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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Divine Wrath
Ultimate Rare

Discard 1 card from your hand. Negate the activation and the effect of an effect monster and destory the monster.

Type - Trap/Counter
Card Number
- RDS-EN050U

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.09.04

Coin Flip Divine Wrath will see a lot of play. It already has at the Shonen Jump Championship... Let's see now... Counter Trap. That's a plus, no Call of the Haunted Jinzo or Senshi chain. Discard. That's a slight minus. It negates effects liek wh0a. First off, this is a counter trap, so yes, it can be activated in Damage Step in response to BLS' effect. Or Mystic Tomato's effect, or so I'm told. Or Reflect Bounder's effect. Or so I'm told. On top of getting rid of the effect of something like Scientist or BLS or CED or something dangerous, it has a pretty small price and destroys the monster for you. This saw a lot of play at Regs (almost rentsy in its amount), and I didn't hear much about people being sorry to have drawn it. Try one out if you get one.

4/5 Traditional (Not likely to keep the card in hand, but still dangerous.
4.5/5 Championship

Divine Wrath


Divine Wrath is a very nice card, one that would have been amazing had its release come before Chaos Emperor Dragonís ban.  Itís a Counter Trap, Spell Speed 3, thus can only be countered by another Counter Trap.  It canít be chained to S/T removal, but it CAN be chained to monster effects; not only that, it negates these effects. 


The discard isnít too bad, with all the options available to circumvent that: Sinister Serpent, Night Assailant, Skull Mark Ladybug, etc.  And the effect can very easily win you the game.  Your opponent activated T-Virusí effect?  No problem!  Activate this, Tribeís effect doesnít go through, and heís dead.  Your opponent summoned BLS-EotB and tries to remove one of your monsters?  Kill his Soldier instead!  Your opponent tried to get Sinister Serpent back from the Graveyard?  You can even negate that!  Of course, I wouldnítÖ


Decks based around annoying your opponent with a lot of Spell, Trap, and monster negation are pretty viable.  Negate everything he tries to do and heíll be wide open.  If you still play Traditional format, you can use him to kill CED.  There are very few monsters this canít stop, namely those with Continuous Effects, which cannot be chained to (such as Jinzo).  Nevertheless, this is a great card that will probably make your opponent hate you forever if you use it against him. 


Traditional Ė CCCC: 4/5 (stops Chaos Decks in their tracks)

Traditional Ė Negation Deck: 4.5/5

Advanced Ė Negation Deck: 4.5/5

Snapper Divine Wrath

Todayís card is Divine Wrath, a card that has many uses but lacks an environment in which it is needed.

Effect: First, to activate Divine Wrath requires a Discard from your hand.
That isnít all that important in Advanced Format, so it shouldnít be frowned upon. The second effect is what makes Divine Wrath useful, negate the activation and the effect of an Effect Monster and destroy the monster. Now the only question with this effect is what cards does it work against? A simpler question is what cards doesnít it work against? The answer is simple; if itís a Continuous Effect, Divine Wrath canít negate it. So this applies to monsters like Spell Canceller (whose effect is always active) and Muka Muka (who is constantly checking to see what its ATK and/or DEF should be). Other than that, Divine Wrath can negate most Effect Monsters you can think of. Best of all, it negates Kuriboh, a previously un-stoppable Monster Card Effect. Of course, being a Counter Trap Card, the odds are high that it will be destroyed prior to you getting to use its effect. That doesnít make it bad thoughÖ Effect Ė Good.

Combos: There arenít a lot of combos with Divine Wrath. Being a Counter Trap card, you canít do a lot with it. All you can do is wait to find a use for it.

Usability: Divine Wrath fits in any deck-type you can think of. Its only problem is finding room for it.

Divine Wrath is a good card that will probably be Side Decked by those who want to use it, but Solemn Judgment is a universally superior card.

