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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Makyura the Destructor


During the turn this card is sent to the Graveyard, the owner of this card can activate Trap Card(s) from his/her hand.

Type - Warrior / Effect
Card Number
- DBT-EN169

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.20.04


Makyura the Destructor


Makyura is perhaps one of the most anticipated cards to be released in the TCG.  He has decent stats; 1600 ATK isn’t terrible while being a Warrior gives him a lot of great support cards.  His effect is unique. 


When he’s sent to the Graveyard, you’re allowed to use Traps from your hand that turn.  So, what does this mean?  Play Painful Choice or something to get Makyura into the Graveyard, and you’re now allowed to activate that Ring of Destruction in your hand without setting it.  If your opponent springs a last-minute Magic Cylinder on you, feel free to blast him with that Solemn Judgment you just drew.


It’s a very interesting effect; Makyura is quite a rentsy monster.  There are obviously some restrictions on his effect, however.  You’re not allowed to use this effect if, say, there’s a Jinzo on the field.  You can’t activate Sakuretsu Armor if your opponent never attacked you.  And so forth.  So granted, this guy isn’t really the best top deck; but in the right hands, Makyura is deadly (Reversal of Worlds, is the best example; unfortunately, that card hasn’t come to the TCG yet.  But any deck heavy on Traps might consider tossing in a Makyura or two [speaking of which, Makyura is limited to two in Japan (presumably because of his being awesome in Reversal of Worlds decks [but also potentially due to his combo with Chick the Yellow and Call of the Haunted])]).


Traditional – CCCC: 3/5

Traditional – Trap Deck: 4/5

Advanced – CCWC: 3.5/5

Advanced – Trap Deck: 4.5/5


Snapper Makyura the Destructor

Well after weeks of waiting, altering, and relocation, my week of cards to review has arrived. This week I first wanted to review some of them there new cards twer released, followed by some RDS cards. Today’s card is Makyura the Destructor, an evil monster in decks with large amounts of Traps.

Makyura’s got a few plusses right of the bat; its 1600 ATK makes it capable of destroying many common monsters with relative ease. In addition to a good ATK, its got a good Type. Being a Warrior, he gets all the normal perks that come with Warriors and you can search for it with Reinforcement of the Army and Freed the Matchless General. So really, Makyura has nothing wrong when it comes to stats.

The effect is what makes Makyura fun; getting to activate Traps from your hand during the turn Makyura is sent to the Graveyard has many possibilities. You have a Dust Tornado, Call of the Haunted, or Ring of Destruction in your hand that would be really helpful right now? Get Makyura in the Graveyard through a card like Painful Choice or have it die while on the field and you can activate them now without Setting them. To make it even better, you can use the effect during your opponent’s turn, assuming Makyura was sent to the Graveyard that same turn. This little advantage allows you to avoid any of that pesky Spell and Trap Card removal your opponent may have.

There’s an OTK using Makyura. But before you use it you’ll want to make sure your opponent has no defenses (stronger monsters, Set cards, etc.) Use Makyura’s effect to play Call of the Haunted from your hand, Special Summoning Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow from the Graveyard. Have Chick do damage to your opponent and use Chick’s effect to return Call of the Haunted to your hand, destroying Chick. Repeat this while remaining in the Battle Phase to win the duel that turn.

Makyura works with ease in a Warrior Deck or any Deck that is running at least 8 Traps. If you’re using less than 8, you may find Makyura’s effect a rare use.

Makyura the Destructor is a monster I hope to be getting over the holidays.
If you use a good deal of traps in your deck, Makyura could be a blessing in disguise.

