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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Machine / Effect Monster
During each of your Standby Phases, inflict 600 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.

Type - Dark / 3 / 1300 / 1000
Card Number
- IOC-029

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.27.04

DM7FGD Bowganian

Bowganian's a pretty interesting Monster card, and one that gets underrated
by a lot of people due to its low ATK strength, being at only 1300. But with
its stats, it can be searched by the Witch, Sangan, and the Tomato, making
it quite a speedy card. 600 damage to your opponent during each of your
Standby Phases is nothing to laugh at, and it could easily aide in bringing
you closer to victory over your opponent. Not only is it capable of doing
quite a bit of damage, both with its Effect and ATK strength combined, but
it's also a pretty fun card to use in such Decks as Burner, Dark-based, and
Machine Decks. It's not exactly easy to utilize to its full potential, being
that it'd be hard to keep face-up on the Field for long, but with a little
bit of protection, it could be pretty effective for you. Here's a link to my
article featuring Bowganian (Bowgunian in Japanese) in my LItF section.

§~ Bowganian ~§
Overall Rating: 2.7/5 
dawnyoshi Bowganian is pretty simple. Let it stay alive and your opponent takes damage every turn. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is.

It's really easy to use Bowganian. Just summon him, then protect your field while using stall cards to keep the opponent from attacking. They'll be taking a 600 damage gunshot every turn. Its stats aren't that bad either, though you can't rely on Bowganian winning you the game that easily...after all, it isn't exactly a good wall if you're relying on gravity bind or messenger of peace.

Constructed: 3/5

Limited: 3.5/5

Not bad if you get D.D Borderline or some Gravity Releases, but this monster will more than likely die early on. Of course, you could combine this with spatial collapse have a beatstick like Big Koala out, making your opponent regret attacking Bowganian when the Koala smacks the opponent's monster for some major damage. 
ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:

This monster finds Gravity Bind and makes sweet, passionate love to it. In public. Same with MoP.

Auto 600 per turn this card stays on the field...if you're playing massive stall, your opponent may get to Raigeki or Dark Hole some, but not all of these. If you keep playing them, you will eventually get them to stick for a few turns.

A 1300 attacker that is protected from either L4 and ups or 1500+ that does 600 a turn is great for this kind of deck. My only complaint:

You have MoP on the field and this. It's 1300. Your opponent summons...Don Zaloog. Oh crap.

This is a scenario you will run into MORE than once when playing this card if you're not going up against total newbs. And when you're playing stall, you need every option you can get.

3.75/5 in Burn, 1.5/5 in regular 
Tony Hola everyone ^^ It's ur boii toNy back for Card of the Day!

hRmmm...I guess we are doing direct damage/burn decks this week...

+ Inflicts direct damage
+ It's a machine
+ It's 3 stars
+ Searchable with Mystic Tomato

- It's soooo weak
- It's only 600 life points
- It's very situational

The combos with this card only goes up to things like Waboku, Limiter Removal, Gravity Bind, and Swords of Revealing Light. Only 2 things are played in the meta-game and other two are very easily countered. This card can only belong in one type of deck: Burner.

This card is not as good as other burner cards such as Cannon Soldier, Injection Fairy Lily, and even Des Koala.

Bowganian can be good if you play a LOT of machine monsters in your deck. Limiter Removal is a very fun burner card. That means you can also run a decent stall card called Scapegoats in your deck also. And since it is 3 stars, you can use Gravity Bind to stall.

The bad part of this card is obviously its strength. It's only 1300 strong. Mystic Tomato, Don Zaloog, DD Warrior Lady...they can all destroy this card. And plus, it's only 600 damage per Stanby Phase and when was the last time you had a creature on your side of the field for more than 5 turns? Even 3...

