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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Asura Priest
Super Rare

This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card returns to the owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn that this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned or flipped face-up. This card can attack all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. You cannot attack your opponent directly if you attack any monsters first.

Type - Fairy / Spirit Monster

Card Number
- LOD-071

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.15.04

Coin Flip Asura Priest = Goat death. It's that simple. Near-kill if you Final Attack Orders or give him trample. Now that that's out of the way...

He offers no field presence, just the possibility of destroying everything and destroying your opponent's field presence. Spirit hurts it there, but then he never got hurt by Smashing Grounds or Change of Heart (actually, that won me a game when they topdecked Change of Heart but I had nothing on field because Asura returned to hand). His effect is best combined with Final Attack Orders to shift everything to ATK and then presenting them with Ojama Trio (add a 700 boost for game) or just using his built-in Spirit ability for Creature Swap. 1700 will kill a bit, too. Fairy is interesting, he seems nothing like a Fairy, but then Spirits are known for using wierd subtypes (besides Spellcaster, Dragon, and Zombie).

Chances are, this might earn a slot in your deck. Try it out if you can get one, you might be happy.

3.5/5 Advanced
3.6/5 Traditional. Oddly enough, it only gains from not being killed by Raigeki or Dark Hole, but Spirit also means you have no Yata shield and Mirror Force still hurts it. Still, slightly even.

Asura Priest


Asura Priest is a very rentsy monster.  He is essentially the third playable Spirit, the other two being Yata-Garasu (not all that playable anymore) and Tsukuyomi.  But he is often overlooked, and we canít have that, can we?  1700 ATK is decent, and the fact that after he does what he has to, he returns to your hand makes it far less likely heíll be overpowered by your opponentís beatsticks.


Did your opponent just play Scapegoat?  Summon Asura Priest: problem solved.  Is your opponentís field full of beatsticks?  Equip Asura Priest with Mage Power or something, kill them all, and the Priest returns.  Did you just play Ojama Trio, and do you have Final Attack Orders active?  Summon Asura Priest.  6000 damage. 


He can be useful Ė Iíve seen him played in a few decks at my store, and he always wreaked a lot more havoc than people predicted.  I would definitely take Asura Priest into consideration, not only for specialized FAO Decks, but also for a typical Chaos user.  He IS a LIGHT, after all.


Traditional Ė CCCC: 3/5

Traditional Ė Final Attack Orders Deck: 4/5

Advanced Ė CCWC: 3.5/5

Advanced Ė Final Attack Orders Deck: 4.5/5



Snapper Asura Priest

Well there are just all sorts of surprises this week arenít there? Todayís card is Asura Priest, another monster that has apparently arisen from the grave Ėer shoeboxes.

When it comes to Spirit Monsters people expect one of two things, a good ATK or a good Effect. Fortunately for Asura Priest itís got a bit of both. With 1700 ATK, Asura Priest can do a fair amount of damage. Throw in the fact that it can attack all of your opponentís monsters in the same turn and youíve kind of got a potential 8500 ATK monster. Sure the odds arenít high that this would occur (your opponent would need five face-up Attack Position Monsters with 0 ATK), but itís a nice way to think of it, isnít it?

As said before, Asura Priest is a Spirit Monster, causing it to return to the ownerís hand during the End Phase of the turn it becomes face-up on the field. Also said before is that Asura Priest can attack all of your opponentís monsters at once. Of course if it uses this effect it canít attack your opponent directly, but itís a nice type of field clearance. With 1700 ATK it can easily get rid of all 4 Scapegoat at the same time and any monster your opponent Special Summons with a through an effect like that of Giant Rat. So at most, you could be doing an extra 1000 damage to your opponentís Life Points each turn.

Asura Priestís Sprit classification gives it a few bonuses and a few curses.
As a Spirit it doesnít need to worry about your opponentís Spell Cards.
Asura Priest wonít be on the field when your opponent can activate their Snatch Steal or Fissure, so you donít need to worry about it working against you or dying. And because itís a Spirit it can work to your advantage; if you Creature Swap it to your opponent, you just got a free monster (Asura Priest will return to your hand at the end of the turn). But because itís a Spirit, Asura Priest is basically gone forever as soon as it gets to the Graveyard. And because you canít Special Summon it you wonít be able to use Premature Burial on it, but at least it wonít work against you.

Asura Priest has no Deck it excels in, but it should work well in a Sprit or a Fairy Deck quite well.