Traditional Format: 3/5. Itís a good card, but there are better options.
Advanced Format: 3/5. Itís a good card, but there are better options.
Overall: 3/5.
Art: 4/5. Itís Name That Monster Time! I see Cannon Soldier.
ExMinion OfDarkness Divine Wrath

With the release and legalization of this card, a new dimension has been added to the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game.

This is the first card that negates monster effects across the board. Opponent flip Fiber? No reset this time! CED trying to blow up the world? Wrath stops it. BLS trying to attack twice, or remove? Nope. T-Virus trying to nuke your Scapegoats? They lose a card from their hand as well, for absolutely nothing.

The hand discard can hurt in Traditional, where hand size is relatively low, but I feel it's still worth the risk considering CED is prevalent there and stopping his explosion can practically give you the game. In Advanced, it's just sick, as hand size isn't as much of a problem. A deck that has Sinister Serpent in it won't care either way half the time.

*A few notes before the rating: This card can stop any Graveyard searchers from getting their search. Granted, you're giving up 2 cards (Divine + the discard) to negate the effect of a monster you just killed...but it could be critical in holding an advantage. This card CAN NOT NEGATE JINZO. His CONTINUOUS effect activates as soon as he hits the field, so you can't chain Divine Wrath on it. (Note that he can't negate any continuous effects whatsoever.)

So watch out before you blow up that CED, negate a spell with Horus 8, or discard a card for Tribe to get rid of a bunch of Warriors -- it may not work every time like it used to.

Traditional: 4/5 (Still a great card against the Chaos duo.)
Advanced: 5/5 (EFFECTS ARE EVERYTHING HERE. Negating them puts you in a great position.)

Divine Wrath


Rated For: Any Deck


It seems like all of the earthly imperatives (Royal Decree, Imperial Order) are spell speed 2 normal traps. Of course, the heavenly creator (or Zeus, if you prefer Greek Mythology as a mode of religious living) must utter out his imperatives with more pizzazz; enter Divine Wrath, the second in the relatively small family of Godlike utterances (the first being Solemn Judgement). This too, is a counter trap, which has important game-play ramifications.


You see, Solemn Judgement was not like the measly spell-speed 2 traps; it has the power to negate anything, including the normal summon of monsters (and Jinzo). Divine Wrath functions with such power, allowing it to interrupt nearly anything outside of and inside the damage step. And yet it's not nearly as playable.


Advantage F/H: You're giving up two cards to negate any one card. Unfortunately, it's not very versatile because you'll be tying it up against monster effects. Let's say you choose to use this card against a Black Luster Soldier; did it really serve you better than a simple Raigeki Break, or even an uncosted card like Ring of Destruction, Sakuretsu Armor? Don't be swayed by those who claim card advantage does not matter any more; you don't want to be discarding two cards for one very often.

T-                                                                                            5/10

A-                                                                                            5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: No, no, and no. Cards with cost effects of discards from the hand can never be considered good draws. A card like this (basically a form of monster removal), can easily be replaced in any situation by (in order) Tribute to the Doomed, Nobleman of Crossout, Smashing Ground, Raigeki Break. Now the first was released in MRD, but the last three are commonly played. This one has a prohibitive cost and not nearly the amount of versatility as Raigeki Break. I can't advocate its use.

T-                                                                                            6/10

A-                                                                                            6/10


Attributes/Effect: Divine Wrath is one of those cards that should never have been made. Solemn Judgement effectively negates anything worth negating, including spells and traps. Raigeki Break destroys anything on the field. Divine Wrath, unfortunately, is limited to mere monster removal. A discard is far too pricey for such an effect.

T- (You can stop CED)                                        5.5/10

A-                                                                                            5/10


Dependability: A deck plugging multiple discard monsters (i.e Sinister Serpent, Night Assailant) would STILL find better alternatives in Back to Square One, Dark Core, and Raigeki Break. This card isn't very good.

T- (You can stop CED)                                        5.5/10

A-                                                                                            5/10


The Bottom Line: No.


A BAD Score:                      T--                           2.75/5

                                                                A--                          2.62/5


Cards it functions well with: Night Assailant, Thunder Dragon, Sinister Serpent


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