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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Magical Scientist


Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck in face-up Attack or Defense Position. That Fusion Monster cannot attack your opponentís Life Points directly, and is returned to your Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.

Type - Spellcaster / Effect Monster
Card Number
- MFC-073

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.17.04

Coin Flip (This review was made to offend. That in mind, I have already assumed that the reader is an idiot. If you are looking to be spoken to rationally or with any respect at all, skip my review. If not, shut up and read.)

Magical Scientist doesn't deserve a review. It's not that it's a bad card. To say so is pure foolishness. But it isn't a card that you'd question using, either. This thing fits in every deck as a backup plan. Every deck. This is the perfect monster for Traditional and Advanced format when you're losing, or when you've got even slight advantage.

Got 1 monster on the field, but you know they have a bad monster set, possibly a DDWL? Summon, 1000, Balter, attack.

Got no monsters on the field, and want to get rid of their f/d? TER (Balter would do, too), suck up and end turn.

They've got an attack mode Spirit Reaper? Summon, summon 4 2200s and attack for 7600 damage. Then end and ring another 400 attack monster for game.

They've got a field full of strong monsters (strongest above 2200 attack)? Summon one TER, suck up the strongest and attack. Then suck up a few more by summoning more TER.

They've got a field full of strong monsters (none above 2200 attack)?
Summon a few 2000-2200's (possibly Senshi) and attack.

Want removal? TER.

Want a cheap deck that will win 90% of the time it goes first? Scientist FTK.

Want a good monster to Creature Swap while protecting from Scapegoat chains? Ojama King.

Want trap protection, even if they don't have a monster on the field to attack? Senshi. 1000 is a small price to pay to help rid the field of Goats and prevent Mirror Force, Waboku, Windstorm of Etaqua, or Sakuretsu Armor. Then TER and game.

Want a monster for your morph deck? Well, gee, nothing better than the original to morph into the desired fusion monster.

Have a tribute in your hand and only scientist on field? Pay 1000 for TER, suck up a monster, tribute, summon. Hell, if you need a LIGHT or a DARK in the grave, pull one of those out instead.

Oh, and it's divinely easy to keep the monsters out. Metamorphosis, Dimensionhole, Interdimensional Matter Transporter, Book of Moon, Tsukuyomi... Hell, I summoned out an Ojama King after Change of Hearting a Magical Scientist. Here's the situation - Tsukuyomi in hand with Change of Heart, they have Magical Scientist on field and 1400 LP. Tsukuyomi's effect is mandatory, so I have to choose between Magical Scientist, Tsukuyomi, or 1000 LP and a permanent fusion from my vast fusion deck. Oh no, what can I choose to end the game that turn? You don't think that there is honestly no way you can be hurt by having at least 1 card level 6 or under in your fusion deck?
Disagreed with my opinion when I rated those fusion monsters 5/5?

He's level 1, which is unbelievably friendly for morph, spellcaster, which will only get better, DARK, which will only get better, and has 300/300. Whoops, bad stats. Whoops, pay 2000 to 3nd 4 g4m3. g0dly.
g00d g4m3 n0 r3m47ch.

This card is a staple. There is NO DENYING THAT. So shut up and sit down. If you don't have a copy of it in your deck, you're either stupid or too honorable to put it in (I see a lot of both). It's far too easy to get and far too easy to capitalize on.

5/5 in all formats (including Draft, and that's just out of spite for
humankind) and in all situations. If you're under 1000 LP, it was either luck or shoddy playing which got you there, so there is no way this can hurt unless you're already boned. <End Alternate Personality "Dice Roll" here. Insert Coin Flip again.>

Magical Scientist


What can be said about Magical Scientist that hasnít already been said?  Very little.  He is almost undoubtedly the best Common ever, and heís certainly in the running for one of the top 10 cards ever released.  There is, essentially, NOTHING that Magical Scientist canít do.  His meager ATK and DEF belie his true potential.


You need to get rid of an opponentís monster?  Summon Thousand Eyes Restrict; itís gone.  Worried about your opponentís face-down cards?  Get out Ryu Senshi.  Worried about that face-down monster, but you still want to attack with other stuff?  Get Balter.  Want to make him pay for summoning that Spirit Reaper in Attack Position?  Get three Dark Blades the Dragon Knight.  OuchÖ


Running Metamorphosis in your deck?  Throw in Magical Scientist.  You can summon Fusions and Morph them to bring out permanent copies that CAN attack directly.  Running Book of Moon?  Consider tossing in Scientist.  If you Book of Moon a Scientist Fusion, it will remain on the field; and when you flip it face-up, itíll be able to attack directly.  Running XYZ?  Well, Scientist canít summon XYZ FusionsÖbut you should STILL run him, because heís just that good!


