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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


The Creator
Ultimate Rare

Select 1 monster from your Graveyard. Send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard and Special Summon the selected monster. You can only use this effect once per turn. This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.

Type - Thunder/Effect
Card Number
- RDS-EN005

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.10.04

Coin Flip the Creator. I've noted that I don't like rating cards that deserve their own decktype, right? Okay.

The Creator cannot fit into your deck. You cannot cut a Don, or a Berserk Gorilla, or a Cannon Soldier, or any one random card and just plug it in. You'll die horribly as a result of your rentsiness towards the card. The Creator needs something to be abused with. You have to find a way to abuse the discard and abuse the recursion. An easy way to do this, apparently, is to combo it with stuff like, hmm, Card of Safe Return and the Manticore of Darkness, as well as a few Sacred Cranes. The basic thing is that you liek have the Creator out with a Crane in Grave and a Manticore in hand and a Card of Safe Return on field. And OMG combos. Draw 2 and then get out a 2300 at end of turn as well as having drawn 3 net cards and lost no presence on the field or in hand. I'll take that. I'd go into more detail, but then I'd be lecturing on about the "g0dly" deck I made (which I'm skeptical about. Seemed like a piece of crap to me, but I got such g0dly feedback that I'm reconsidering it).

Basically, it's an embodiment of everything people want with field-hand presence in the new metagame. Discarding a card, by the way, is a no-cost. It's minimal on average. Don't like the MST or tribute you drew? Discard a card, target a monster in your grave to exchange useless cards for field advantage. Even better if you use Card of Safe Return or Sacred Crane.

Should you try and build a Creator deck? Go nuts. Just build a few proxy decks before you go and rip yourself off for it. No rating for today, again. Just go out and think about the Creator.

The Creator

The Creator is a very nice monster, perhaps the best in the entire RDS expansion.  Perhaps.  Having a mere 2300 ATK and requiring two tributes, The Creator is rather weak as far as stats go; of course, it’s easy enough to get him on the field via alternative means, namely through his little pal, The Creator Incarnate.  He can’t be Special Summon from the Graveyard, which is just a shame.


His effect is amazing.  Send a card from your hand to the Graveyard (Serpent, etc.) and summon any monster you want.  Get back that Dark Magician, get back that Red-Eyes, get back that Serpent Night Dragon.  Anything you need can come right to the field for the small price of one card.  His effect can basically be interpreted thus: “Treat one card in your hand as ‘Monster Reborn.’  You may not select monsters from your opponent’s Graveyard.”


He has weak stats and annoying restrictions, but he has an amazing effect.  The fact that he’s a Thunder monster, thereby somewhat strengthening that extremely under-supported type is also a plus.  If you feel like giving him a try, do it.  Use him in a Thunder Deck without hesitation – it never hurts to bring Sanga back. 


Traditional – CCCC: 4/5

Traditional – Thunder: 4.5/5

Advanced – Thunder: 5/5 


Snapper The Creator

Our final card this week is The Creator, a monster that’s got a Monster Reborn like effect.

Stats: The Creator has the decent ATK of 2300, and the superb DEF of 3000.
Both stats allow you to put The Creator in any position you wanted, though Defense Position would be ideal. It’s a LIGHT monster, allowing you to use Kaiser Seahorse to make this Level 8 monster require only 1 Tribute. It’s also a Thunder monster. Um. Yeah? Stats – Adequate.

Effect: The Creator has a few effects. The first effect has you select one monster from your Graveyard. Some effect eh? The second effect has you Special Summon that monster at the price of sending a card in your hand to the Graveyard. A watered down Monster Reborn with a cost is still a nice bonus, despite the fact you can’t Special Summon your opponent’s monster.
Effect #3: you can only use this effect once per turn. Not to bad a downside because you’re still getting to revive a monster. The final effect forbids The Creator from being Special Summoned from the Graveyard, a tragic blow to all Level 7 or higher monsters. This makes The Creator basically dead once it gets to the Graveyard. There are ways around this summoning restriction, but everyone’s favorite way of summoning is gone. Overall though, The Creator has a nifty effect, and that’s good enough for me. Effect – Adequate.

Combos: Flipping The Creator face-down will make his effect reset, allowing you to use his effect twice in one turn assuming you can get him face-up again (Book of Moon + Book of Taiyou comes to mind). The Creator Incarnate’s effect will allow you to both bypass The Creator’s two tribute policy and Normal Summon a monster during the same turn. Monster Reincarnation will allow The Creator to be returned to your hand from the Graveyard, getting around that dreaded effect of not being revivable. Removing The Creator from play and then using Dimension Fusion to Special Summon it will also give you an alternative way to Special Summon it.

Usability: The Creator really only works in a The Creator Deck. Anywhere else and it’s a tad out of place.

The Creator is a nifty monster, but the combination of being Level 8 and being un-revivable makes The Creator’s effect difficult to use more than once or twice in a duel.

Traditional Format: 3/5. The Creator is overrated, but is still worthy of a decent score.
Advanced Format: 3/5. The Creator is overrated, but is still worthy of a decent score.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 4/5. Who doesn’t like a red mechanical looking angel thing?
ExMinion OfDarkness
The Creator
Overrated?  Yeah.  Playable?  Yeah.  Tier 1?  I doubt it.
The Creator is the only acceptable 2 tribute 2300 ATKer I know of.  He may not a lot of attacking, as people may be tempted to shift him to his 3,000 DEF.  The thunder type doesn't help squat, the Light type can help Chaos, but the effect is why it's played (obviously.)
Basically, once per turn, The Creator turns any card in your hand into Monster Reborn (out of your own Graveyard, not the opponent's.)  This helps soften the blow of giving up 2 monsters for him, as you can get a second one on the field immediately.  Half the time, the monster you revive will either be stronger than The Creator, or will get rid of other monsters that stand in The Creator's way (DDWL, X-Force, Tribe...)  The strength of The Creator depends on the monsters currently in your Graveyard (that having been said, Painful Choice makes him sick and wrong.)
Two important notes:  You can't revive him from the graveyard, but you can revive him from the Removed From Play zone.  I don't know how many people would combo him with any kind of "remove/bring back" decks that use Dimension Fusion, but it's something to note.  Also, look at the effect.  It has a cost and you can activate it in a Main Phase.  So guess what?  THAT MEANS IT HAS PRIORITY.  If you summon this, and the opponent Trap Holes/Bottomless Trap Holes/Book of Moons it, they can still activate the effect before The Creator is destroyed/removed/flipped face-down.
Traditional:  2.25/5 (Remember, this is the land of pre-negators, speed, and the insult of anything that is more than 1 Tribute or doesn't read "Remove 1 Light and 1 Dark..."  Great effect, but won't get a lot of use here.
Advanced:  4/5 (Monsters stay on the field longer with the lessened monster removal.  This allows for a lot of swarm possiblities with larger monsters.)


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