will be useless.
3.6/5 Advanced. It is still not as useful as other cards, but without
the harsh environment of Traditional, it gains some playability.
4.4/5 Archfiend decks (both formats). This pretty much makes the
Archfiend deck. Draw this or send it to the Graveyard in some way
with Pandemonium out and you've got yourself the perfect setup.



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