Advanced Format: 3.5/5. Good monster with a good effect. And since people use more Traps than in Traditional, its uses increase.
Traditional Format: 3.5/5. Good monster with a good effect that allows you to avoid all that pesky S/T removal.
Overall: 3.5/5.
Art: 2.5/5. Them’s big claws you have there Makyura.
ExMinion OfDarkness
Makyura the Destructor
This week starts off with a strong card -- the one most people are buying Dark Beginning I to attempt to acquire, Makyura the Destructor.
Most people remember it as something Marik used -- for those who have forgotten, you can activate Traps from your hand the turn this card goes to your graveyard.  Not just one trap -- trapS.  Meaning you can spring as much as you can on them from the comfort of your hand.
The #1 way this card will be used is Painful Choice -- since this card will eventually be semi-limited, putting both copies of it in a Painful makes sure you'll get the effect of one of them.  If your opponent gives you the other, could come in handy later.  We don't have Reversal of Worlds yet, so this card's full potential won't be realized for a short while (where you play Painful Choice, this effect activates, Jar of Greed x3, Graceful, ANYTHING to get 15 cards in your GY on your first turn then play Reversal of Worlds for the win.)  However, what we DO have are some nifty combos outside of Painful Choice and Graceful Charity:
*Opponent is about to destroy your set Call of the Haunted, you chain it on this -- oh look, Makyura went from field to Graveyard and its effect activates!
*Set against a multi-monster field, they kill the first one, then Mirror Force (in Traditional, anyway) kills everything else.
If nothing else, it's Dark (Chaos food), Warrior (searchable by Reinforcements of the Army and reusable with The Warrior Returning Alive), and only 1200 Defense (searchable by the Witch in Traditional.)
EMoD's conclusions:
If you're playing Reversal of Worlds when it comes out, you HAVE to run the 2 you'll be allowed.Cory's mom is extremely large and can't even fit through double-wide doors.
If you're playing a Warrior deck, at least play one, as it goes with the theme.
If you're playing any other non-burn/stall deck, try one, and you'll be pleasantly suprised.
Traditional:  3.25/5
Advanced:  3.75/5

Makyura the Destructor


Rated For: Trap Heavy Decks


* Side note: There will be a format change to my reviews. The cards that combo well with the reviewed Card of the Day will now be placed in the front along with strategical advice. The contributions the card makes to the FORCE system will be listed at the end of the review. *


The Destructor boasts a rather decent 1600 attack score, but most players will be using him for the effect, which is a rather unique one. Send him to the graveyard in any way, and you’ll get to play traps from your hand! But is such an effect really worth striving for? Let’s have an in-depth analysis for one of the most anticipated cards of all time.


The most commonly played trap cards in the game are, in no particular order, Call of the Haunted, Ring of Destruction, Torrential Tribute, Compulsory Evacuation Device, and maybe Sakuretsu Armor and Magic Cylinder. Almost every single one of these cards are used as traps because traps offer strategic advantages (if your opponent loses his normal summon for the turn, he can’t defend himself the next turn, so traps are better played on your opponent’s turn than on your own!)


So immediately, the strategic Makyura user will realize that he’s not intended to be played for his effect on your turn, but rather on your opponent’s (except in highly specialized cases, which we’ll get into later). See, if you find a way to discard him during your opponent’s turn, you can bumrush your opponent with a slew of tasty traps, including Magic Cylinder! While this isn’t always “worth it”, so to speak, it is the best way to use Makyura in a standard cookie cutter deck. So this begs the question, what are the best cards to use him for on your opponent’s turn? Well let’s take a look at the playable cards with discard requirements:


Back to Square One/Dark Core (not really an option here because they’re spells.)

Raigeki Break/Hallowed Life Barrier/Magic Jammer (sensual options, they’re the best).


So to fit Makyura into a standard cookie cutter deck, you’re going to want to run extra traps, including Magic Cylinder, Sakuretsu Armors, and then find fuel for the fire by discarding him through card effects or having him destroyed.


Having said that, Makyura is not really intended to be used in such decks. Instead, he becomes a far better option when the Japanese version of the game’s Reversal of Worlds comes out, a card that switches your opponent’s graveyard with his deck, leading to a win by deck-out. Makyura can also work in a turbo Exodia deck running multiple Jar of Greeds and Reckless Greed, but this isn’t very recommended. So Makyura is caught between a rock and a hard place; his variegated uses will materialize more fully with the release of material from the OCG (Japanese Card Game.) On to the review.


Advantage F/H: There aren’t many traps in the game that are better by being used immediately instead of being set for a turn. The only one that really springs to mind is Jar of Greed, and that should be reserved strictly for an Exodia Deck. So what you really have is a dark warrior with 1600 attack and a rather unusable effect.

T:                                                            5/10

A:                                                            5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: 2+2= 4, and if you have a card with a bad effect and subpar stats…. With no effective archetype to build around yet, he’s quite worthless.

T:                                                            2.5/10

A:                                                            2.5/10


Attributes/Effect: It’s important that he’s a warrior for later purposes, since Reinforcements of the Army makes him eminently searchable. Also, he’s a dark type. He gets a perfect score for what you’re trying to do (use traps in the first turn), because he’s searchable and a dark type. I’ll deduct one point (he could have had 1500 attack for Tomato’s effect).

