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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Gravekeeper's Chief

Card Number - PGD-065

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 09.08.03

wartortle32 Gravekeeper's Chief

You can have only 2 face-up “Gravekeeper’s Chief” on your side of the field at any time. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your Graveyard is not affected by “Necrovalley”. When you Tribute Summon this monster, you can Special Summon 1 monster that includes “Gravekeeper’s” in its card name from your Graveyard.

Well, today we're kicking off Gravekeeper week. Normally, you see me doing around 2-3 reviews a week because I'm rather busy. But this week, since my current deck is a gravekeeper deck, I'll be doing it every day this week.

One of things I love about Gravekeeper decks is the speed with which it can summon monsters. The Gravekeeper Chief is a good example of this as it lets you summon another gravekeeper from your grave if you tribute summoned it. So you didn't really lose anything from the tribute you gave to summon this level 5 monster. Unfortunately, you can only have one of these guys out at any time, so you cant tribute for the Chief and revive another Chief. With only 1900 ATK for a level 5 monster, it isn't that powerful, but that's not really the point of a Gravekeeper deck. The point of a GK deck is to swarm the opponent with multiple Gravekeepers at a time, which this monster helps you do.

The centerpiece of Gravekeeper decks is Necrovalley. Without this on the field, your chances of winning are usually a lot lower than when you have Necrovalley active. Necrovalley is extremely powerful, being able to negate probably around 1/4-1/3 of cards in most decks. And with the effect of Gravekeeper Chief, you wont be affected by it at all, letting you use your monster reborn, fiber jar, etc... while still negating the opponent's cards.

I'd give this card a 4/5 in a gravekeeper deck. Usually, when I am able to summon this card with my gravekeeper deck, I win about 4/5 of those duels. It's very close to being a staple in a GK deck. 
Dark Umbreon This is one of the Gravekeeper's I don't have yet. Just to keep things in mind, this card gets 500 points because of Necrovalley, if its on the field.

This card goes pretty well in a Necrovalley deck. Mainly because it gets the bonus and of course, turns Necrovalley totally against the opponent. If you need a reminder, Necrovalley negates anything having to do with the graveyard. This is pretty good, because now YOU can use your graveyard while your opponent cannot.

As for not being able to have more than two on the field, it isn't likely anyway. Having two monster that are 5 stars needs to tribute 1 monster a piece. Its more likely to have one or two on the field, especially if your deck is large. I think my friend that runs a Necrovalley deck runs two...

Also, You get another Gravekeeper when this is Tribute Summoned. It really helps because then you get one other Gravekeeper on the field. Anyway, this card is used Necrovalley/Gravekeeper decks. Use it in anything else, and it won't be very useful.

Tournament Rating 4/5
Casual Rating 4/5 
DuelMonster Monday:

Gravekeeper’s Chief/Leader:
PGD-065-Super Rare
Effect: You can have only 2 face-up "Gravekeeper’s Chief" on your side of the field at any time. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your Graveyard is not affected by "Necrovalley". When you Tribute Summon this monster, you can Special Summon 1 monster that includes "Gravekeeper’s" in its card name from your Graveyard.

Hey, a full week of Gravekeeper's, Maybe we can roll the leftover 4/9 onto next weeks list. Gravekeeper's Deck have been rising up quickly within the last week in my area, I haven't tried one out, but I found going against one was a challenge but still came out Clowns 2 : Gravekeeper's 0.

Gravekeeper's Chief is the main key for running a good Gravekeeper’s deck, but can also be used greatly against one, but Side-Deck space is tight these days and having your Graveyard "effected" by Necrovalley may not actually harm certain decks too much.

One of the best uses for his Tribute Summoned effect is having a GK-Gunner out and Special Summon a GK-Curse and then Tribute it for GK-Gunner for 1200 Damage, or if you can get a clear attack through then use GK-Gunner would be 6000 Damage...Not bad eh?

Stopping Necrovalley from affecting your own Graveyard can help you out, but can also help the opponent. From what I can figure but aren't too sure about yet, It will allow the opponent to use Monster Reborn, Soul Release, Kycoo, Etc on your Graveyard but not their own. I also figured that if both players have a GK-Chief on their fields that Necrovalleys' "Graveyard Negation" would be negated, but the way Necrovalleys' text is worded I could still see Conflicting Conflicts of Conflicted Cons of a sort.

