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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Kinetic Soldier
Limited Edition Promo

When this card battles with a Warrior-Type monster, increase the ATK and DEF of this monster by 2000 points only during damage calculation.

Type - Machine / Effect Monster
Card Number
- WC4-002 - Promo

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.13.04


Kinetic Soldier


Kinetic Soldier has seen an EXTREME increase of play lately, thanks to the emergence of the new cookie cutter, Chaos-Warrior.  Fittingly enough, today is the day I upgrade my rating system to reflect that; but for now, letís look at the card.  Heís Level 3, meaning he sneaks past G-Bind and all that nonsense.  1350 ATK isnít very good, but itís not bad for his level either; 1800 DEF makes him a relatively solid defender.  Heís a Machine, so he benefits from Limiters. 


He is played, of course, because of his effect, which turns him into a beast against Warrior Decks.  If he attacks a Warrior, his attack will boost to 3350 in the Damage Step Ė yes, enough to take out BLS-EotB.  If heís attacked by a Warrior (while in DEF), his DEF will boost to 3800.  Late-game, that will probably end the duel; your opponent wonít be expecting to run into such a big wall.


This guy is basically a staple for Side Decks.  Since Warrior-based decks are now running rampant, there is really no reason not to have a couple of these rentsy guys lined up. 


Now, my new system still has the three ratings from my old one, plus a cardís rating in an Advanced Format Cookie Cutter Warrior Chaos Deck.  And since there are now two ratings for each Traditional and Advanced Format, I can fairly make averages again; the Overall Rating is the mean of the other four.   


Traditional Ė CCCC: 2.5/5

Traditional Ė Side Deck: 4/5

Advanced Ė CCWC: 3/5

Advanced Ė Side Deck: 4.5/5


Snapper Kinetic Soldier

Hi everybody! Before we start Iíve got a few notes. Note #1: itís come to my attention Iíve been getting the effects of Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest backwards these past few months. As a result, I want to apologize to anyone who was confused by this or that have made a pastime out of, ďseeing if Snapper will get it wrong today.Ē I will do better to not make mistakes like this so often if ever. Note #2: Iím finding my reviews are taking longer to write than Iíd like. As a result Iím going to start going under the assumption that youíve read the card and looked at its stats. I wonít assume youíve got the card memorized, but I will assume you have a basic idea of what it is/does.

Anyway, this week weíre reviewing cards that could be valuable in a competitive Tournament environment. Todayís card is Kinetic Soldier, the bane to all Warrior monsters.

Kinetic Soldier is nothing special at first glance. Itís got a decent DEF of 1800, but the ATK is lacking (1350 wonít get you far). And being a Machine, it has been given capabilities with Limiter Removal. But sadly itís nothing other than that, or at least it used to be.

When first released, Kinetic Soldierís ability to increase its ATK and DEF by 2000 when doing battle with a Warrior seemed like an effect that you might get to use once in a full moon due to the fact Chaos Decks were everywhere. In the current competitive environment however, all that was wrong with the world has been corrected. The Advanced Format has allowed any Deck that can stick to a theme/goal to become a useable Deck. Of course in every TCG there is always a dominant Deck-Type. And much to Kinetic Soldierís delight, Warriors are the kings of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Format.
This fact gives Kinetic Soldier a potential to become 3350 ATK and 3800 DEF monster very often.

So, Kinetic Soldier is now a useable monster. Any Warrior your opponent summons is going to need to find a way around the impenetrable wall that is Kinetic Soldier. Not even their beloved BLS-EotB can match that. And why not increase the madness your opponent can have then by using Kinetic Soldier with a DNA Surgery to make all face-up monsters Warriors. And why not increase the insanity that is Kinetic Soldier than by throwing in some stall card (Gravity Bind, Messenger of Peace, etc.) Letís see your opponent get through that.

With that bit of history and logic out of the way, when and where should you use Kinetic Soldier? Well my advice would be to Side Deck any Kinetic Soldier you have (in Advanced Format anyway). Chances are youíll be facing at least one Warrior Deck at any Tournament you attend, so Kinetic Soldierís odds of being useful are high.

Overall, Kinetic Soldier is the new Side Deck staple. It wonít do you much in your Main Deck unless youíre using Machines, but in the Side Deck duplicates of Kinetic Soldier would be choice.

Advanced Format: 4/5. You will find it useful at least once, thrice, or quite possibly even more.
Traditional Format: 2/5. You will find it useful occasionally, but donít get to hopeful.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 3/5. It might look better without that Promo Foil...

