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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Ultra Evolution Pill

Offer 1 Reptile-Type monster on your side of the field as a Tribute. Special Summon 1 Dinosuar-Type Monster from your hand.

Type - Normal Spell
Card Number
- IOC-097

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 8.24.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Ultra Evolution Pill

Can we say "waste of a card"?

At least for right now this is a waste of a card. Actually, it's a waste of 3; 2 from hand and 1 from field.

You have to sacrifice a SPECIFIC type of monster to special summon ANOTHER SPECIFIC type of monster. The only way this would be good is if you actually had the Reptile down and a two-trib Dinosaur in hand. Even then, it's a loss of card advantage.

If you're playing a Dinosaur for its attack, just take this card out and put Axe, Mage, or United in its place so ANY monster can become as strong as the dinosaur you were thinking about summoning.

If you're playing a Dinosaur for its effect...well...we'll get to that later this week.

1.5/5 regardless. 
Tranorix Ultra Evolution Pill

Ultra Evolution Pill is a pretty interesting card, and it's also a Rare from IoC. The effect is simple, yet it has the potential to be extremely devastating, when used in the right deck. You can offer a Reptile monster on the field to Special Summon a Dinosaur from your hand. Right off, you can see that this will almost certainly equate to bad hand management; after all, you're losing 1) this card, 2) the monster on the field, and 3) a monster from your hand, giving you a Ė2 card disadvantage.

This can, however, be worked around. If you sacrifice a Sinister Serpent, you'll get Serpent back, allowing you to cope with a mere Ė1 card disadvantage; and if you use UEP to Special Summon Black Tyranno, which typically requires two tributes, it's just about worth it. A fun thing to do is sacrifice Granadora for the effect of UEP. That way, you'll gain 1000 LP without losing the 2000 from its effect. The only two Dinosaurs youíll really be summoning with UEP at this point are Dark Driceratops and Black Tyranno, but it never hurts to get big monsters like them onto the field quickly.

As stated before, this card can be very effective in the right deck. A beatdown centered around Dinosaurs and Reptiles (Gagagigo, anyone?) could make excellent use of Ultra Evolution Pill.

Typical tournament deck: 1/5
Reptile-Dinosaur beatdown: 4/5

Stats: Ultra Evolution Pill.  Thatís kind of misleading, but then it makes more sense for the accumulation of mistakes to lead to a degradation of the species than an improvement.  Oh well.  The actual card is a normal Spell card.  It would be killer as a Quick-Play, but not everything can be Quick-Play. ;)

Effect(s): This cards effect lets you offer a Reptile Monster as tribute to Special Summon a Dinosaur from your hand.  Not game-breaking, but if you got at least half decent dinos to summon, it will lead to field advantage, but give you some hand disadvantage.  Donít let that scare you away though.  The point of a hand is to use it-just use it wisely.

Uses/Combinations: Change a little Reptile into a big Dinosaur.  We got one good choice marked down as a pick later this week.  There is one Reptile most people should have in their decks though-you got it, Sinister Serpent!  Just get it, re-use and abuse it to get out those bigger dinos!  A solid beatstick that could be used would be Gagagigo.  It is a Level 4 Water/Reptile with a decent 1850 ATK.  There are a few other Reptiles, but they are pretty much downhill from here.


Subtract 0.5/5 from each if you are playing without using the Ban List-Yata and Duo love it when you burn your hand.

Casual: 3.5/5-Nice trick for Dino decks.

Tournament: 3/5-Less useful here, since, as usual, things tend to hit faster and harder than normal, as well as Chaos/Control decks running about.

Limited: 2/5-Even if you pull it, itís a little easier to pull off Tribute Summons here.  Also, this is a three card combo, minimum.  It is possible to pull what you need for it, though.


One of those cards that can make or break a Monster-Type.  This one could make Dino/Reptile decks into something fierce, if itís pattern is followed.


Tuesday: Ultra Evolution Pill

Rated For: Dinosaur/Reptile Decks.

Now here's a great idea gone horrible awry. Great concept, but rather hard to implement when there are only 17 reptiles (of which about five are playable) and 11 dinosaurs in the entire game. Note to Konami, a hundred warriors, spellcasters, and fiends are enough; can we please have some balancing out of the subtypes?

Anyways, Ultra Evolution Pill is a great card that's simply killed by the lack of support in the game for it. Too bad, maybe it'll have greater use in the future.

Advantage F/H: The most obvious combo is with Sinister Serpent or Granadora. You'll either lose no card advantage or gain 1000 life points. Then, you'll either bring out Dark Driceratops or Black Tyranno, both of which are sub par tribute monsters. Either way, this card can either gain advantage, provided you use one of those two cards. If you combo it with Gagagigo or some other reptile, you're burning two cards for a 2400 or 2600 attack monster and wasting deck space on a situational combo.    5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: You'll have to have a Sinister Serpent/Granadora and a Tyranno/Driceratops in hand to make full use of this card. Since you should only be running 2-3 tribute monsters, the combo seems rather situational.            This isn't a very good end-game pickup. It's not really a good pickup at all. It's really around a 1/10

Attributes/Effect: Any card that offers two cards for one takes a hit through this system, period. It's not very great; at this stage in the game, I wouldn't even recommend it for a dinosaur deck! It needs some better two tribute Dinosaurs to truly shine.     3/10.

Dependability: You need one of the two or three tribute monsters in your hand. You need either a restricted Sinister Serpent or a semi-searchable Granadora in conjunction. I think this card will be dead weight or disadvantageous about 70% of the time.             3/10.

The Bottom Line: If Konami makes good reptiles and dinosaurs, this card may prosper.

A BAD Score: 12/40=                                    30/100

Cards it combos with: Granadora, Sinister Serpent, Dark Driceratops, Black Tyranno.


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