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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sorcerer of Dark Magic
Limited Edition Promo

Spellcaster / Effect Monster
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by offering 2 Level 6 or higher Spellcaster-Type monsters on your side of the field as Tributes. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can negate the activation of Trap Cards and destroy them.

Type - Dark / 9 / 3200 / 2800
Card Number
- MOV-EN002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 8.10.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Sorcerer of Dark Magic

This card is also fairly difficult to play, but much less so. You have to offer two high-levels from the field...and get a 3200 one-sided Jinzo. Basically, this is how Jinzo and Amplifier should be working. The Japanese already have this card except for Magics (and with an easier summoning requirement, see one of DM7's articles).

99% of the time, you won't be able to get this card to successfully Summon. The one case I could see it happening is if you use the Painful Choice/Monster Reborn/Dark Magician of Chaos combo and wanted some trap protection to go with your attempt at a one-shot kill.

Still, the attack and effect aren't good enough to consider this card. When's the last time you had TWO high-level Spellcasters on the field at the same time?

Tranorix Tuesday: Sorcerer of Dark Magic

Today's card is a bit more playable than BESD; in fact, it's a very good monster that I feel will be pretty underrated. The stats are fantastic; with 3200 ATK, there is virtually nothing that will be able to stop it. 2800 DEF can also stand up to a lot, but I doubt you'd put him in Defense Position anyway.

The summoning effect hurts him a little, but not when you take into consideration how easy it is to summon Dark Magician. Get two on the field, sac them for this guy, and you have an improved version of Jinzo. With awesome ATK and an OPTIONAL effect of negating Traps, he's certainly a dominating presence on the field (though of course he's still vulnerable to Magic Cards and Effect Monsters).

He obviously needs his own deck to work, but in such a deck, this guy would be amazing. Any monster this powerful with reasonable summoning requirements deserves recognition.

Typical tournament deck: 1.5/5
Dark Magician deck: 4.5/5
Omega Today's card is the Sorcerer of Dark Magic. At first glance this looks like a pretty tough monster to summon, but in a good Dark Magician Deck, there shouldn't be that big of a problem to get the 2 required monsters on the field.
Some may find this easy, some may find it hard, however there is a second option hidden within the summoning ability of Magical Scientist.

In the upcoming Soul of Duelist booster set, we saw released a monster called Critch. This monster was a fusion of Witch of the Black Forrest, and Sangan. Why am I talking about this card you ask? well you see Critch just happens to be a Level 6 Spellcaster monster. So for the mere cost of 2000 life points, you can have Magical Scientist summon 2 of them for a sacrifice for Sorcerer of Dark Magic.

The Sorcerer has an Improved Jinzo like effect which allows you to CHOOSE if you wish a trap negated or not. And if that weren't enough, is also holsters an incredible attack of 3200 which is the highest for any spellcaster ever released.

Because of Magical Scientist making him so easy to summon, Sorcerer of Black Magic gets a 5/5. It is truly the best of the 4 movie promos. 

Stats: Sorcerer of Dark Magic is a Level 9 Dark/Spell caster with some effects, including one similar to yesterdayís card (Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon for those of you that are absent-minded like me ;) ) that makes its Level relevant only when using certain cards like Gravity Bind and Metamorphosis.  Being Dark and a Spell caster opens up some good options, like Being Chaos food and (since itís also Level 9) making use of Diffusion Wave Motion.  It has a magnificent 3200 ATK and good/bad 2800 DEF (it will stop a lot, but if it were 1500, you could search it out with Witch of the Black Forest).

Effect(s): This card can only be summoned by two Level 6 or higher Spellcasters as Tribute.  There are a couple ways to make this less painful than it sounds-see Uses/Combinations.  Its second effect, since I canít see any other way of taking it, is what makes it so that it should actually see play: it can negate the activation of Trap Cards and destroy them.  At the very least this is a nice permutation on Jinzo (or Ryu Senshi), if not an improvement.  Traps that are already in affect would continue functioning as normal, buts for most decks that will not be a factor.

Uses/Combinations: Well, you need some big Spellcaster monsters to sack.  How to get them?  With the current card pool (most Japanese cards I donít have a lot of experience with, so I wonít list them-yesterdayís Cyber Stein was an exception) I would think all the normal tricks to Summon tribute monsterís cheaper: Cost Down would make Chaos Command Magician and Dark Magician Girl no-Tribute Monsters; Chaos Sorcerer is Level 6 and can be Special Summoned himself with ease using your standard Chaos Deck set-up; DNA Surgery can make anything a Spell Caster (and makes a sweet surprise), and if you donít mind risking running your hand out, you could even just use Ultimate Offering (perhaps with Cost Down).