Overall, Asura Priest is much like King Tiger Wanghu, you may find it useful and you may not. Test it out to see if it works for you.

Advanced Format: 3/5. Effect could be useful but I would try to find an alternative.
Traditional Format: 2.5/5. There arenít as many monsters that Asura Priest can destroy.
Overall: 2.75/5.
Art: 3/5. Is it supposed to be a female Buddha?

ExMinion OfDarkness
Asura Priest
Asura Priest is a card not many thought about side-decking (and very few would Main it) but it has a couple okay uses and one great one.
The good uses:  Killing multiple Warrior Swarm monsters.  (Marauding + Command Knight, Marauding + Don Zaloog, Marauding + defense position Goblin...)  Killing two or monsters in one battle phase is entirely possible with 1,700 attack.
The best use:  Anti-Scapegoat.  One summon of this kills all Scapegoats.  Better yet:  This + Big Bang Shot.  That makes this a 2100 ATKer with Trample that kills all the Goats.  8400 damage, gg.
One more thing -- it's safe to have in the side in a Chaos deck, as the Light type will let you side out one of the many Light monsters and not get harmed by it in the long run.
3/5 in the Side Deck -- there are better cards, and the best use requires Big Bang Shot, but if you have the room, go for it by all means.

Asura Priest


Rated For: Any Deck


I'll be frank with you; outside of Yata-Garasu, I don't like Spirit Monsters, period. This has to do with the fact that even summoning them at all costs tempo (a waste of a normal summon). You certainly can't set them because of their puny defense, making them generally worthless creatures. Asura Priest is someone's rather foolish idea of countering Scapegoat, about all it's ever good for (and not even great, at that!).


Let me analyze why it's not such a great card; the fact it's a spirit monster REALLY hurts its cause.


Advantage F/H: If this monster had 1900 attack or more, it might come into better play, but as it stands 1700 is rather worthless. So what if you can attack every monster, will that do any good if your opponent has 2000 attack powerhouses on the field. Each turn you summon Asura Priest, you're wasting your normal summon/set, so you better have solid defenses. And let's assume you're using it ONLY to counter ScapegoatÖ. If you had summoned another monster instead, you'd have lasting field presence AND have destroyed 1-2 tokens, meaning you'd destroy the next two tokens in the next turn. Asura Priest might wipe them all out at once, but it will return to your hand, making the field advantage it offers essentially nil. You're not going to kill anything with this card.

T:                                                            2.5/10

A:                                                            2.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Spirit monsters are some of the worst draws in the game because you can't leave them on the field with their high attack. If you top-deck Asura Priest, you'll have to set it to protect your lifepoints, meaning it'll die to the weakest monsters out there. If it's in your deck and it's the only monster you draw in the opening hand, good luck. There's no reason to play this card at all, period. There are far better spirits in LOD to choose from (including my favorite, Maharaghi!)

T:                                                            1/10

A:                                                            1/10


Attributes/Effect: The ONLY thing this card has going for it is its LIGHT type. Its effect is worthless if you consider the fact that the monster is only 1700 attack. I ran a deck that had a wicked combo, Ojama Trio+ Big Bang Shot + Asura Priest, but this week is actually trying to advocate Asura Priest for REGIONALS. Here's a nice, catchy rhyme for you: For Regionals Play, Stay Away!

T:                                                            2.5/10

A:                                                            2.5/10


Dependability: Think I'm cutting this card down for no reason? Let's take a look; first of all, it's a given you're not going to equip this card with anything (the equips will just fizzle once AP returns to hand). What will 1700 kill then? Let's see, we have an un-counter Breaker, a Tribe-Infecting Virus, Don Zaloog (all 3 are usually run in one's). Yes, that's it. Now what are the chances of taking down two monsters with one hit (which is what you'll need to break even, since Asura Priest returns to hand). Zero. Yes, this card is only good for taking down Scapegoat tokens, but what kind of skilled player would activate it with this guy on the field? Absolutely worthlessÖ..

T:                                                            3/10

A:                                                            3/10


The Bottom Line: Yes I realize Asura Priest can be good in certain decks. This is REGIONALS week, meaning this card is garbage, period.


A BAD Score:                                      1.13/5    Traditional

                                                                1.13/5    Advanced


If you want to make a Casual Play deck with Asura Priest: You can take advantage of it's one size fits all attack by using it on your opponent's Ojama Tokens! One hit from Asura with BBShot on will get 1100x3 +900 attack, which is 4200 damage. Get an Axe of Despair on that bad boy and it's basically game over!



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