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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magical Merchant

Insect / Effect Monster
FLIP: Pick up (not draw) card from the top of your Deck until a Spell Card or Trap Card is picked up. Add that card to your hand. Any other cards picked up are sent to the Graveyard.

Type - Light / 1 / 200 / 700
Card Number
- MFC-079

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 4.07.04

MerrilHess Magical Merchant

This is a card that could be good. It thins the deck and pretty much gives you a free card. The fact that it sends all monsters pulled to the grave blows, but when you think about it, it’s not bad at all. The ratio for a good deck is 16:19:5 or somewhere around there. So the chances of you pulling a Spell or Trap is pretty good. Still, it’s a flip effect that is easily erased by Nobleman of Crossout. I don’t play it, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to play it in a fun deck. Also, your opponent gets to see the card you got so he knows your hand a little bit, so it is bad in that respect.

I give Magical Merchant a 2.5/5. It allows you to get a free card, but isn’t really needed.  

ExMinion OfDarkness Wednesday:
Magical Merchant

This is a very, very interesting card I have seen a successful Exodia Deck built around. It dumps monsters, gets you a S/T...not bad for a flip.

The deck I've seen has only 4 Magic/Traps: 1 Painful Choice, 2 Backup Soldier, and 1 Pharaoh's Treasure. Painful Choice makes SURE the right cards get in the GY, Backup Soldiers to recover the dumped legs, and Pharaoh's Treasure to make sure you never deck out, because it will go back in the Deck. EVERYTHING else was either high DEF, flip, or recovery monsters.

I don't recommend this for a normal Deck, as a normal Deck will have a ratio of Monster to non-monster cards of 2:3 (2 monsters for every 3 non-monster cards, leaving an average of 16 monsters to 24 Magic/Trap cards). This means you'd dump only 1 or 2 monsters at most. You'd be better off playing Jar of Greed.

1.5/5 in normal play, but 5/5 for the specific Deck mentioned above.
Limited: 2/5. You may not draft as many Spells or Traps as you'd like, and you could possibly dump the monsters that would have saved you. I'd only use this if you had a couple of staples (meaning it was Sealed play, not Booster Draft) or you had one kickass Spell you know would win you the Duel (e.g. Smashing Ground in an IoC booster draft.) 

Stats: Another Level 1 Monster.  This one is a Light/Insect.  At level 3, it can slip under Gravity Bind, but with a 200ATK, who cares?  It’s DEF of 700 is also most unimpressive.  At least it can be fodder for Chaos Monsters. 

Card Text (Effects): Of course, that wouldn’t be enough for me to want to review this, and given the week’s theme, it will of course help Chaos Necromancer at least.  So what does it do?  It has a flip effect-when flipped, it makes you “pick-up” cards until you get a Spell or a Trap card, then discard anything else that you drew.  Normally a lame ability, but as I said, this is a combo week… 

Uses/Combinations: This thing is great for Chaos Necromancer.  When that card is run properly, you have a bunch of monster you want to throw away, anyway.  It also works well for Shadow Ghoul, too.  Pretty basic, I know, but for those cards, it’s fantastic.  And remember, if it goes off, you also get a Spell/Trap card added to your hand as well.  There’s nothing like discarding half your deck, only to draw a Monster Reborn to revive your Necromancer or Ghoul. ;)  With careful planning, it can also help Necrofear… just don’t use it before you have one or two of them in hand. 


Casual: 3/5-The goofy decks that can take advantage of it are stronger here. 

Constructed: 2/5-Only real good with this weeks theme and a few other obscure decks… I think. 

Limited: 1.75/5-Unless you get something that specifically combos with it, you may nearly deck out before you draw what you need! 


Yeah, this one was short and none too sweet-probably should have started with this, since it’s so weird, and meant there might have been a little build up to the main guy. >_<


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