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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gravekeeper's Spy

Card Number - PGD-059

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 09.09.03

wartortle32 Gravekeeper's Spy

FLIP: Select 1 monster that includes "Gravekeeper's" in its card name with an ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck and Special Summon it in face-up Attack or Defense Position. The Deck is then shuffled.

We continue the week of Gravekeepers with the Spy. I explained yesterday about how GK decks rely on swarming the opponent with multiple GKs. This monster continues that theme, being able to summon any gravekeepr from your deck, except for the Chief. Usually, what happens to me in duels is that my Spy gets attacked by usually a spear dragon or GAF. In that situation, I usually summon a spear soldier so I can do a fair bit of damage the next turn. Otherwise I go with a Gravekeeper's Cannon holder and prepare to sacrifice the Spy next turn, his effect being used up.

There's usually a gravekeeper that you can summon for
any occasion that comes up. The GK you summon depends on the current situation. 

The other great thing about this card is it's powerful defense. With necrovalley on the field, it's got a 2500 defense strength, not something that most monsters in the metagame can break through. It can also come as a surprise to the opponent as they usually expect a face down monster to be a weak flip effect monster, as not that many people use high defense monsters anymore. 

In a GK deck, I'd give this a 3.8/5. While not a staple, it is definitely key to providing speed in your deck. And in a pinch, you can use its defense to stall for maybe a few turns while you prepare an attack. 
Dark Umbreon This is one of the few Gravekeeper's cards I do have. It's basically a Flip summon that lets you grab another Gravekeeper card from your deck.

It has to be 1500 ATK Power or less, so that leaves Spear Soldier, Gaurd, Assailant, and another Spy. A wide selection for a deck full of Gravekeepers. This card is useful if you're looking for a special card and can't get to it right away. 

Some disadvantages to this card are that its a Flip Summon. Flip Summons are commonly slow and will be killed my prowling Crossouts. However, if you do get a chance to flip it, the card is immediately summoned in face up Attack or Defence. That means that with no special help this card can't be flip summoned. If Necro Valley is out, then the card would automatically get its 500. 

This card is a great searcher for Gravekeepers decks, Sort of like Sangan, but I still sort of like Sangan better.

Tournament : 3.5/5
Casual 3/5 
DuelMonster Tuesday:

Gravekeeper’s Spy/Infiltrator:
PGD-059-Short Print
Effect: FLIP: Select 1 monster that includes "Gravekeeper’s" in its card name with an ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck and Special Summon it in face-up Attack or Defense Position. The Deck is then shuffled.

Well now, this card can Special Summon any of the GraveKeeper's except the Chief, and you wouldn't want to Summon a flip monster face-up, or put a Watcher on the field... so that leaves Curse, Spear, Vassal, CannonHolder and Assailant. Her effect makes the deck run allot faster, especially when you have the field set-up and going good.

If you have a Necrovalley, CannonHolder and a set Spy, you can flip her to Special Summon a GK-Curse (500 Damage), then Tribute Summon the GK-Curse for GK-Chief to Special Summon back a GK-Curse (not sure if you can revive the tributed monster because of time-resolving issues) for another 500 damage, then tribute everyone for another 2100 damage. Obviously 3100 isn't too much, but if you can get a clear shot at the opponents LP with everyone then tribute them it would be like 10400 damage.
Lets show that in a better view:
With Necrovalley;
Curse - 1300 + 500 automatic damage
Spy - 1700
Chief - 2400
Cannon - 1900

Flipping Spy to get a Curse to tribute for Chief to bring back a Curse = 1000
Attacking for full amount = 7300
Tribute everyone (except Cannon) = 2100

As you see Gravekeeper's can be pretty insane when they run in packs, And you can pull off even more deadly combos with a bit of though and planning, making GraveKeeper's Spy a valuable asset for getting the right monsters out at the right time and fast. It has the basic flaws of Flip-effect monsters like NoC, Sasuke Samurai and Hades, but where as the majority of Flip-Effect Monsters don't have much strength an sit and wait to be destroyed, Tributed or whatnot, With GK-Spy having 1200/1700 ATK and 2000/2500 DEF it can hold back many attacks and kick in a few faces after being flipped. The most obvious ways to reuse her effect would be Book Of Moon, Book Of Taiyou, Ready For Interception, The Shallow Grave, and Darkness Approaches, but getting it flipped once is still enough to make it worth playing.