T:                                                            9/10

A:                                                            9/10


Dependability: If you’re running some sort of combo that requires traps to be played from hand this is a pretty dependable effect because one, there’s plenty of good discard cost cards (including Card Destruction), and two, he’s searchable by Reinforcements of the Army. So while his effect is not that good as of this moment, it is easier to pull off than say Manticore of Darkness (which is not searchable).

T:                                                            8/10

A:                                                            8/10


The Bottom Line: The effect is not too hard to pull off, but not very great as of yet.


A BAD Score:                                      T--           3.06/5

                                                                A--          3.06/5


FORCE System Suggestions:          

++ Contributes nothing

--  Detracts from Field Advantage, On-Field Presence, Counter-Defense (Weak, low stats)


Coin Flip


Makyura The Destructor. This has to be one of the sickest arts and
coolest names on a card ever. The effect lives up. :)

For one turn, your trap cards become quickplay spells. So their
obvious solution is to get rid of your hand first, which is fairly
simple. You'll want your traps on the field, your spells versatile
and constantly used, and your monsters strong and reliable. Traps
don't belong in the hand most of the time, and you're just sacrificing
stats (!!!) from a warrior for a blanket effect that creates a game
state akin to Last Will. Activating multiple (yes, multiple) trap
cards from your hand can be nifty, but usually won't be gamebreaking.
It may scare your opponent off if you have 5 cards in hand and a huge
grin on your face after a Makyura dies in battle. But besides the
nifty scare tactic, this doesn't do much for stats, although it gains
any and all Warrior support (Warrior Returning Alive will help you
reuse him a few times). How is this card good, then? Simple. It
opens up the door to easier FTK. Not Scientist FTK. You want mostly
magics in that deck, and no traps and ~10 monsters.

This is best fitted in Reversal of Worlds FTK. We probably won't get
Reversal of Worlds for a bit, which is unfortunate, but RoW FTK is
based around the Trap Card Reversal of Worlds. While you have 15 or
more cards in your graveyard, you are looking at messing up the game
in a way no card game ever sees (save Magic: the Gathering's
Tramautize, which can probably be pulled off around turn 6 or so with
accelerated mill to go with it. Brownie points to Once More With
Feeling and the entire sets of Unglued and Unhinged, though.)

Basically, with 15 or more cards in your grave, you can pay 1000 LP
with RoW to switch the deck and the graveyard. Nifty, huh? So, like,
Painful Choice a CED and a BLS into the graveyard. Or all 5 pieces of
Exodia. Then get them back. What if I told you Makyura and one other
card made this possible turn 1? Discard a Makyura to the grave in any
manner, and then use traps that help you draw (Jar of Greed in triples
with Yata Garasu's Skull (Jar of Greed that draws one extra card
whenever your opponent has a Spirit on the field) also in triples) and
other magic cards that will put large amounts of cards in your
graveyard without putting any in your opponent's graveyard. All you
need are 15 cards in the graveyard, 1 card in your hand, and 1001+
life points to win the game. Once you switch graves with decks
without putting anything more in your opponent's grave, you leave them
with no deck. Deckout. Good game.

As well as helping Reversal of Worlds (hell, making Reversal of Worlds
possible along with Royal Shrine), it already has its own OTK in the
English game. And even better, it requires only one card to set up!
The madness! Basically, clear their field so it's safe to attack.
You already know how to do that. Giant Trunade, Heavy Storm, Needle
Ceiling, or even individual card removal like Blowback Dragon. It
doesn't matter. Once it's safe to attack, send a Makyura to the
graveyard in some way while you have Call of the Haunted on your
field. Then use Call of the Haunted to revive Dark Scorpion - Chick
the Yellow.

Attack your opponent's LP directly with Chick the Yellow. Use its
effect to return Call of the Haunted to your hand. Call of the
Haunted has left the field, so Chick the Yellow is destroyed.
Activate Call of the Haunted to revive Chick the Yellow. Attack your
opponent's LP directly with Chick the Yellow. Use its effect to
return Call of the Haunted to your hand...

Sorry about going into such detail about Reversal of Worlds, but I do
need to show you the use of this, don't I? It also helps in a Huge
Revolution deck. Not too hard to get the three monsters on the field
first or second turn, but really hard to keep them in play until your
second turn.

Outside of FTK decks, though, its effect is not even close to on par
with something like Blade Knight. Stick with something else. It's
fun tech if you do use it properly, though.
3/5 in all decks in Traditional and Advanced
5/5 in FTK decks that benefit from him (Last Turn, sort of, for
drawpower, and RoW)



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