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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Insect Princess
Ultra Rare

Insect / Effect Monster
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, battle position of all face-up Insect-Type monsters on your opponent's side of the field are changed into Attack Position. Each time this card destroys an Insect-Type monster in battle, increase the ATK of this card by 500 points.

Type - Wind / 6 / 1900 / 1200
Card Number
- IOC-080

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.16.04

SomeGuy Friday - Insect Princess

Not much to say about this little princess. Value wise, it's one of the worst, if not worst Ultra Rare to pull out of IOC.

Any monster that relies on your opponent running insect monsters, of all types, is going to be pretty bad. There are several combos where you can provide the insect monsters for your opponent, but they don't make this card much better. Casually, sure. Tier one? Not a chance.

Also keep in mind that the monster begins with a mere 1900 ATK while requiring a tribute.

Limited? I'll run it. A single tribute for a 1900 ATK monster makes a lot more sense here, and most Limited decks will be able to deal with the minimum sacrifice. Add in the fact that you have a good chance of seeing an insect monster on your opponent's side of the field and you have a winner.


Constructed - 1.5/5
Limited - 4/5 
dawnyoshi Insect Princess is highly underrated I believe. Her attack strength might only be 1900, but as the shadow is shown the drawing, she's got a demonic side. You can bring out that demonic side through some good combos using DNA Surgery or Parasite Paracide. Try using the Ojama Trio with DNA Surgery or Parasite and you'll not only be raising Insect Princess' attack to massive proportions, but you'll be dealing massive damage to the opponent's life points. If you don't want to sacrifice for her, use Pinch Hopper. She really is very effective.

Constructed: 3.5/5

Limited: 3/5

You'll most likely see her just as good in limited when you're more than likely to find at least one insect in the opponent's cards.  
infinitekhaos This card is crying out for DNA Surgery. Maybe even a Parasite Paracide would help. I don't think I've seen a card so situational. The base stats are horrible as well, one tribute for 1900. The only monster worth that would be Airknight Parshath. Sure you can get it up to 2400, hope that yugi2112 is playing his AWESOME ALL INSECT DECK. You somehow lower the attack of this Empress Mantis...man this card is just so bad I can't even review on it.


Constructed - 0.5/5

Limited - 0/5

Artwork - 0/5

Closing Line - not even worth a closing line... 
ExMinion OfDarkness Friday:
Insect Princess

Just...no...if I see you playing this outside of a theme deck I reserve the right to smack you in the head.

On a serious note...there is only one Tribute monster I'd play with 1900 ATK. And last time I checked, this thing didn't have "Parshath" anywhere in its name. In order to Tribute a monster for a low ATK one like this, you have to have a great effect. Airknight and Vampire Lord both pass this test. This card's effect isn't stellar at all. If they happen to have a MeB face-up on the field (like that's really likely...) then it's stuck in Attack mode. But how often will your opponent be using an Insect-type monster? The low-level monsters you want to stick into ATK mode are Sangan, Witch, Spirit Reaper...and none of them fit the bill. The only Insect I think would see play is Neo Bug, and with 1800 ATK, that thing is ALREADY in Attack mode.

YES, it's possible you could use DNA Surgery with this card. However, looking at monsters this one could kill...Sangan, Witch, Mystic Tomato, Shining Angel, D.D. Warrior Lady, Magical Scientist, Don Zaloog...that about covers the ones we see in tournament-caliber play. They WANT you to kill the first 4, the 5th would get rid of this...

And if you do manage to kill something with this, it gains a whole 500 attack...so it's at 2400...opponent with a starter deck plays a Beatstick and equips Axe, and laughs at you.

Trade this to a n00b for a better Ultra.


Stats: Insect Princess is a Level 6 Wind/Insect.  Being a Level 6 isn’t too bad; just one tribute.  When we get to the Uses/Combinations section, you’ll see that being a Level 5 would have been much better.  Being a Wind Monster is getting to not be a bad thing, as we have three very solid Wind “beatsticks”: Slate Warrior, Luster Dragon #2, and Spear Dragon.  Insects are starting to crawl up the food chain as well: Insect Princess is one of the recent cards released to give those cards some bite.  As for her stats, the DEF is okay: 1200 won’t block much, but it makes her legal to search for via Witch of the Black Forest.  The ATK though seems terrible at 1900.  On a Level 4, 1900 is broken.  On a Level 6, it’s bad, unless it helps balance out an effect… 

Effect(s): …and this card has two.  Each time it destroys (in battle) an opposing Insect Monster, it gains 500 ATK.  Also, all Insects on your opponent’s side of the field are forced into ATK mode.  All in all, two solid effects for a Level 6. 

Uses/Combinations: Here’s where I explain why I wish she was a Level 5: Insect Imitation.  This card let’s you offer a monster on your side of the field as Tribute to Special Summon an Insect Monster one level higher than what was Tributed.  So if she had been a Level 5, this would be beautiful.  The only Level 5 that is commonly played is… Vampire Lord.  I don’t like depending upon one card.  Oh well. 

The best I can think of is an Wind/[Insect].  However, the Insect part will mostly be from DNA Surgery.  Now add 3 Ojama Trio.  Remember, they have 0ATK, and the Princess’ effect will force them into ATK mode.  Rising Wind Current will also boost her attack (and those Level 4 1900 attackers) to 2400 ATK.  Wanna make it even better?  Good old Insect Barrier.  Now not only does your opponent have a bunch of bugs, but they can’t attack either. :-D 

If you want to get real creative, try using you can try mixing in Prickle Fairy, and Anti-Aircraft Flower and Scape Goats (which DNA Surgery turns into Insects) for a sick burn deck.  It’s a lot of work, but, for example, nuking each Scape Goat would be worth a total of 3200.  If you don’t think its worth keeping, you could then nuke the Anti-Aircraft Flower itself (love that DNA Surgery) to make it an even 4000. 


Casual: 4/5-I think this could make some interesting decks work well here. 

Tournament: 3.5/5-It makes those decks work here as well, but as always, you have the best of the best to worry about. 

Limited: 3/5-This is sort of an “average” rating.  Neo Bug, a Level 4 1800 ATK Earth/Insect is in this set as a common.  So, timed right, you could possible power this up to a decent level.  I figure a roughly even spread of games were it stays puny, games where it gets buff, and games where it nails one but, making it 2400 ATK, and thus breaking even. 


A good card that seems just a little short of being ground-breaking (without being broken).

Tranorix Friday: Insect Princess

Well, here’s a card whose only real use is in an Insect deck. Otherwise, she’s a mere one tribute 1900 with a mediocre effect. So let’s look at her more closely: She’s Witchable. She’s Hopperable. She combos nicely with DNA surgery. She has decent ATK (though not for a tribute monster).

Basically, you’d only want to play her in an Insect deck. It’d also be a good idea to use DNA Surgery (or if you’re a fan, Parasite Paracide) or else her effect won’t do much of anything. I’ve never been a big fan of cards that depend on which cards your opponent is playing (especially if practically nobody plays these cards…there are very few Insects in today’s metagame). But if your opponent is running them, or is forced into running them, Insect Princess becomes quite the monster. It shouldn’t be too hard for her to kill a Don or Kycoo-turned-Insect, after which point she gains a nice 500 ATK. You could get her quite high using this effect. Of course, she’s still subject to the massive amount of monster removal we have…Regardless, she’s a pretty under-appreciated monster that might warrant testing in a casual deck.

Rating in typical tourney deck: 1.2/5

Rating in Insect deck: 3.9/5



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