And yes, there is the infamous Scientist FTK Ė but I wonít bother explaining that in detail, as itís been done ad nauseum.  The only thing to watch out for is the LP payment.  It CAN add up, in which case youíll be cursing that rentsy Scientist. 


Traditional Ė CCCC: 4/5

Traditional Ė Scientist FTK: 5/5

Advanced Ė CCWC: 4.5/5

Advanced Ė Scientist FTK: 5/5


Snapper Magical Scientist

Our final card this week is Magical Scientist, a monster I love to hate (prepare for an essay).

Magical Scientist is a crap monster. With 300 ATK and DEF, all it can do is defeat The Limbs of the Forbidden One. Sure your opponent wonít be summoning any Exodia Pieces to the field, but Magical Scientist can defeat them. In all seriousness though, Magical Scientist isnít going to remain on the field for very long without some protection, so make sure youíve got some or make sure your opponent wonít make it to the next turn. Not make it to the next turn? Is that possible? Sadly it is.

For the simple price of 1000 Life Points, you can Special Summon one Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. So what does this mean? Most Magical Scientist users use this effect to Special Summon one of four
monsters: Thousand-Eyes Restrict is great for monster removal, Ryu Senshi is good for negating Normal Traps, Dark Balter the Terrible can negate the effects of monsters it destroys in battle, and Dark Blade the Dragon Knight is just useful to get rid of monsters in your opponentís Graveyard permanently. With these four monsters Magical Scientist is referred to as a Swiss Army Knife, only because it can help get rid of most threats that could come up during your turn. Of course, Magical Scientistís effect comes with consequences; the Fusion Monsters canít attack your opponentís Life Points directly, and they return to the Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.
While not being able to attack your opponent directly is a downside, returning to the Fusion Deck is a plus, giving your monsters protection from any Spells your opponent will want to activate.

Now while I only mentioned four Fusion Monsters that can be Special Summoned by Magical Scientist, there are others. It isnít uncommon for a Magical Scientist user to have sixteen other Fusion Monsters in their Fusion Deck.
But when you stop to think about it, those other monsters wonít be doing much other than attacking when Special Summoned; none of them have effects that could be useful. So you can throw some Reaper on the Nightmares and Dark Flare Knights into your Fusion Deck if you want, but you wonít be using their effects through Magical Scientist.

Now, what does Magical Scientist work with? Youíre probably aware of the First Turn Kill with Catapult Turtle, so I wonít bore you with how it works.
All Iíll say is that if you plan to use Monster Gate and some Last Wills to get MS and CT out in one turn, then that was recently ruled to be illegal.
Why? Using Monster Gateís effect to tribute a monster comes before the remainder of Monster Gateís effect, making Last Will unable to activate. I know I didnít explain why this is so, but thatís only because Iím a little confused about it myself. Read Lord Tranorixís review and Iím sure youíll get a full explanation. If you want to keep the Fusion Monster on the field just flip it face-down (Book of Moon, Tsukuyomi) or have it leave the field temporarily (Dimensionhole, Interdimensional Matter Transporter). There are plenty of other card combos with Magical Scientist, but Iíd like to do some homework some time today.

Magical Scientist works in and is in almost every Deck youíll ever see. I personally choose no to use it for the same reason I never used Yata-Garasu; itís way too good.

Most people will tell you to use Magical Scientist, and theyíd be giving you some good advice. Just make sure youíve got the necessary Fusion Monsters and that you know when to use Magical Scientistís effect and youíll be fine.
And before I sign out for this week, letís all hope Magical Scientist makes the cut for the next Ban List.

