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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Dark Blade the Dragon Knight

Dark Blade + Pitch-Dark Dragon. Each time this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent, you can select up to 3 monster cards from your opponent's graveyard and remove them from play.

Type - Warrior/Fusion/Effect.
Card Number
- RDS-EN035

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.07.04

Tranorix Dark Blade the Dragon Knight

Today we review another powerful monster, Dark Blade the Dragon Knight. He’s a Fusion with materials you probably don’t want to run, but he has no restrictions on the ways he can be summoned, meaning you can use Dark Blade (who isn’t that bad) along with a Fusion substitute monster, Magical Scientist, or Metamorphosis to get him on the field. 2200 ATK isn’t bad at all.

The effect is…very good. Hurt your opponent and you get to remove up to three monsters from his Graveyard. Think Kycoo, only three instead of two. Get rid of his LIGHTs and DARKs, get rid of his Sinister Serpent, get rid of his Night Assailants, and so forth.

As with most playable Fusions, every Fusion Deck should have this guy in it. There’s absolutely no reason not to, unless you have no room – in that case, make room. I suppose he’d fare especially well in decks centered around Fiber Jar and removing your opponent’s cards from play, either to limit his options or deck him out.

Traditional – CCCC: 5/5 for Fusion Deck
Traditional – Fiber Cycle: 5/5 for Fusion Deck
Advanced – Fiber Cycle: 5/5 for Fusion Deck
Snapper Dark Blade the Dragon Knight

Today’s card is Dark Blade the Dragon Knight, a Fusion Monster that is very valuable to someone using Magical Scientist.

Stats: Dark Blade the Dragon Knight, hereby referred to as Dark Knight, has the ATK and DEF of 2200 and 1500. For a Level 6 Fusion Monster, the ATK is ideal for someone using Magical Scientist. It’s a DARK monster, and unimportant fact. And it’s a Warrior, also an unimportant fact. Stats – Good.

Effect: Like all Fusion Monsters, Dark Knight is a combination of at least two monsters. In Dark Knight’s case, it’s Dark Blade (an 1800 monster) and Pitch-Dark Dragon (a Union monster for Dark Blade). Of course Fusion Monsters are rarely summoned through Polymerization anymore, so this statement is unimportant. The true use of Dark Knight is its effect. The effect allows the controller to remove up to 3 monsters from their opponent’s Graveyard when Dark Knight does Battle Damage to their opponent’s Life Points. Sounds like Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer doesn’t it? The effect is very helpful effect when used, and it comes with a monster that can use it as well. Effect – Good.

Combos: Other than using Magical Scientist, there aren’t any notable combos with Dark Knight.

Usability: If you use Magical Scientist you’ll want to highly consider using Dark Knight.

Dark Knight is another addition to the Magical Scientist and Metamorphosis families, and won’t be used in any other way.

Traditional Format: 4/5. Most decks use Magical Scientist so most decks will benefit from Dark Knight.
Advanced Format: 4/5. Most decks use Magical Scientist so most decks will benefit from Dark Knight.
Overall: 4/5.
Art: 4/5. I really like the artwork on Dark Knight. And for some reason it looks a lot like Union Rider…
ExMinion OfDarkness Dark Blade the Dragon Knight

This card is the best Scientistable fusion we have to date. It's Dark (chaos food), 2200 ATK (the highest, tying with Dark Flare Knight), and has the uber-Kycoo effect of removing 3 monsters from their Graveyard. Watch the Chaos/Warrior deck collapse when it gets the mid-game combo of Marauding + Command out, you Scapegoat, then play Scientist, pay 2,000 LP for 2 Dark Blade the Dragon Knights, kill their Warriors and remove any hopes they had in pulling out Black Luster Soldier -- Envoy of the Beginning.

Sadly, that's about all I have to say about it -- very few people would be crazy enough to play Polymerization to bring it out...people who play Metamorphosis would probably bring out Senshi permanently over it unless the opponent had no traps down, few cards in hand, and the possiblity of a Chaos monster summon...but it's still a very good card to have in your Fusion deck, and your only excuse for NOT having one in the fusion deck should be "I don't own one."

Fusion monsters (those that can be special summoned, anyway) generally get 5/5s for being in the Fusion deck, where the 60 card limit won't affect most players, and very little effort in order to bring them out. But as far as playability goes, he gets a 4.75/5 -- a great effect for such an easy to summon monster.

Mystic Swordsman Lv. 6
Okay, just to clear everything up, sHecKii is Tony.  That's right, instead of my regular name, I changed it to my screen-name.  Hope you guys don't get confused and not forget about my real name dxP
hRmmm...what to say about this card...It's a staple right?  Remove 3 monsters from the graveyard if it inflicts life point damage to your opponent.  Great card right?  Well it's just another Dark Flare Knight but it's effect is great. 
This card alone is not enough to beat chaos/black luster soldier decks but it's good against it. 
Ahhh I wish I could say more about this card but I just can't.  It's another 6 star monster that goes in the Fusion deck.  I can't find a reason why it would be bad.
Constructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 0/5 [you can't summon it ever in draft]
Coin Flip EDIT: Wow, it looks like I actually did a good job on reviving Suicide Beatdown. EMoD posted about it in one of his reviews. Props to EMoD for that...

I think we all know my policy on Fusion monsters. Just to reinforce it, I Change of Hearted a scientist with Tsukuyomi in hand and my opponent at 1400 LP. I summon a fusion monster and use the mandatory effect of Tsukuyomi to flip it f/d. That gets me, y'know, perfect 1400 damage when I wouldn't otherwise have gotten it.

My theory on fusion decks - it will never, EVER hurt you to have one.
Go nuts. No, go rentsy.

The card, however, has a lackluster effect in general - I prefer Balter or Senshi to this. Since most of its use will not have anything but Scientist-orientation... Meh. Get rid of LIGHTs in the grave. Kycoo is better if you want to use that kind of effect.

5/5 - every deck could use 1, and it won't hurt you to include one EVER. Get your hands on one... It's only a rare.


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