Casual: 3.5
Tourney: 3.5
ArtWork: 3.0 - I still can't tell if it's a male or female on the card, but the translucency and light red glow around him/her makes for a cool looking effect, and DAMN!... Look at those clouds! Them are some nice puffy clouds. 
Pegasus Gravekeeper's Spy, 9/9/03:

This is a great card for Gravekeeper decks, since it'll let you search for any Gravekeeper except the Chief. It's also a 2000-DEF monster, so it'll stall for awhile until you can get your other Gravekeepers into your hand. 

1200 ATK makes it searchable by Sangan, and the monster you Special Summon can be in either ATK or DEF mode. 

Unfortunately, it's a flip effect, so it'll be somewhat difficult to actually use. And, of course, if this effect is activated on your opponent's turn, he can just attack the Gravekeeper you summon, so this card is really only good with Necrovalley (Necrovalley also makes this card 1700/2500, which is some pretty nice stats). 

Summoning out monsters will also let you acquire tributes for Gravekeeper's Chief more easily.

Not much more to say, is there....

Casual: 4/5 in Gravekeeper deck, 3/5 elsewhere (summon out another Gravekeeper's Spy for some stalling/tributing)
Tourney: 3.7/5 in Gravekeeper deck, 1.7/5 elsewhere 
Umbra Gravekeeper’s Spy

PGD-059---Short Print
Dark/Spellcaster/4 stars/ATK 1200/DEF 2000
FLIP: Select 1 monster that includes “Gravekeeper’s” in its card name with an ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck and Special Summon it in face-up Attack or Defense Position. The Deck is then shuffled.

In a gravekeeper deck, this card is PAINFUL. First off, its like an uber-sangan, for gravekeepers. Add to that the fact that all but 1 gravekeeper is 1500 or under, and you get a card that can summon nearly any monster in your gravekeeper deck. Sure it is a flip, but 2000 defense is nothing to sneeze at. Then, you have to factor it the 500 point boost from Necrovalley. 2500 defense points for 4 stars O_O;;. That can take a beating from the majority of cards people run. A great, cheap defense, plus the gaining of field advantage…as long as you can avoid Nobleman of crossout and Sasuke Samuri for a turn, your set.

Casual: 1.5
Themed: 4.5 
Vodkam Tuesday 09/09/03: 

Gravekeeper's Spy

FLIP: Select 1 monster that includes "Gravekeeper's" in its card name with an ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck and Special Summon it in face-up Attack or Defense Position. The Deck is then shuffled.

This is one of my favorite Gravekeeper cards.

2000 DEF will stop most monsters in their tracks. With Necrovalley out (and 2500 DEF), you'll need something stronger than Jinzo or Dark Ruler Ha Des to get past this monster. The real killer with this though is the ability to special summon another Gravekeeper from your deck. If you're on the offensive, bring out an Assailant, Spear Soldier or a Cannonholder. If you're on the defensive, bring out a Guard or another Spy to form a big wall. Even if your opponent Snatches your Gravekeeper's Chief, they can't get past this.

This is a staple in any Gravekeeper deck. I don't know of anyone with a Gravekeeper deck that doesn't run at least 2 of these. The real problem though is that it's a flip effect so if your opponent uses Nobleman of Crossout on it, your deck gets crippled pretty badly since Gravekeeper decks focus so heavily on swarming your opponent and this is a big part of it.

What I like most about this is that because of the high defense strength, it can be a useful card even outside of a Gravekeeper deck as long as you run a couple other Gravekeepers like Spear Soldier or Guard.

Casual: 4.0
Tourney: 3.5 


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