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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sasuke Samurai #3

Warrior / Effect Monster
When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, your opponent draws until his/her hand has 7 cards.

Type - Light / 3 / 1000 / 1000
Card Number
- IOC-011

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.14.04

SomeGuy Wednesday - Sasuke Samurai #3
Ummm... How about no?

Even in a deck that wins via milling your opponent's deck away you wouldn't want to use this monster. If you allow your opponent to massively fill up his or her hand, you lose during the next turn. It's as simple as that.

It's not like 1000/1000 will get you anywhere either. At the very least, this thing should have had a ridiculously high ATK without the drawback of a tribute. Oh well.

Yes, it's bad in Limited as well. Even though your opponent won't have as many broken cards in this format, you are just helping them get closer to their bomb card that they pulled.


Constructed - 1/5
Limited - 1/5 
dawnyoshi Sasuke Samurai #3 is the ultimate deck destruction card. If your opponent likes burning his/her hand in order to deal a little damage, you can easily destroy the field and deal some damage with the Samurai, making them draw about 5-7 cards most likely. Play Card Destruction after that and they draw another 5-7 cards. That's 10-14 cards out of their deck already, which certainly isn't a bad thing.

However, Sasuke 3 can also be the ultimate hand advantage for you. Combine this with either a Spirit Reaper or a D.D Scout Plane (preferably) by playing Creature Swap, giving the opponent your Samurai. Have the little weakling monster you control hit Samurai 3, you suffer a little damage, AND you'll get a massive hand advantage. This little guy is great for combos.

Constructed: 3.5/5

Limited: 3/5

This guy is a little less effective in limited booster drafts, where removal is scarce. However, he's a light monster, and you can always clear the field via Chaos Sorcerer, and the damage this samurai will do to the opponent's deck is twice as bad with the 20-28 deck size (including the Special edition variant if that's allowed). 
infinitekhaos At first when you look at this card.. I'm sure you think...WHY WOULD I WANT MY OPPONENT TO DRAW?! Well there are several reasons. Maybe, you would want to play Card Destruction or flip a Morphing Jar (its not THAT impossible to get) to take a chunk out of your opponents deck. Or, if you're playing some low budget burn deck, you can attack with him while Gravity Bind is out, then play Secret Barrel. His stats are the best of all the Sasuke Samurai. 1000 isn't awesomely great, but it is decent.

The main deck this guy is worth putting in would be a chaos deck. Yes, a chaos deck. Remember, when you summon your CED, it is a special summon. You can use your normal summon on Sasuke Samurai #3. Attack with him, get cards into your opponents hand, attack with your dragon then burn the world. That's at least 2700 (sasuke+CED+seven cards). Would I play this guy? Sure, if you think you can protect him, he works, but he's not necessary.

Constructed - 3/5

Limited - 2/5 - ok now this is where that WHY WOULD I WANT MY OPPONENT TO DRAW issue comes into play lol

Artwork - 4.5/5 - awesome artwork

ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Sasuke Samurai #3

This is certainly an interesting card...and one you usually HOPE your opponent plays against you.

Typically, giving your opponent 7 cards isn't the best of choices. The obvious use for this card is in a Deckout deck...get them to draw a lot, then play Card Destruction or flip a Morphing Jar. The problem is, if you're giving your opponent that many options, you typically had better be winning that're just begging for a one-turn onslaught otherwise. HFD, Dark Hole, Reborn, Duo, etc, etc...Yata :P

1/5 in Constructed...

...but I'm not done yet. This card's strength lies in Limited. I usually don't talk about Draft, because I despise leveling the playing field that much...but Draft decks are 27 cards max, and can be as low as 20. If you force your opponent to draw 5-6 cards with this, and can stall afterwards, they could very well deck out.

I actually DID draft this in one of my IoC didn't help me, but it could have had situations been different.

3/5 in Limited. 

Stats: Sasuke Samurai #3 is a Level 3 Light/Warrior Monster.  This is somewhat odd given the other two are both Wind/Warriors.  Being a Light monster is fine-Light Monsters have support, and are in high demand thanks to the “Chaos Monsters” that need to remove one (and a Dark monster) to be Special Summoned.  Warriors are well supported, so this is an excellent type to be.  Being a Level 3 is of course great-makes it a drop-an-play monster that can go under Gravity Bind.  No, I don’t see a lot of Gravity Bind decks, but whenever I stop worrying about them, then BAM!  I get blindsided by one.  Lastly for this section, are its actual ATK and DEF scores: both are 1000.  Given the effect and few ways I can see of making use of it, this might be the best for the ATK, though the DEF could be up to 1500 for what I have in mind.  As is, it is definitely legal for searching out via Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan, or Shining Angel’s effects. 

Effect(s): “When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, your opponent draws until his/her hand has 7 cards.”  Well, that’s interesting.  As far as effects go, that seems pretty lame.  I mean, your opponent won’t be forced to discard excessive cards until their End-Phase, so you probably just gave them some draw Power of Pokémon caliber-well, Pokémon Modified Format Caliber (most players seem to have 3-4 cards in hand).  Still, in Yu-Gi-Oh terms, you’re probably going to be giving them a double Pot of Greed with this.   

Uses/Combinations: I can see only one real use for this: depletion.  Well, another would be using Appropriate for an “aggressive Exodia”-deck, but there are better cards for that kind of trick so I am not counting that.  Anyway, in a depletion deck, it still should be a fall back guy-use it when you have some sick combo that needs the opponent to have a huge hand.  An obvious thing would be prior to using Card Destruction on them, or before flipping your own Morphing Jar.  There are a few other combos to build around this, but these are probably the best.  If you do find you use it a lot, then Secret Passage to the Treasure would all but guarantee the lilfella works.  I suppose if you want to get real crazy, you could combine it with a Spirit Monster themed deck, mainly for use with Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, who makes the opponent discard their hand when it does Battle Damage to the opponent’s LP.  If you could actually hit with these two a few times together, you would win from decking out… but since you’d probably have to keep the field clear, you could also win buy the sheer damage you’d have done with the attacks. 


Casual: 3/5-Mainly because the deck idea is insane and fun, which are honestly important here-players who enjoy themselves seem to play better (as a general observation of mine), and the unexpected can throw an opponent off. 

Constructed: 2/5-I am probably being too generous here, but then again most players are trying to burn through there decks… so some unwanted assistance late game can finish them off, especially if you are prepared to handle whatever they dish out (say by having an Imperial Order ready and Waboku set). 

Limited: 3/5-I can’t really make up my mind here… most turns you’d probably just add one card… but in 20 card decks (note-if doing a starter-deck based event, consider the score like a 1.25/5) that can add up quick.  If you do catch them more or less empty handed, then that’s roughly half their remaining deck, even if it’s first turn! 


A quirky little card whose effect ironically needs to be even “more” helpful to hurt the opponent: 8-10 would really, really mean almost certain depletion.  Perhaps it would have been safer and better all around if it just made them draw a set, sizable number, like 4 cards.  That way multiples would help.


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