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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

D. D. Designator
Super Rare

Declare 1 card name. Look at your opponent's hand, and if he/she has the declared card in his/her hand, remove that 1 card from play. If he/she doesn't have the declared card in his/her hand, remove 1 random card in your hand from play.

Type - Normal Spell
Card Number
- IOC-039

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.12.04

SomeGuy Monday - D. D. Designator

Besides all the Chaos and Gorillas from Invasion of Chaos, D. D. Designator was the "other" chase-card from the set.

Several competitive cards have amazing synergy with it...

-Witch of the Black Forest (opposing)
-Sangan (opposing)
-Sinister Serpent (opposing)
-Yata-Garasu (opposing)
-The Forceful Sentry
-D. D. Designator

And of course, the card is removed, which means it's a great metagame choice to deal with all the chaos, literally.

Besides the draw-back of having to have at least one card in your hand in order to play, the serious disadvantage can be worked around. Keeping track of what your opponent has played, by checking his or her graveyard and/or removed from game pile can also increase the odds in your favor. This usually only applies to situations not concerning the above listed cards, as they are what make the card a great control option.

All in all, I find D. D. Designator to be a very manipulative card, which is definitely a good thing. There are several more ways to abuse D. D. Designator when you are not certain your opponent has a specific card. Playtest and see if you can figure them out.


Constructed - 4/5
Limited - 1/5 (In such a random format, the odds are truly against you...) 
dawnyoshi D.D Designator is already cool due to its art, which is by far the coolest picture of D.D Warrior Lady out, four cards I believe. However, D.D Designator is an annoying strong card if played correctly. Combine this with The Forceful Sentry, Confiscation, or even Exchange and you'll be removing the opponent's best cards before they have the chance to use them. Or better yet, make your opponent regret their search via Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest when you declare the card they show you. It has a lot of possibilities.

Constructed: 3.5/5

Limited: 1.5/5

Almost no use in limited. You might be able to pair this up with begone Knave or Gale Lizard, but that's it. 
infinitekhaos D.D. Designator… I consider this card to be the fourth pre-negator. It is easy to play especially right after The Forceful Sentry or Confiscation. My favorite time to use it is when I play Raigeki and destroy my opponents Witch or Sangan. When they search, I usually remove what they just searched for, its best when they search for Sinister Serpent.

This card can also save you, if your opponent knows you have no monsters, and they try to yata lock you, you can remove the bird from the game. Also, if a card is removed from the game, it’s not likely they’ll get it back…especially if it is a spell or trap. The only downside I see to this card would be topdecking it, then you wouldn’t even be able to properly disrupt.

One upside is, you can play multiples of this card, it won’t be restricted.

Constructed – 4/5

Limited – 1/5 – you will seldom see your opponents hand in limited

Closing Line – attack with yata? Ok…..D.D. DESIGNATE YATA!!!! BUAHAHAHA  
ExMinion OfDarkness Monday:
D. D. Designator

For those of us who have bought at least 20 or so IoC packs, you're bound to have 1 or 2 of these. For those of us with pocket scales, you've seen even more (this thing weighs heavy for some reason, this and Chaosrider...back to the point...)

Many people are talking about replacing their Delinquent Duo with this should the USA succumb to the Japanese Ban List at some point in time. It's better than Confiscation or Forceful in that it has no cost and removes the card, but it requires you to either be a lucky guesser, really smart about opponent's movements (I'll explain further in), or suffer a HEFTY drawback.

Let's look at situations where this could be useful more than not:
*Right after a Confiscation or Forceful Sentry. If you know what's in their hand, then you know you'll get another card.
*After you attack a Witch or Sangan, and your opponent chooses a monster for their effect. Your opponent probably had some plans for that monster (taking Tribe-Infecting Virus when they can't overpower what you have on the field, etc.)
*If you see your opponent checking their Graveyard, and they don't usually do it all the time. Unless they're checking for a Chaos monster summon, they either have Monster Reborn, Premature Burial, or Call of the Haunted...and if they check your Graveyard, then you know what they have.
*If all else fails, pick one of the two cards that are used in multiples of 3 in the common tournament metagame: Mystical Space Typhoon and Waboku. If it's your first turn, and you have no other hand disruption, one of these is your best choice. Not a move I'd always make, but one I'd consider.

I give this card a 3.75/5. If we didn't have Don and the 3 Prenegators, we'd probably be packing these. 

Stats: D.D. Designator is a normal Spell.  Generally this is the weakest of Spell cards.  Due to the nature of its effect (which I will come to in the next section), I think it would be better off as a Quick-Play. 

Effect(s): Pretty simple-you name a card, and if the opponent has one in hand, you get to remove that card from play.  If you name something that isn’t there though, then you lose a random card from your own hand, and it is removed from play to boot.  I think this card seems to punish the player who uses it more than the opponent it targets.  It might help if it were a Quick-play so that it could be chained to certain effects. 

Uses/Combinations:  For example, one can use it after the opponents Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest is destroyed, and one knows a certain monster is there.  I guess it’s not so bad if you run Dimension Summon in case it fails… well, maybe it is.  The only combo that really makes it playable is using it after Dark Designator… but Exchange could also be used, and tends to be more effective in my opinion (take my Mystic tomato, and I’ll take your Pot of Greed). 


Casual: 3/5-Useful for “coring” certain decks. 

Constructed: 2/5-Same as above, but so unreliable and slow to be very effective. 

Limited: 3/5-You have a better chance of guessing right, since the card pool is… well… limited. 


Why punish someone for using an “okay” card?


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