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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Curse of Darkness

Each time a Spell Card is activated, the controller of that Spell Card takes 1000 points of damage.

Type - Continuous Trap
Card Number
- IOC-106

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.15.04

dawnyoshi Curse of Darkness; also known as one of the most annoying and effective traps ever invented. This is the only card that truly makes your opponent hesitant on using spell cards. 1000 damages equals a good 1/8 of the damaged one's life points, so it's not exactly and easy cost to pay up for one spell. Even if the opponent activates a spell to destroy Curse of Darkness, if the Curse is already active, your opponent will still suffer for it. By far one of the best burner cards to be released.

Constructed: 4/5

Limited: 3.5/5

In limited, you only have 4000 life points typically. In other words, this is one of the best ways to shut down the use of spells in a duel. However, spells in IOC aren't used nearly as often as the traps and monsters of IOC. 
infinitekhaos Can anyone say burn deck? Personally I don't think this card has much potential. A much better choice would be Tower of Babel, one of the members of my staff "Gay Justin" made a deck out of it. This card has potential though, don't get me wrong. Most decks today are 50% spells, so you can do a lot of damage with this, maybe even lock someone. If you really want to make a deck with it, you can play it in Clown Control. Make sure you have your Gravity Binds/ Messengers out. Then activate this, they take damage if they try to destroy your binds. To protect this, you can put down Judgment of Anubis, it will add more "burn" to the situation.

In limited this would be a bit more helpful, as you can play around more in limited. If say....Yugi2112 were to play Dian Keto, he would gain the life then lose it, lol. Seriously though, lets say you were facing a REAL opponent in limited, they would depend on cards like Graceful Charity, Dark Hole, etc. Also, you would have Ookazi, Poison of the Old Man, and other burn cards to add to it. So I see this card getting more play in a limited environment.

Constructed - 2/5

Limited - 3/5

Artwork - 4/5 - Reminds me of DBZ for some reason?

Closing Line - Poison of the Old man? CHAIN...YOU ONLY GAIN 200!!!! BUAHAHAHAHA 
ExMinion OfDarkness Thursday:
Curse of Darkness

This card is a commonly overlooked Rare in IoC. And for those of us who weigh retail blisters, we've most likely gotten 1-2 of these as well (A heavy Rare...x.x)

This card is a potential candidate for Burn decks. 1,000 LP isn't exactly something to scoff at. Most decks contain nearly 20 Magic cards...the only problem is that 5 of them can get rid of this card, and 3 of them can chain to this card so no damage would be taken. (The MSTs). And let's not forget about Breaker.

If you can fool your opponent into wasting their Magic/Trap removal on things like Waboku, Scapegoat, etc...other chainables, when this hits the field, they may find themselves depleting into nothing.

3/5... Limited, 1,000 is essentially 2,000 LP...because you only start with 4,000 anyway. So this thing is even more powerful. You set it, wait until your opponent plays a Magic that may or may not do them any good (in an IoC Draft, Yellow Luster Shield and Heart of the Underdog are good examples), chain this, and they take 1,000. If they get to that Smashing Ground they luckily drafted, then they may not be able to use it!

4.5/5 in Limited. 

Stats: Curse of Darkness is a permanent Trap Card, and thatís just right.  Its effect would be lame as a one-shot deal, or if it didnít come as a surprise, so this was really the only way to go. 

Effect(s): each time a player activates a Spell card, they take 1000 points of damage.  Thatís neither a tremendous amount nor an insignificant burn.  Assuming it stacks, setting a few of these is beautiful.  You should be able to chain to the activation of Spell cards, just as you can with IO, but I could be wrong.  I didnít find any rulings, but maybe I missed them?  Anyway, even if you canít and you have multiples set, it would take a mass removal card to get rid of them.  3000 for a single spell card is nasty.  Now, the downside is that it applies to you as well.  Fortunately, savvy players can make good use of Traps to avoid using their Spell cards, at least for a few turns. 

Uses/Combinations: First, try to cut down on Spell cards when using this.  Second, run Barrel Behind the Door with it.  I donít think one Barrel Behind the Door would block the damage from multiple copies of Curse to oneself, if you do only have one in play, then it can turbo charge other burn cards. ;)  Other than that, just run it with other burn cards and your opponent is in real trouble.  Nothing like activating an activating a Just Desserts, then chaining Ojama Trio to it. :-D 


Casual: 4/5-Very nice for Burn decks here. 

Constructed: 3.5/5-I donít think Burn decks are as strong here, but it sure looks good. 

Limited: 4/5-Sure, Spell cards generally donít show up much here, but get this out early game and almost all of them are no longer worth it: thatís a fourth of your starting LP for this format! 


An excellent example of what a Trap and Burn card should be-I really hope I didnít miss something here. >_<


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