After getting it into play, do the obvious-combine it with cards to keep annoyances from Monster and Spell effects to a minimum.  For example, Imperial Order and a plethora of Traps to negate Monster Summons/nuke them.


Casual: 4/5-Once it gets going, with its attack, effect, and proper support, it looks

Tournament: 3.5/5-Harder to use, but it could be worth it.

Limited: 0/5-Only a promo right now.  Even if it were somehow available for limited, the odds of being able to play it are pretty low.


Woo-hoo!  Itís good!

dawnyoshi Sorcerer of Dark, definitely a card with some potential. The fact that it can only be special summoned through its effect sucks, as it's only a one-shot monster since it can't be revived. You'll need some decent protection against monster effects mainly, as it's attack is higher than most monsters, and spells can be stopped easily with cards like Magic Jammer or Dark Paladin.

So far, there are two relatively easy ways to summon this guy. You can combine Magical Scientist with DNA Surgery, summon two of the same level 6 fusion, have DNA Surgery transform all monsters to spellcasters, then sacrifice both to summon Sorcerer of Dark Magic. You can also summon 2 chaos sorcerers if you have the light and dark necessary, use their effects, then sacrifice them to summon this guy...both are relatively easy to pull off, though I find the chaos way easiest (DNA Surgery can easily be destroyed before you get a chance of using it). It's a bit limited, but it's definitely a great choice for a spellcaster deck, which no longer needs to rely on a Jinzo. Who needs to when you can CHOOSE which cards to negate?

Constructed: 3/5

(no limited score) 

Tuesday: Sorcerer of Dark Magic

Rated For: Spellcaster decks

            Nipping at the heels of Monday's Blue-Eyes related Kaiba card is today's Dark Magician based Yugi weapon. It's slightly more playable than the mess known as Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, but does that help its score? This card relies on level 6 spellcasters to bring out. The only playable level 6 and above spellcasters are Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Magician, Chaos Sorcerer, and arguably Chaos Command Magician). Building a deck around so many tribute monsters is sheer suicide, and having a card in your deck with SUCH restrictive summoning requirements is also foolish. The fact is that cards WILL BE PUNISHED for such self-strangling tribute costs.

Advantage F/H: A 3200 attack monster dominates the field. The ability to negate every trap limits your opponent's mobility. Remember, this card DOES work in conjunction with your OWN traps, it's not a Jinzo by any means. However, chew on this. To sacrifice two level 6 or higher spellcasters from your deck, the BEST case scenario forces you to waste two cards from hand (Let's say you reborn and premature two Dark Magicians). Of course, the reality is that the tribute cost for this card ranges anywhere from 2 to 4 cards. This sort of hand disadvantage, coupled with the abject disadvantage of basing your deck around 4+ level 6 spellcasters, lowers this card to a 2.5/10 (it negates traps, has 3200 attack, and is slightly easier to bring out than BESD).

Best Draw for the Situation: Cards with this sort of restrictive special summoning cost (even more stringent than Mazera Deville's) warrant pure zero's. You never want to draw these cards period. They're Gate Guardians. 0/10.

Attributes/Effect: This card is actually superior to BESD in my opinion. The trap effect is actually a very powerful one (it's one sided). Also, using Reasonings and other creative cards will let you bring this card out into play far more often. Finally, it boasts a hefty 3200 attack, which is MORE than enough. Unfortunately, the positives only give it a small bonus because of its disgustingly prohibitive summoning cost. To those who are almost considering using him, stew on this. Why would you give up two 2300+ attack monsters, which mean you've won the game, for one 3200 attack monster? 3/10.

Dependability: No, you're not going to be able to depend on getting this guy out. Even if you do, he'll fall easily to every form of spell/monster card that destroys monsters. 0/10.

The Bottom Line: These two movie promos reviewed thus far are garbage in competitive play.

A BAD Score: 5.5/40=                          14/100

Cards it combos well with: Reasoning, Dark Magician, Dark Magician of Chaos, Monster Gate, Skilled Dark Magician, Chaos Command Magician, Chaos Sorcerer


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