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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magician of Faith

Spellcaster / Effect Monster
FLIP: Select 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard and return it to your hand.

Type - Light / 1 / 300 / 400
Card Number
- SDJ-017

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 8.5.04

Previously Reviewed:  07.31.02

ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
Magician of Faith

Wow. I used this card in my first Deck, and haven't used it since Labyrinth of Nightmare. And once again, this card rises from the ashes, begging for use.

Two of the biggest things this card has to fear are now gone; Raigeki and Change of Heart. Yes, there are the Creature Swaps, but at that point you'll have a way to try to make sure they don't get your MoF's effect (Torrential on a summon they do that turn, or your own Dark Hole, etc...)

Nobleman pwnz this. Just about everyone was running one Nobleman of Crossout and a second side-decked. But half the people were also running MoF.

With so much less hand negation being played with the loss of Delinquent and Yata (hardly anyone ran Dons; only Confiscation and The Forceful Sentry were played), this card suddenly became safer to play. And to top it all off, it's Chaos food.

Seriously...try running MoFs in your Chaos and see how it works.

Tranorix Thursday: Magician of Faith

Magician of Faith is one of the best Flip Effect monsters in the game. Due to all of the drawbacks they have: being slow, being too susceptible to monster removal, being weak, Flips usually aren't played very often, unless they have incredible effects. Magician of Faith is played quite often.

Her stats are crap, but that isn't important. She's Witchable and Sanganable, not to mention LIGHT, which means good Chaos food. She also metamorphoses into Thousand Eyes Restrict. Her effect needs no explaining. Get back Raigeki; get back Duster; get back Pot; get back Graceful; get back ANYTHING you need. There are many great Magic Cards available, and MoF can fetch every single one of them back for a second use.

The biggest drawback is really that your opponent can use MoF against you. There's nothing more annoying than having your own Magician Change of Hearted and flipped, only for your opponent to get Change of Heart right back. That aside, she's still an excellent choice for most decks.

Typical tournament deck: 4/5
LIGHT deck, using Apprentice Magician: 4.5/5

Stats: Magician of Faith was once the girl everyone wantedÖ and for a while, that everyone had three copies of main-decked.  However, times change, and people found that two copies were almost as useful but slowed down the deck less.  Then came the Nobleman of Crossout-but I digress, as this section is meant to cover her stats.  So, what are they?  Well, Magician of Faith is a Level 1 Spellcaster of Light.  This means she can slip under Level Limit-Area B and Gravity Bind.  She can be used for some Spellcaster tricks.  Light means she can be Chaos food, which is one of the reasons sheís seeing action again.  Itís definitely not for her ATK or DEF: an abysmal 300/400.  She wonít be attacking unless you are desperate.

Effect(s): Magician of Faith always did have a near game-breaking effect: nabbing a spent Spell Card.  Roughly half of ever restricted, semi-restricted (and banned if that is being used) card that sees play in general decks are Spell cards.  Getting a second one is often amazing.  So what happened?  This is a Flip Effect.  Before Book of Taiyou, that meant a turn of waiting, and hoping itíd go off at the right moment.  Sometimes itíd get nuked facedown.  Sometimes itíd get flipped before anything it could recycle ended up in the Graveyard.  Most annoying is when it would get nailed by an opposing Change of Heart and then flipped, always at least able to reclaim that Change of Heart.  The primary reason, though, was the advent of the Nobleman of Crossout (a.k.a. NoXout).  That card has a somewhat cyclical nature-first, there are a lot of flip effects, so people start to run NoXout.  These people enjoy a great advantage, and people copy this.  Since you donít want to run a lot of Flip-Effect Monsters yourself if you run NoXout (its effects also apply to copies of the targeted Monster in your own deck), Flip-Effect use begins to decline, eventually leading NoXout to migrate to the Side Deck or even be completely dropped.  This allows Flip Effect Monsters to see more play again, which then re-attracts NoXout use and the whole thing keeps going round and round.

Uses/Combinations: Book of Taiyu for an expensive second shot-patience and good Spells for just about any Chaos Deck, and some Light and/or Spellcaster ones.  Most other decks can just make do without it.  Itís not too complicated a card, really.  Some might use Book of the Moon with Book of Taiyu for some crazy master-set up schemes (not a bad idea if you already run a Spell recycling Monster like Dark Magician of Chaos) to risk saving them up to recycle like the perfect 3 Spell combination.


Casual: 3-3.5/5- When I say cyclical, I mean it.  When NoXout is everywhere, itís a 3/5.  Itís never really a bad card, but as you may recall, a ď3/5Ē card from me is pretty common, and means you should consider it if you have room.  When NoXout is in decline, itís a little better, but still something you can take or leave for most decks.

Tournament: 2.5-3/5- In a more ruthless environment, when NoXout starts showing up, Magician of Faith becomes a huge liability.  When it goes down, itís one of those ďif I have roomĒ cards.  There might be a reason to consider it again though-if you see most Chaos decks running it, tossing a few in might be good-nail it yourself to get rid of theirs while thinning your deck.

Limited: 1/5-5/5-Sorry for the seeming double-talk.  This card is entirely dependant upon what else you got.  No Spells?  It is just a body for blocking.  Pull something amazing (or using Starter Decks)?  Nothing like getting to use a broken card again-especially as your are almost guaranteed the effect here.


Given what itís new life is dependant upon, the chaotic nature of my review makes sense. ;P


Thursday: Magician of Faith

Rated For: Any Deck, especially Chaos.

Magician of Faith, a stalwart since the Metal Raiders days, will see more and more play after Change of Heart is banned. We saw this card at the World Championships because it's a light monster with an awesome effect that does not need fear Change of Heart any longer. How good is it? Let's see.

Advantage F/H: This card has the potential to provide enormous advantages if the effect goes off. In fact, a successful Magician of Faith effect deserves a perfect score. Of course, flip effects aren't reliable, activating about half the time. A 7.5 seems acceptable when weighing the gains versus the costs. However, this is a card can block in a pinch too, raising it half a point to a solid 8/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: In today's pre-ban environment, you'd be a very foolhardy adventurer to simply set this card blindly. Believe me, getting your own MoF change of hearted is one of the most momentum swinging occurrences that can happen in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! period. It also depends on good spells in the graveyard to retrieve. However, it is nevertheless a solid draw in the mid-end phases of play, and serves in a pinch to get a light monster into the graveyard. 7.5/10.

Attributes/Effect: This card is searchable by Witch/Sangan, is a light monster, can be retrieved with Night Assailant, and has one of the most broken effects in the game. Its slow flip-effect status, coupled with pathetic stats, brings it down two points to 8/10.

Dependability: The aforementioned Change of Heart killer makes most decks run two, at most, of this card. Besides that, however, this card also depends on you having a good spell in the graveyard. It can also be taken down by Raigeki/Dark Hole, Magical Scientist, and Nobleman of Crossout. Along with those shortcomings, the Change of Heart threat in particular brings MoF's dependability down five points to a 5/10.

The Bottom Line: Run plenty of pre-negators to prevent the Change of Heart threat. Also, keep in mind that Change of Heart's banning alone brings this card's score up to an 80/100 or higher. Finally, realize that a 71/100 makes this one of the better light monsters, so run it in Chaos, period.

A BAD Score: 28.5/40=     71/100.  

Cards it combos well with: Book of Taiyou, Ceasefire, Book of Moon, Imperial Order, Magic Jammer, Magic Drain, Good Spell Cards, Chaos Monsters, Apprentice Magician.


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