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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mirage of Nightmare
Super Rare

During your opponentís Standby Phase, draw cards until your hand has 4 cards. During your Standby Phase, randomly discard the same number of cards you drew with this cardís effect to the Graveyard.

Type - Continuous Spell
Card Number
- PGD-036

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 8.6.04

Previously Reviewed:  07.25.03

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Mirage of Nightmare

This and Magician of Faith were the entire reasons I wanted to do this overview week. Half the players I knew took the Mirages out of their Decks and stuck solely with Painful Choice once Chaos went full-bloom. Suddenly, Painful Choice has a replacement.

Post-ban pros:
Can draw cards or dump cards in the graveyard -- granted, the discarding isn't of your choice, but it helps.

Takes up the slot that Painful Choice would be using in the cookie-cutter Chaos

Post-ban cons:
Opponent will gladly use MST during their draw to make sure your effect doesn't go off. This happened quite a lot at Worlds.

The MST you would be chaining to this becomes much more valuable now that Harpie's is gone; that leaves you with only 4 cards remaining to deal with opponent M/T threats.

No Imperial Order to do the Standby Phase combo with (let Mirage resolve first and don't discard because it's negated, then then let Imperial resolve and don't pay)

Still...everyone played it, and everyone who got the effect to work had much success. Worth playing as a whole.

Tranorix Friday: Mirage of Nightmare

Mirage has gotten a lot of hype, both positive and negative. What should be obvious by now is that MoN is ONLY good when combined with Mystical Space Typhoon (or similar cards, which I'll get to later). If you don't have something to support it, it is really completely useless.

That said, when used correctly, Mirage can be a VERY nice card. If you end up drawing 3 cards with it, then using MST in your Draw Phase to get rid of it (which IS legal, if anyone still doesn't know), you gain +1 card advantage, equivalent to Pot of Greed. If you draw 4, you gain +2; even better!

If, however, you only draw 1 or 2 cards with Mirage, you're not getting anything out of it. Since you do, essentially, use two cards in the first place (MoN and MST), drawing 1 gives you a disadvantage and drawing 2 is just pointless.

Now, there are some other cards you can use to get rid of Mirage before you discard, one of which is Emergency Provisions, which will essentially do the same thing MST does but give you 1000 LP in the process. Not bad at all. A deck based around Saturn could make excellent use of that. In conclusion, Mirage of Nightmare is a great card...but it can easily backfire and should be used carefully.

Typical tournament deck: 3.5/5
Saturn Burn deck: 4.5/5

Stats: Mirage of Nightmare is a permanent Spell.  The only other thing it could be without having to greatly alter the effect would be a Permanent Trap, and I think this is better, since it can be used right away (not having tricky timing issues) and canít be negated by Jinzo (hard to summon in your Stand-By Phase), instead of Imperial Order (easy to activate in your Stand-By Phase.

Effect(s): This card has an interesting effect.  If you hand is less than four cards during your opponentís Stand-By Phase, it allows you to draw until you have four, and then on your Stand-By Phase, you must discard as many as you drew.  On its own, itís not to thrilling an effect, unless your deck has a lot of stuff that can be safely thrown away (one of mine actually does-remember the week I lead off with Chaos Necromancer?), the only thing youíd accomplish would be burning through your deck faster.

Uses/Combinations: This is why this card was over-played for a bit but still sees a good deal of deserved play.  If you can destroy or negate Mirage of Nightmare before you are required to carry out the discard part of the effect, you get to keep what you drew.  You also get to if you somehow skip your Stand-by phase.  There might be some more obscure tricks that no one has thought to ask or that havenít been ruled on (if an effect causes you to increase the turn count by one, would that be considered skipping the Stand-By Phase after having drawn?). 

Now, in a Chaos deck, this is a mixed thing.  Do it wrong, and you may chuck a bunch of special summon only critters into the discard, namely CED and BLS.  Do it right, and can just provide fuel for them instead.  Most decks will just want to burn a MST to nuke it and claim upwards of a two card advantage (four cards from two cards).  If you make use of Raigeki Break (or some other chainable Spell destruction), it really helps make this work a lot better.  In my deck, I have 6 total cards I can activate to let me get my cards without ďpayingĒ for them.  If you just have the three MST, and/or do not want to risk doing a lot of discarding, then you probably should skip this: most of the time itíll be dead in your hand or just sitting as bait.  It can be used as anti-mass Spell/Trap destruction, since your opponent gets a choice: let you get some extra draw power or nuke what you have.


Casual: 3.5/5-Some good decks can make use of it here, but just as many should pass on it.

Tournament: 3/5-Less decks are usually played here that can make use of it.

Limited: 2/5-Itís a huge risk here.  Timed right, it can power through your deck for awesome results.  More often then not, itíll just make you waste a way.  Bump it up to a 2.5/5 if you have a starter with a card that can nuke it.


Good card, with a fairly specific use. 


Friday: Mirage of Nightmare

Rated For: Any Deck

Mirage of Nightmare caps the week of World Championship mania. This card was reviewed as part of my piece on overrated cards in today's environment. Little has changed since the initial prognosis; here it is, reprinted in full with new additions/revisions.

Advantage F/H: This card does not affect the field. However, it can net you either 2 cards, or one card depending on how you use it. Unfortunately, it can also hurt you (less if you have sinister serpent in your deck). The advantages can be enormous, but are also counterbalanced by the danger. The game-breaking advantage it can give gets a 9.5/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: This is an excellent card to draw when your hand is running low on options. It's great in the mid to late game. Unfortunately, it's a dead draw when you need a monster, when you have 2-3 space typhoons in the graveyard already, and bad when you have 2-3 monsters in hand (making it hard to maximize MoN's drawing power). 7/10.

Attributes/Effect: This card will swing the momentum of duels, either in your favor or against your opponent. The effect is very powerful, but it can bite you as well. Near perfect score though, because drawing is so important in Yu-Gi-Oh!. 9.5/10.

Dependability: This is the point at which Mirage of Nightmare gets roasted by the system. Its usage is wholly based on either 1) Mystical Space Typhoon or 2) Set Imperial Order. A Mirage of Nightmare user should also use sinister serpent. No card can do what it does (provide such a steady drawing engine), but it's hardly a dependable card effect (hence its power). A weak 4/10.

The Bottom Line: I realize I've been a bit harsh on it, upgrading its score by a few points. It's still only worth running in decks that need draw power (Warriors etc.)

A BAD Score: 30/40=       75/100

Cards it combos with: Mystical Space Typhoon, Imperial Order, Emergency Provisions, Tribute Monsters, Night Assailant, Sinister Serpent


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