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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Machine King
Super Rare

Machine / Effect Monster
Increase the ATK of this card by 100 points for each face-up Machine-Type monster on the field.

Type - Earth / 6 / 2200 / 2000
Card Number
- DL4-001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.30.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Machine King

Getting out of Burn World, we have the new Duelist League promo. Machine King is a one-Tribute monster I'd seriously look at for theme decks following the Machine sub-type.

To answer your first question: Yes, it boosts itself. So it's at 2300 right off the bat. Some successful tribute monsters have less; Vampire Lord, Airknight Parshath, and (to some extent) Freed the Matchless General have 2300 or less and are worth the tribute in some or all cases.

If you're playing for pure power and not going for the subtype, you want to look at Summoned Skull or (until they fix it) Fairy King Truesdale. (If you remember correctly, Fairy King Truesdale's effect is supposed to only work if it's in Defense position. It's written that if it's face-up. So for now, it's a 2700 ATK 1 Tribute monster.)

Let's look at what we're getting for giving up that 400 ATK (The difference between Truesdale's power and Machine King's power only counting itself):

*Jinzo, Cannon Soldier, and Mechanicalchaser all power it up by 100 (and if you're playing Machine, you're playing these already)...
*Limiter Removal. With its unrestriction, you can make this into a 4600 ATK beast. Just think...if you ATK directly with this, then Ring it, that's game and then some. That combo requires 3 cards, and isn't all that improbable if you get your field clear...or even just LRing it and then using Cannon Soldier to launch.

If you play machines, this is your new godsend. Jinzo just wasn't enough, and this promo gives that tiny little deck type the additional power it needed.

4.5/5 in Machine
1/5 in all else (Because of Fairy King Truesdale) 
Omega Machine King is a card Iíve been testing out lately, and have found it to be very effective.

This isnít a card youíll use in your everyday deck, but alongside Jinzo in a Machine deck, Machine King is a very good contender.

Since Machine Kingís effect works on both you and your opponentís field, the chances of it getting powered up are somewhat moderate. The unfortunate side of this coin is that outside of themed Machine decks, not many Machine monsters are played.

Ones you will commonly see are Jinzo, (and once Ancient Sanctuary comes out) Blowback Dragon. The upside to Machine Kingís effect is that it works on himself, so his base attack is basically 2300.

Adding Limiter Removal to the fray will be useful once your opponent attacks, but once again beware of Jinzo, since he will also get the boost from your Limiter Removal card.

Overall Machine King is a pretty cool card to be playing in a Machine deck. But once Blowback Dragon is released, Machine King wonít be as popular as he once was.

Machine King gets a score of 3/5 for a Machine deck. If you run XYZ or any other Machine variant, than give Machine King a try. 

Stats: Machine King is a Level 6 Earth/Machine.  Level 6 means that it only needs one monster to be Tribute summoned, though itís probably just as apt to be dumped and then revived.  Earth cards have some support, though most of the top Machines are Dark.  Machine has some great support, primarily from the incredible Limiter Removal, which doubles a cards ATK score (after all other modifications) at the cost of having to destroy it at the end of the turn.  Sadly, Machine King has an ATK of just 2200 and a DEF of 2000.  The ATK means that the only regularly used Tribute Monster that canít mow it down is Vampire Lord (Airknight canít either, but I see that a lot less).  This is also low enough that a Goblin Attack for can run it down (though as we will later see, thatís normally suicide for the GAF), and the puny 2000 DEF means that GAF definitely can crush it, and serves to make it an illegal target for Witch of the Black Forestís effect. 

Effect(s): This card gains a 100 ATK bonus for each face-up Machine-Type monster on the field.  For the most part, this just means that you end up with a 2300 ATK Machine King instead of a 2200 ATK one.  Since the Machineís must be face up on the field, they wonít last long.  Personally, I think they should have made the bonus or base ATK just a touch higher, made the bonus include any of your machines in play, had an effect on other machines, and/or made the DEF 1500.  All of that would have been too much, but the DEF change and making the bonus include all of your machines in play sounds about right. 

Uses/Combinations: DNA Surgery makes everything a Machine, and multiple Limiter Removals can let this think possibly OHKO your opponentís LP (two limiter jacks it up to 9300 if itís effect is still working, 8800 if not).  It also lucks out that there is one Machine, albeit a Tribute, that is in most decks: Jinzo. 



Casual: 3/5-You want a machine themed deck?  Stick with Jinzo, the XYZ pieces/fusions, Barrel Dragon, etc. 

Tournament: 2/5-You could run such a deck, but the question is why? 

Limited: N/A-Solid here, except this is a Duelist League promo.  If you do happen to draft from promos (or this is re-released), then 3/5, or 3.5/5 if there are some decent Machine Monsters also in the accompanying set(s). 


Good idea, bad execution.  Things just go from bad to worse: we should eventually see Blowback Dragon, and according to Edoís translations, thatís an improved Barrel Dragon.  Blowback is single tribute, and the effect is the same as Barrel Dragons except it targets any card on the opponentís side of the field.  It does take a hit for ATK: only 2300.  Still, if you want a big, bad Machine deck, wait for it and hold onto your Jinzo.

Tranorix Friday: Machine King

What? No Burn? Well, just to throw everyone off, today we re reviewing Machine King. Some pros: He s a machine and he powers himself up. Some cons: He s a tribute monster and not that strong. So

2300 ATK isn't that bad, but I know you re all thinking Jinzo is 2400 AND he has an awesome effect! . And this is true. Nobody is saying, nor is anyone likely to say, that you should play Machine King instead of Jinzo. He might, however, be a nice choice for a second tribute monster. If you swarm with machines and get him onto the field, you have a 2700 attacker. It s not spectacular, but with Limiter Removal it s certainly nothing to laugh at.

Is he a must for machine decks? No but is he worth trying? That s for you to decide.

Typical tournament deck: 1.5/5
Machine deck: 3/5


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