Constructed: 3/10 (only in burner deck, not even in machine deck)
Limited: 6/10 (it's a decent burn if your opponent can't kill it)

Best Situation:
Your opponent has a face up 1600-1900 attacker on the field. You have Jinzo, Bowganian, Cannon Soldier on the field with Limiter Removal in hand. You attack with Jinzo, during damage step, activate Limiter Removal, attack with Cannon Soldier, and then Bowganian. Mainphase 2, launch all your monsters to your opponent's life points directly. 
Tranorix Tuesday: Bowganian

Here s another Burn monster, one whom some might prefer over the Bird for several reasons. 1) It has better attack, and 2) it s a Machine. It s also level 3 and gets around Gravity Bind, but it does slightly less damage. So let s look at it a little further:

1300 ATK is not that good; most monsters played in tournament decks will run over it with ease. The solution? Gravity Bind. Play this and your opponent won t be able to hit your Bowganian but will instead have his monsters sit there while you steadily drain his LP away, 600 per turn (or more if you have multiple Bowganians or some Stealth Birds on the side).

What about M/T removal? Simple! Use Judgment of Anubis. Now you ll be killing his beatsticks, protecting your Bowganian, and inflicting even MORE damage. A deck based around just these three cards could be deadly (hey, why not use Limiter Removal for extra fun?), but Bowganian doesn t need his own deck to succeed. A Waboku or Mirror Force will suffice and allow you to do a little (and if you re lucky, more than a little) damage.
Typical tournament deck: 2.5/5
Burn deck: 4/5

Stats: Bowganian is a Level 3 Dark/Machine.  That means that right of the bat, it’s got possibly the top Attribute/Type combinations, and works with Gravity Bind.  Gravity Bind-themed decks are often forgotten or ignored at a player’s peril: the unprepared are simply annihilated by a good Gravity Bind deck.  The ATK is a somewhat paltry 1300-this is low enough that a Mystic Tomato can take it out.  Its DEF is even lower, a mere 1000.  Personally, I would like this card better if it were 1450/1500, for reason’s to be mentioned below.  At least that makes it searchable via the effects of Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, and Mystic Tomato, and lets it slip under Messenger of Peace. 

Effect(s): This card has a wondrous ability to inflict a solid 600 damage to your opponent’s LP during each of their Standby Phases.  Ah, but here’s the rub: the card must naturally be face-up for the effect to work.  With its ATK/DEF scores from above, that’s going to be reeeeaaaal tricky. 

Uses/Combinations: Like Stealth Bird, this card screams for protection from Messenger of Peace and/or Gravity Bind.  With this one, I strongly encourage Chorus of Sanctuary be considered, since even a Witch of the Black Forest can take this thing out if it’s in DEF mode, and if you think you’ll want it in ATK mode, remember that Mystic Tomato can run this thing down, as can Don Zaloog

Something this has over Stealth Bird is that its Attribute/Type bonus can be made use of.  If you use it just with Gravity bind, then a Mystic Plasma zone jacks it up to an 1800 ATK.  You could also run it with Cannon Soldier, also a Dark Machine, in which case, a kamikaze assault seems good: try to summon multiple copies at once, Limiter Removal, and finally tribute with Cannon Soldier.  Now, that doesn’t make any real use of Bowganian’s effect, so tack this step on: set a Wobaku and Ceasefire with these guys.  On your opponent’s turn, you will have a chance to activate Ceasefire before the end of your opponent’s Standby Phase, allowing Bowganian’s effect to hit once, and doing some nice LP damage aside.  Waboku can then easily protect them, since even if the opponent tries to nuke Waboku, you can just chain.  You should then be able to hit for some good damage on the next turn, especially if your opponent lacks a lot of monsters.  And always remember, Limiter Removal alters the monsters current ATK, so they stack. 


Casual: 3.75/5-While weaker in terms of LP damage inflicted and DEF, Bowganian seems easier to run than Stealth Bird. 

Tournament: 3.25/5-Still easier, but like Stealth Bird, your opponents’ decks in this format will be better equip to get around things like Gravity bind and Messenger of Peace, plus Cyber/Morphin Jar #2 can wreak havoc with these kind of set-ups. 

Limited: 4/5-D.D. Borderline, again, makes this card incredible, especially since the starting LP for this format is only 4000. 


A good monster that seems just a touch too weak to be used outside a deck geared around it, in my opinion.


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