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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Creature Swap
Ultra Rare

Both players select 1 monster on their respective fields and switch control of them to each other. The battle positions of these cards cannot change during the turn this card is activated.

Type - Normal Spell
Card Number
- LOD-081

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 8.3.04

Previously Reviewed:  01.20.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Creature Swap

This is the third and most likely last time we will ever review this card. What more can be said that we don't know already? A few things, given the Ban List.

*With Change of Heart gone, there HAS to be a way to permanently take monsters outside of Snatch Steal. People were running this to the two they were allowed for good reason.

*With Delinquent Duo banned, Sinister Serpent may see slightly less play -- but then again, maybe not, as CED still sees a fair amount of play and one person having a Serpent changes everything after blowing up the world. Sinister is important because it's the most swapped over to the opponent card. Take their mon, get your Serpent back next turn. In that situation, it IS a permanent Change of Heart that costs you your summon for the turn.

EMoD says: Play 2 in your post-ban deck. Or I'll personally come and smack you.

5/5 post-ban 
Tranorix Tuesday: Creature Swap

Creature Swap is also a card whose playability has skyrocketed from its LoD release as an Ultra Rare, which is understandable; it's semi-restricted for a reason. Creature Swap can instantly turn a game around, and it's extremely frustrating to be hit by it when you think youíre ahead.

Some obvious uses are to swap your opponent your Witch, Sangan, or Tomato, kill them, and get their effects; you can summon a Spirit and swap it with something just to get the Spirit back at the end of the turn; you can swap a Spirit Reaper and ram Scientist fusions into it for an instant win; you can even use Scientist and Creature Swap a Reaper on the Nightmare to your opponent, use Scientist again to get Metal Dragons, and pump them with Limiters. That last one is very annoying...

There are disadvantages though. Creature Swap is a dead draw unless you and your opponent both have monsters; and even if you do, you won't necessarily want to use Creature Swap on them. It's a great card, but it should be used intelligently.

Typical tournament deck: 3.5/5
Scientist deck (not necessarily FTK): 4.5/5

Stats: This is a ďnormalĒ Spell card.  Not much else I can say about it-if it were an Equip or a Permanent, itíd be worse (unless the effect was re-useable), if it were a Quick-Play itíd have a good Defensive application, and as a Trap itíd be just a little worse (Trap hate/delay versus use on opponentís turn).

Effect(s): The effect of this card is pretty spiffy.  You chose one of your monsters, your opponent chooses one of their monsters, and you swap them.  Note that Battle Positions canít be changed the turn of the swap (so you canít pull a lot of CoH tricks like nabbing a seemingly spent Goblin Attack Force or activating a Flip Effect Monster you just swiped).  Still, the effect, on its own, is solid.  It can hurt you, but usually it will help.  Note that the actual choosing occurs when the card resolves.  This is bane and a blessing.  Why?  You can chain a lot of cards to Creature Swap that will ruin the cardís effect.  If I chain something like a Call of the Haunted, your opponent can stick you with an even crappier monster than you gave them.  If I chain a Ring of Destruction and nuke the only monster on one player or the otherís field, then the effect will resolve as nothing.  The worst case is if you had one decent monster and went to trade a second bad oneÖ I could ring the bad one and make you give me something better than what I had!  Oh, and be careful what your target-I donít know if this counts as being targeted, but Iíd say it probably is at least on your end, which means if you try to swap away your Spirit Reaper, it should die.  You canít target some obscure creatures, like Blindly Loyal Goblin-doing so just means you gave your opponent a peek at one of your cards.

Uses/Combinations: Hereís why it will usually help.  For what will probably be the tenth time, this card has some simple but effective rules and combos to make it work great.  Rule number one is to make sure they only have one monster on the field.  This means you know what youíll be getting.  Rules number two and on areÖ well, all the normal stuff you must do: make sure your opponent canít take advantage of what you give them, carefully consider your move, make sure you donít waste it unless you think your opponent has some hand destruction that will ďwaste itĒ for you, etc.  Okay, now for the combos:

  1. Trade a Witch of the Black Forest or Sangan, as you will get their effect when you kill them, and if you had them face up, you will also score some damage too.
  2. Trade something like a Mystic Tomato, Giant Rat, Pyramid Turtle, etc. and get out some good stuff like Don Zaloog, Injection Fairy Lily (if legal), and Vampire Lord.
  3. Trade them something like Giant Germ or Nimble Momonga to get some extra monsters on the field and do some burn damage or healing.
  4. Trade them a Sinister Serpent, especially in attack mode (for easy damage)-congrats, you basically got a free change of heart for destroying a monster.
  5. Summon a Spirit Monster like Yata and trade it.  This is a mixed bad though-you canít attack Yata without killing it, so unless they had something else that was puny, you got a monster at the cost of skipping your Battle Phase.
  6. Send over some stupid tokens like Scapegoat (Scapegoat is both a friend and a foe of this card ;) ).
  7. Use something like Magical Scientist that summons creatures that die at the end of the turn (or has a ridiculous upkeep cost).  If you had to do this before battling, summon and give them one of the horrid Fusions and come out ahead, slightly.  Lowest I found was Fusionist, but there are probably worse.  Itís got a 900 ATK.  So if you burn 1000 LP to summon it and another to summon something with an ATK of 2100, you come out 200 ahead.  I didnít say it was a good combo. ;)
  8. Use another control card and then give them back their own monster.  This is really only effective with Change of Heart though, as say Snatch Steal would still give them LP gain while it existed, and most other methods of control swapping are too expensive.

There are probably some I have forgotten, but just read the old reviews. ;)


Casual: 4.5/5-Pratcially a staple here.  This is where the Johnnys, the Timmys, and their hybridized brethren can experiment and *gasp* play the game for fun!  As such, you tend to see a lot of big monsters that wouldnít remain in play long enough in a super competitive tournament setting to justify the difficulty of running them.  This is great insurance for their decks and against them.

Tournament: 3.5/5-I wonder if Iíll have the lowest score?  I have seen how sick this card can be.  However, itís not the most reliable.  You have Jinzo and I have a DD Warrior Lady.  Creature Swap doesnít help you much.  Change of Heart would, but Swap wouldnít.  Donít get me wrong-in what seems to be the rage now, Chaos Decks, I think you should do your best to work it in-your deck should have plenty of effect monsters that can be ďused upĒ before swapping.

Limited: 3.5/5-Mixed bag here.  If you are losing, your opponent probably has multiple monsters out.  If you are winning, itís only good if you can summon something bad, swap it for something better, and run over what you gave, and if you couldnít do better just summoning what you had in hand.


A good card that we review to often, I donít like it to much myself because I am beginning to think that it is too easily abused.  Or maybe I am just holding a grudge. ;)

MerrilHess Creature Swap

Yet another brutal card, but unlike yesterday's CotD, it doesn't see as much play as it deserves.

Give permanent control of an opponent's creature. You could easily punish your Sinister with whatever you have after swapping it to them. The same can be done with Reaper, Yata, Searchers, or Element Searchers. It makes this card broken, IMO. I only wish I had 2 myself.

You have to give up a creature yourself. That can be bad if they send you a searcher or Sinister of their own. I hate it when that happens, too. I still like this card, though.

Overall, Creature Swap gets a 8.9/10. It's one of the most abusable cards there is. 

Tuesday: Creature Swap

Rated For: Any Deck

Tuesday brings us Creature Swap, which was already reviewed in my article on the World Championships. Looks like both ExMinion and I realized it was used in the final! Here's a reprint of the original review.

Advantage F/H: If used properly, Creature Swap will hopefully give them a searcher (Witch, Sangan), a different searcher (Giant Germ, Pyramid Turtle, Shining Angel, Mystic Tomato), a sinister serpent, a Yata-Garasu, or a scapegoat token. In almost all instances, you're either losing no monster, getting it back the next turn, or getting a searcher to replace it! Thus, you're basically upgrading your monster for the cost of one card. You'll also do 1000+ life point damage with the card. 8/10

Best Draw for the Situation: This is a good card to have when losing. Also, you can switch a face up monster like sinister serpent, picking up their monster then attacking it for a lot of damage. This card works well in all phases of play, and only truly fails when you have no monster to afford (a not too rare situation). 7.5/10

Attributes/Effect: There is no other card in the game that offers permanent control without a cost (the others, snatch steal and falling down, have prohibitive life point costs). Of course, it wastes a card from your hand, but nothing does what Creature Swap can do. This is a highly effective card in the right deck. 8.5/10

Dependability: This is the weak point of Creature Swap. To use it properly, you'll need a decent monster of your own to "waste". You'll also need preferably one good monster of theirs on the field (otherwise, they'd just give you the inferior one). You'll also need a clear path to attack. Creature Swap doesn't work if the situations don't line up perfectly. It's not as dependable as a change of heart or snatch steal, lowering it to 6/10.

The Bottom Line: If you're packing plenty of Swappable cards, this is a great card.

A BAD Score: 30/40=               75/100

Cards it combos well with: Sinister Serpent, Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, Yata-Garasu, Pyramid Turtle, Mystic Tomato, Giant Germ, other searchers/weaksticks.


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