Advanced Format: ~5/5. If youíre smart, youíll use it.
Traditional Format: ~5/5. If youíre smart, youíll use it.
Overall: ~5/5.
Art: 1/5. I insist on having Magical Scientist be bad at something, so he can have bad artwork (which he kind of does).
ExMinion OfDarkness
Magical Scientist
Okay...this card was originally slated to be reviewed on Christmas Eve.  Having seen that,  I wrote up a "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" parody review of this card.  Even though it's a week early, it's still close to Christmas, so I'm still using that as my review.
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Yu-Gi-Oh,
Scientist First Turn Kill has players shouting "Oh, no!"
The first Duel was over before it even began
For one of the Duelists, and the Chaos he ran.
The FTK player said his opponent was dead
While visions of Cyber-Stein danced in his head
And the judges that were watching, and the other Duelists, too
Saw the opponent lose quickly, as have I and you.
"Now Empress, now Ocean Snake, now Eagle and Dragon Knight,
I sacrifice you all and end this fight!
Into the Turtle's catapult, through their defensive wall
Now launch away!  Launch away!  Launch away all!"
At another Duel a player screamed, an ear-shattering sound,
As a Scientisted Balter negated the Fiber he had down
And not long after that, he screamed "You B****!"
When the Balter returned to stop a search from his Witch.
Another player cried, creating such a clatter.
I went over to him and asked "What's the matter?"
You see, he played Chaos, and had no more Light
in his Graveyard, all removed by Dark Blade the Dragon Knight.
All this from one card!  Now players actually check
to see if their opponent has a Fusion Deck.
Scientist is broken, alone or First Turn Kill,
making opponents fear Cannon Soldier and two Last Will.
May Scientist help you place higher than 9,
to help you win that rare Cyber-Stein.
If you happen to win, make that prize go far,
sell the stupid card on eBay, and use the cash for a car!
Or be like my Jew friend, Jahinie, and save up the cash
Or go all out and party, a big Duelist bash!
All this from one common?  It's really insane
1,000 LP to lose, thousands of dollars to gain.
So the next time you play, watch out for this card
If they have a Fusion Deck, be on your guard.
Be ready for Scientist at your next tourney fight,
Merry Christmas to all, (Except Evan Vargas)
and to all a good night!
(Score:  5/5.  This card should be sided whenever not Mained, and it should almost always be Mained.)

Magical Scientist


Rated For: Any Deck


Magical Scientist is one of the best cards out there; I'd recommend defending it with Waboku/Book of Moon/Enemy Controller. I reviewed this card a while ago for my overrated cards archive, and while I feel it is slightly overrated (people are putting it into every deck), the review will be revised to fit the post-ban format. My new additions to the review are in bold.


Advantage F/H: Magical Scientist is great because he will lead to field advantage all by himself. No matter the obstacles in your way, any of his four fusions (Dark Balter the Terrible, Ryu Senshi, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Dark Flare Knight) will change the field circumstances into your favor. Unfortunately, there are two problems to his use. One, you're giving up life point advantage. Two, you're not REALLY getting field advantage because you're leaving a 300 attack point monster out there next turn. He's a supplement, meaning you want to stack his powers onto a field you already control.        

Field removal is a lot harder to come by, as is trap negation, but you'll have to be careful with the life points. He's definitely better in the post-ban format.

T:                                                            8/10 (original score)

A:                                                            9/10


Best Draw for the Situation: He would be more accurately described as the best search for nearly any situation. As a draw, he's not too great in the opening hand, not too great in the endgame, but fabulous in the midgame. You always want him when your opponent is dominating the field. He is also usually the first monster you'll want to search. However, you do NOT want him when life is running low.

T:                                                            8/10 (original score)

A:                                                            8/10 (original score)


Attributes/Effect: Magical Scientist is the most versatile card in the game, next to Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity. Nobody can dominate the field like he does, or negate traps, or negate monster effects.

T:                                                            10/10 (original score)

A:                                                            10/10 (original score)


Dependability: Unfortunately, Magical Scientist's usage should depend on a host of other factors. One, do you have traps to protect him. Two, are your life points high enough. Three, do you have a lot of life point burning cards in your deck already? Once Scientist is on the field, you have priority to use his effect. Unfortunately, he has 300 attack, meaning you'll pay 1000 life points and then probably take upwards of 1000 again next turn. You can't really depend on him for more than a turn, which is sometimes all you'll need.                

T:                                                            7/10 (original score)

A:                                                            7/10 (original score)


The Bottom Line: There was no point in reviewing this card again; it's still one of the best.


A BAD Score:                                      4.13/5    Traditional

                                                                4.25/5    Advanced


Quick warning; I havenít had a lot of experience with Magical Scientist, except as an observer.  I donít have many legal Fusions for it, so itís of no use to me in real life.  This might explain some losses. XD


Stats                : Magical Scientist is a Level 1 Dark Spellcaster.  This is okay, in a way: it is unaffected by cards like Level Limit Area B and Gravity Bind, Dark is a well supported Attribute, and Spellcasters are a reasonably well supported Type.  Of course, it is also vulnerable to things like Infinite Dismissal as well, but I donít see that used as a core card in one of the dominant deck types.  When you get to the ATK and DEF, you know that this guy had better have a killer effect, because 300 means the only commonly played Monster youíll be beating out is Sinister Serpent.


