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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Tower of Babel

Each time you or your opponent activates a Spell Card, put 1 Spell Counter on this card. When the 4th Spell Counter is put on this card, destroy this card and inflict 3000 points of damage to the player that activated the Spell Card at that time.

Type - Continuous Trap
Card Number
- IOC-050

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.28.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Tower of Babel

This is a commonly overlooked common in IOC. The easiest way to use this card should be the most obvious; activate this card, then play 3 Spells. Assuming you're in good shape after those 3, if your opponent wants to play a spell, they have to take 3,000 damage.

There's one problem. As novel as it is to want to play 3 spells that turn, you're gonna have to wait at least one turn to activate this. Usually, that means you've ALREADY played your Pot, Graceful, and anything that won't give you negative hand advantage by playing it, that is if you had them. If you DO leave them in your hand, they may not be there next turn to use.

Something you should know when playing this card: If the fourth spell is a M/T removal spell, that this card will be destroyed by that instead of its own effect. The counter is placed at the resolution of the Spell card, not the activation. That'd really suck if you had 2 of these down at 3 counters each and your opponent played Feather Duster.

It's not something I'd flat-out rely on...4 spells is still a lot. But 1 or 2 is worth a try.

3/5 in Burn
1/5 elsewhere 
Tony This is one of the more interesting burner deck traps that are out right now. 3000 damage to any player's life points is amazing. The negative part of this is that if your opponent some-how gets to use 4 spell cards in a row, then you lose 3000 life points.

This card is meant to be activated on your opponent's turn so they could use around 2-3 magic cards. Around half our deck's are always magic cards so when it comes to your turn you shouldn't have trouble putting the 4th counter on it...

What goes well with cards like this? Well quickplay magics, such as scapegoats, book of moon, mystical space typhoon, etc..., are really good and using magic recursion like Magician of Faith or Dark Magician of Chaos isn't bad either.

Remember, running a burner deck means that most of your monsters, magics, and traps MUST lower your opponent's life points fast. Using cards like Cannon Soldier, Injection Fairy Lily, Tower of Babel, Ceasefire, etc... These cards are important but situational soo learn how to play with each of them.

Constructed: 5/10 (only in burner decks)
Limited: 10/10 (3000 life points to your opponent? thanks ^^)  

Stats: Tower of Babel is a Continuous Trap, and as we will see later, thanks to the effect, it really can’t be run any other way… well, maybe as a monster, but I don’t know if that’s be much of an improvement. 

Effect(s): When a Spell Card is activated, you place a Spell Counter on this card.  When counter number four hits, this card destroys itself and inflicts 3000 damage to the LP of the player that activated the Spell card that placed said fourth counter.  So, if this card has 3 counters, neither player is going to want to activate a spell card.  Also notice that this card refers to activation of a Spell card, meaning that if Imperial Order negates a Spell card but Tower of Babel has already been activated, then it will still get a counter. 

Uses/Combinations: A wonderful card for burn decks, and possible a good card for normal decks if they have room.  The reason is that the best way to use this card just involves cards that are already in most decks.  Set as many of these as you can, along with an Imperial Order (to protect them) and maybe some MSTs.  Next turn, if your opponent tries to nuke them with something, chain the activations of Imperial Order and however many Tower of Babel cards you had set.  If they try and chain an MST to nuke your Imperial Order and the card that IO was trying to negate was not widespread Spell/Trap removal (Harpie’s Feather Duster, Heavy Storm), chain your own MST to nuke itself or an opponent’s card.  Initial Spell + opponent’s MST + your MST=3 Spell counters.  They can’t activate another Spell card to nuke them now without getting smacked for massive LP damage. 


Sound too complicated?  Yeah, it probably will be without insane luck.  Fortunately, that is just the “insanely hard to counter” set-up.  The easy way is set one when you have at least three spell cards you can use in hand, and if it survives, next turn activate it and then use those spell cards.  Taa-dah.  In certain decks, Barrel Behind the Door is used at full count.  For those decks, this card is great-it does LP damage, so even if you set it off yourself, you can use BBtD to shift the damage to your opponent. 

One thing I wouldn’t worry about is using other ways to get counters on it: if your deck doesn’t have enough Spell cards being used to power it up fast, then your deck is probably more than a little rogue. 


Casual: 4/5-A lot of “extra” spell cards see play in this format. 

Tournament: 3.5/5-If you got room and your deck uses some Spells, toss this in.  Once you get that third counter on it, it’s almost like spare Imperial Orders.  Multiple copies can get spell counters at the same time, so three of these would kill just about any player’s LP outright.  Just be cautious of backing yourself into a corner. 

Limited: 4/5-Much harder to power up, but if you can set it up, your opponent will literally be unable to play a Spell Card without killing himself.  Then there’s the fact that there is a lot less Spell/Trap removal. 


I really like this card, as it really can act like back-up Imperial Orders.  I also like the oddly appropriate Biblical tie-in: the Tower of Babel was a structure built shortly after civilization had recovered from Noah’s flood.  Humanity was supposed to spread throughout the globe, but instead ignored God and more or less stayed in one spot, then had the audacity to build a colossal tower to celebrate their own cleverness and skill.  As punishment for their disobedience, God “made” people start to speak different languages (until this time, there was only one language).  This created mass confusion, and people finally started migrating away with those that spoke the same tongue.  I am not Biblical scholar, and am going off the top of my head for this, so please, don’t freak out if I buggered it up.

Tranorix Wednesday: Tower of Babel

Now here s something interesting. Remember Curse of Darkness? It s similar, but it s harder to utilize and can be much more deadly for either player. The right way to use this is, obviously, to make sure you use the third Magic card. Then your opponent will be the unlucky fool to pay 3000 for his next one.

There s some bad news though if there are three counters and someone uses, say MST to destroy the tower, that person will not take any damage. The reason? Spell Counters are placed on this card at resolution, not activation; so the card would be destroyed before it would get its Spell Counter and activate its effect, and Continuous Trap cards must be on the field in order for their effects to activate. Unfortunate, but nothing terrible.

Again, this card is very hard to use successfully, but you could definitely build a very nasty lock deck out of it + Curse of Darkness. Just be sure to pack lots of Magic negation along with them.

Typical tournament deck: 2/5
Burn lock deck: 3.5/5


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