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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


King Tiger Wanghu


As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all monsters with an ATK equal to 1400 or less that are Normal Summoned or Special Summoned (excluding Flip Summon) are automatically destroyed.

Type - Beast / Effect Monster
Card Number
- PGD-004

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.14.04

Coin Flip I like to refer to this card affectionately as Wang. It's fitting, too. It banishes Scientist FTK and evil cards like Mystic Tomato, as well as restricting them from summoning Scientist or something.
Reduce their attack somehow (maybe Ultimate Insect LV3 from RDS)...
And you've got field control. Trouble being that LV3 dies if you have Wang on the field and you summon it.

As well as messing up your opponent's tech monsters, this holds distinct power over opponent's monsters. It keeps X-Force off the field, interrupts priority, and will kill a lot in the average deck, including Scapegoats. :)

As well, it's a clean 1700 attacker. This guy has a LOT going for him in general. If you want to get around the effect, flip summon your monsters.

Overall, he's just a really good tech monster.
4/5 Traditional
4.3/5 Advanced

King Tiger Wanghu


Here’s an interesting monster.  King Tiger Wanghu has 1700 ATK, decent for a four star; he’s a Beast, meaning he has a bit of support there; and he has a very rentsy effect that’s sure to make your opponent cry if you manage to use it consistently against him.


When monsters with 1400 or less ATK are summoned, they die.  Your opponent summons Don Zaloog?  Dead.  Your opponent summons Cannon Soldier?  Dead.  Your opponent plays Scapegoat?  All Sheep Tokens dead.  Of course, the effect applies to you too – so if you have King Tiger Wanghu on the field, don’t go crazy summoning weak monsters.  Unless you want them dead.  Which I guess you might.  For some reason. 


Anyway, KTW is an interesting Side Deck choice, but I’m not so sure I’d run him in many Main Decks since he’s one of those cards that really depends on what your opponent is playing.  If he’s running a four-star Beatdown, chances are KTW won’t help you very much.  If he’s playing Burn…chances are KTW won’t help you that much (it depends on the Burner, of course – but Stealth Bird and Solar Flare Dragon, two key Burn players, are immune to KTW).  If he’s playing a low-level Warrior Deck, however, or a Weenie Rush Deck, KTW is a great choice. 


So, much like Kinetic Soldier, I would say to keep this guy in your Side Deck.


Traditional – CCCC: 2.5/5

Traditional – Side Deck: 3/5

Advanced – CCWC: 3/5

Advanced – Side Deck: 3.5/5


Snapper King Tiger Wanghu

Continuing with the theme of Competitive Tournament Card week, today we’ll review King Tiger Wanghu, a monster I was unaware had become popular.

King Tiger Wanghu’s stats aren’t spectacular, but they aren’t bad either.
With 1700 ATK, King Tiger Wanghu can do a fair amount of damage, but it could easily get run over by a stronger monster. It’s also a Beast, giving it a few capabilities with cards like Enraged Battle Ox.

King Tiger Wanghu’s effect causes it to destroy all monsters with an ATK equal to or lower than 1400 that are Normal or Special Summoned. It’s a useful effect at times, but not enough to become a competitive card if you ask me. Sure it’s going to get rid of those pesky Scapegoat your opponent summons, searchers like Mystic Tomato, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Cannon Soldier, Magical Scientist, the occasional Spirit Reaper… Well, I guess it works against more monsters than I thought it did, but you must remember that the effect works both ways; if you Normal Summon Magical Scientist while King Tiger Wanghu is on the field, you just wasted your summon for that turn.

King Tiger Wanghu doesn’t fit in any specific Deck. It works in a Beast Deck of course, but there aren’t any other Decks that it would excel in.

King Tiger Wanghu is a decent monster now that I think about it. But the fact remains that it’s going to destroy your weak monster in addition to your opponent’s, making it more of a thorn in your side than it should be.

Advanced Format: 3/5. Your opponent won’t be using a lot of weak monsters, but they’ll be using enough to make King Tiger Wanghu possibly potentially useful.
Traditional Format: 2/5. Weak monsters aren’t as common in Traditional Format.
Overall: 2.5/5.
Art: 3/5. A tiger wearing a helmet? That’s original I guess…
ExMinion OfDarkness
King Tiger Wanghu
This card seems to have better and better uses now.  1700 isn't superb on his own, but since so many monsters are played with 1400 or less attack, his uses rise.
Magical Scientist (and all monsters involved in the first turn kill combo) die to the effect.  So does Jowgen the Spiritualist (stopping Last Turn from going off.)  X-Force, Don Zaloog, Marauding Captain...the possibilities are endless.
The Beast-type is good yet counter-productive; if playing a pure Beast deck, Enraged Battle Ox could possibly be giving him Trample...but since Scapegoats die to his effect, unless they're already on the field, it's one less thing to Trample.
The card can work well either mained or sided -- if you have a monster slot free, he's a good candidate.

King Tiger Wanghu


Rated For: Any Deck


One of the keys to conquering the metagame is to counter the ubiquitous Scapegoat tokens. They're everywhere, and your opponent will often combine them with Creature Swaps and Enemy Controllers to really smack you over the head.


King Tiger Wanghu is yet another of the beasts that counters scapegoat (the other being Enraged Battle Ox), albeit in a more roundabout manner. All of this would be worthless if it wasn't for his pretty powerful 1700 attack, but Wanghu is recommended more for the side-deck because he can also counter the FTK Magical Scientist deck (quite popular).


A good friend of mine, the curly-haired Adonis Sand-Trap, pioneered the use of King Tiger Wanghu (but not Metamorphosis, sadly, because it was already PIONEERED by f00B OMG!). He main-decked it in his metagame-countering deck, and proved it could be used effectively.


Advantage F/H: 1700 attack allows him to take control of the field to a certain extent, but he will fall to all of the powerful beatsticks, including Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. This makes him rather weak on the advantage side, so you'll have to support him with numerous cards including Smashing Grounds and Sakuretsu Armor. He'll negate the 1-2 Scapegoats your opponent has in his deck, but that's about it (not many sub 1400 monsters are played).

T:                                                            7/10

A:                                                            7/10


Best Draw for the Situation: If you have complete field control, Wanghu will protect your offense from stalling. However, I feel he is better suited to the side-deck because his effect will only come in handy versus Scapegoats while maindecked. Keep in mind that the 1700 attack will often be a liability in any generic deck.

T:                                                            6/10

A:                                                            6/10


Attributes/Effect: King Tiger Wanghu has a number of good things going. It's an Earth/Beast, making him fabulous for an Earth/Beast themed deck. He counters burners because of Ojama Trio and other wiley sub 1400 monsters. He'll also counter FTK Scientist and Scapegoat. If this sounds more like side-deck fodder than main-deck material, you might be on to something.

T:                                                            7/10

A:                                                            7/10


Dependability: What are you using him for? If you're using him to counter Scientist FTK or Burn, you can guarantee he's 100% dependable because he'll stop the threats, period. However, if you're using him ONLY to counter scapegoat……. Well you're going to need a whole lot more support to keep a puny 1700 on the field.

T:                                                            6/10

A:                                                            6/10


The Bottom Line: Sandtrap's deck had 3 Sakuretsu Armor and 3 Smashing Ground backing this thing up, so take care if you choose to use it.


A BAD Score:                                      3.25/5    Traditional

                                                                3.25/5    Advanced

                                                                5/5          Side-deck


Cards it functions well with: Enraged Battle Ox.



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