Effect(s)            : Magical Scientist can let you Special Summon a Level 6 or less Fusion Monster from your Fusion deck for a single turn, but it canít attack directly, and each use of the effect burns 1000 LP.  When I first saw this effect, I was not overly impressed.  This card is incredibly combo oriented; its very effect requires another card to use.  So, the effect itself is only as good as the Fusion Monsters you have available to Special Summon through it.


Uses and

Combinations  : Most of our readers know that Magical Scientist, when combined with Catapult Turtle, is the heart of one of the most effective burn decks in the game.  You add things like Last Will and Cannon Soldier along side seven Fusion Monsters with at least 2000 ATK and it can do the disgusting First Turn Knock Out (FTKO); that is beat your opponent without them even being able to make a move.


Now, outside of the highly complex combination, is there really any use?  I mean, it would seem to be a waste in most general decks, right?  In order to get to where you could use the effect, you needed to basically waste your Normal Summon for a turn.  What do I mean ďwasteĒ?  Do you really think he could survive, at least unaided, for a turn Set?  You could also Special Summon, it, but that will almost always require wasting an opportunity to revive something more substantial.  If the Summon does bring it to the field face-up, you then need to worry about protecting itÖ and yourself.  I mean, 300 ATK will block almost nothing in the game.  It practically gives your opponent a direct attack at your Life Points.  Set, it can be handled by most supporting Monsters.  So itís got to be useless in most decks, right?


Well, that was somewhat blatant sarcasm.  There three times when Magical Scientist isnít too great.  What are they?  If you have are very low on Life Points, then you may be unable to Summon anything at all, or what you really need.  It is also bad if somehow your Fusion deck is depleted; completely worthless if empty. Finally, it is terrible as a true top deck, when you have no hand or field presence, since my sarcastic previous paragraph rings true then.  Usually, youíll find Magical Scientist to be a Swiss Army Knife-itís not as good as having all those little tools in their real, fully realized forms, but for the average deck itís more than enough.  Does your opponent have some monster with a pesky Flip effect, or effect that goes off when it is sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon something like Dark Balter the Terrible to kill it; 2000 ATK can kill nearly all Monsters that would fall into this category.  What about Traps?  Bring a Ryu Senshi to the field, and though itíll cost you another 1000 LP each, you can negate Traps.  If there is a single Monster, no matter the position or size, you can grab a Thousand-Eyes Restrict and suck it up to get rid of it.  There are others, and with 60 slots available in your Fusion deck that will in no way slow down your normal deck, one card usually become many.


Now, what about the fact that the Monsters disappear, and that they canít attack directly?  In general, you wonít care; youíre going to be burning LP either for the win, to avoid the loss, or to gain advantage.  If you do want to worry about that, thereís Metamorphosis.  This Spell card letís you Special Summon a Fusion monster of the same Level as a Monster you tribute exclusively for this effect.  So you want to keep that Ryu Senshi?  Use Magical Scientist to get one out, then you Metamorphosis, sacking the temp version to get a permanent one.  Metamorphosis can also be used on Magical Scientist himself to get a Thousand-Eyes Restrict.  This can be the successful foundation for yet another strong deck type, and can be hybridized with several other strong deck types, including Chaos and Magical Scientist FTKO itself.




Traditional       : 4/5-Prescious few decks do not find this jack-of-all-trades a boon: suck up their BLS-EotB with a Thousand-Eyes Restrict, then use it to club the Don Zaloog they were trying to destroy your LP and hand/deck.  Use Ryu Senshi to go for the kill without worrying (as much) about that set S/T.


Advanced        : 4.25/5-The lack of true Chaos Control means a slight power boost, since itís less likely that unpleasant top-decking scenario can occur.  Otherwise, aside from its own decks, it is a quick fix for common problems the average deck will face.


Limited            : 1/5-Are there any Fusions in Magicianís Force that Magical Scientist can summon?  Didnít think so (unless the text spoiler I am using has a huge typo).  If drafted with a Fusion heavy set, I suppose you can add a twentieth of a point-most Fusions arenít worth the hit to Life Points in this format.




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