Kinetic Soldier


Rated For: Anti Warrior (sidedeck, maindeck)


On to another week of cards to review; this week was chosen by Tony, and features cards that should be placed into the side-deck or main-deck in regionals play.


Obviously, Kinetic Soldier was intended to counter Warrior decks, and it is a job he does very well. I will unquestionably recommend putting him into the sidedeck, so his score is based on you dueling a warrior deck (which he should be put into).


Kinetic Soldier is simply the best anti-warrior card out there, and in a warrior-infested metagame becomes one of the best monsters, period.


Advantage F/H: Okay let's see here, 1800 lets him stand up to any beatstick in the game except for Berserk Gorilla. The only monsters that would usually be able to kill him are Gorilla and 3 Warriors (Zombrya, Goblin Attack Force, Blade Knight). This basically means your Kinetic Soldier will stay on the field as long as you need him to, AND get a monstrous 2000 attack bonus any time he attacks. If a warrior deck is forced to face 3 of theseÖÖ.. good luck.

T: Regardless of whether you play pre-ban or post-ban, against Warrior Chaos decks this monster will do well.    10/10

A:  10/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Okay if you're dueling a deck that features 10 or more Warriors (typical line-up would be BLS, 3 DDWL, 2 Blade Knight, 1 Don Zaloog, 1 Exiled Force, 2 Marauding Captain), Kinetic Soldier is the best monster you can have at any given time, period. 1800 will stand up to the non-warrior threats they have (Breaker, Tribe), and the 2000 bonus will absolutely destroy your opponent.

T:  9.5/10

A:  9.5/10


Attributes/Effect: 1800 defense is perfect for the reasons stated before. 1350 + 2000 = 3350, strong enough to kill Black Luster Soldier. Finally, his effect works for defensive damage calculation purposes too, making your opponent's rash attacks cost him 2000+ damage. Fantastic anti-warrior tech.

T:   10/10

A:   10/10


Dependability: Do some scouting while you duel in the first match. If you see a standard lineup of at least 8 or more warriors, SERIOUSLY consider side-decking this card in, he'll win you games, period. I'll give him an 8.5/10 because you'll have roughly that amount of chance to get his effect in against a warrior deck.

T:  8.5/10

A:  8.5/10


The Bottom Line: Your sideboard should contain counters against Warrior decks and Burn decks. This will single-handedly take care of the Warrior problem.


A BAD Score (for an anti-warrior (side)deck:  4.75        Traditional

4.75        Advanced


Cards it functions well with: Your opponent's warriors :D.

Coin Flip Kinetic Soldier saw little play at Regionals at Gencon despite the fact that Warriors were predicted to dominate. I'm surprised.

Regardless, let's go over this. 1800 DEF. That stands up to quite a bit. 3 stars and 1350 help it fit under all three bind cards. This card by itself has mediocre stats. Then you put it up against BLS and it's just good game. Although they'll find a way to get rid of it eventually (set a DDWL or just X-Force it), you have a good way to beat down Warriors and a solid stick for any burns or stalls you see.
3350/3800 is a lot. DNA Surgery and you've got a permanent 3350/3800 as far as attacking goes, and like Lilly, it loses no playability as a result of this attack increase (still slips under Messenger of Peace and won't hurt you much against a Reflect Bounder or a Magic Cylinder).

There isn't much more to him, although he gains all benefits of being a Machine until you DNA Surgery the field. Then he gains all benefits of being Warrior. =P

Solid sidedeck material for a lot of decks.
4/5 in sidedeck Traditional
4.4/5 in sidedeck Advanced
ExMinion OfDarkness
Kinetic Soldier
Welcome to Regionals week!  We're covering cards that should see play at major tournaments all this week.
This is the card that should be most side-decked in Advanced Format.  There are two decks that are seeing a LOT of play; Warrior and Burn/Stall.  Other things are played, and could be better Decks, I'm just saying that's what most played.
Kinetic Soldier completely dominates the Warrior deck.  Against any warrior, he's a 3350/3800.  DDWL takes 2300 for attacking this if you have it in F/D Defense.  Even Black Luster Soldier -- Envoy of the Beginning can't take it out.
I won't slam this card for being only 1350 attack -- unless you know so many people are going to be playing Warrior that you maindeck this, it's only a side card anyway.  But a card to side 3 of.  I personally have 3 sided, and they do their job consistently.
3/5 in the Main Deck, 5/5 in the Side Deck.


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