With GK-Chief being the only Super Rare GK, he may be the hard to get a hold of, but some of the other GKs are Short-Print or Super-Short-Print which are sometimes harder to find than certain Supers and Ultras.

I certainly think this card has major potential, With Necrovalley on the field he becomes a 2400 ATK/1700 DEF Monster with a descent effect that can suicide bomb Jinzo so you can attempt to Tribute Summon the next GK-Chief to Special Summon a deceased GK and so on. So until Konami releases new/more Gravekeeper's in Japan the PGD cards are the ONLY ones out in the whole game, sadly.

Casual: 3.5
Tourney: 4.0
ArtWork: 3.5 - He looks like he's angry and seeking revenge for his destroyed GK-Clan Members, or he's running away from a huge flame behind himself, either way look out. 
Pegasus Gravekeeper's Chief, 9/8/03:

A one-tribute 1900-ATK monster doesn't seem quite worth it, but if you tribute a Gravekeeper you basically get to revive it back. Of course, you could simply revive a second Gravekeeper's Chief that you discarded for Magic Jammer...

I really have no idea what the point of the first sentence is. How often are you going to get a chance to summon three Gravekeeper's Chief to your side of the field anyway?

Anyway, the second sentence means that both players can "manipulate" your graveyard, even if you have Necrovalley on the field. That means you get to revive monsters, get back m/ts with MoF or MoD, etc. while your opponent can't! And if both players have a face-up Chief on the field, Necrovalley basically does nothing except the 500-PT boost. Unfortunately, this also lets your opponent Soul Release, Kycoo, or Monster Reborn with the cards in YOUR graveyard. That's kinda bad...

By the way, the second sentence is a continuous effect, so it activates before the "special summon a Gravekeeper" effect, meaning that the special summon IS legal if Necrovalley was already on the field. And if it was, this card becomes a 2400-ATK monster. Nice. Jinzo-killer, although Ha Des will still plow through it.

This card's also 1200-DEF, making it Witchable. It's a very nice addition to Gravekeeper decks since it stops Necrovalley from affecting your graveyard.

In conclusion.. in a Gravekeeper deck this is basically a 4-star 1900-ATK beatstick, and with Necrovalley it becomes a 4-star 2400-ATK beatstick that will let you manipulate your graveyard!

Casual: 4.5/5 in a Gravekeeper deck, 2/5 elsewhere
Tourney: 4/5 in a Gravekeeper deck, 1/5 elsewhere 
Umbra Gravekeeper’s Chief

PGD-065---Super Rare
Dark/Spellcaster/5 stars/ATK 1900/DEF 1200
You can have only 2 face-up “Gravekeeper’s Chief” on your side of the field at any time. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your Graveyard is not affected by “Necrovalley”. When you Tribute Summon this monster, you can Special Summon 1 monster that includes “Gravekeeper’s” in its card name from your Graveyard.

Well I got enough requests for a gravekeeper week, so since it was my turn to pick this week, I decided to grant their wish, just remember to send the check ^_~. First up this week is Gravekeeper’s Chief. Now necrovalley can be a very painful card, and you can go read you previous review of it. Plus with the 500 attack boost provided by necrovalley, this card becomes 2400, on par with Jinzo. Second, it negates the effect of necrovalley that basically shuts off your graveyard from the game. Giving you many advantages, such as recursion. Third, it works as a gravekeeper specific monster reborn. Giving you even more field advantage. If you are playing a gravekeeper deck, and not running this card, what the heck is wrong with you?

Casual: 1.5/5
Themed: 4.7/5 
Vodkam Monday 09/08/03: Gravekeeper's Chief

You can only have 1 face-up "Gravekeeper's Chief" on your side of the field at any time. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your Graveyard is not affected by "Necrovalley". When you Tribute Summon this monster you can Special Summon 1 monster that includes "Gravekeeper's" in its card's name from your Graveyard.

Here's a staple for Gravekeeper decks. This monster has a cool effect.

Well, if you've got Necrovalley active on the field, this card will take care of all your problems. When he's faceup on the field, you'll be able to use your Monster Reborn, Premature Burial and Call of the Haunted again, among other things. His ability to bring back another Gravekeeper monster from the Graveyard is pretty gamebreaking too. It's a lot of fun to bring him out and revive a Gravekeeper's Assailant at the same time since it can kill anything and with Necrovalley out, Chief becomes 2400 ATK and Assailant becomes 2000 ATK - nothing to sneeze at.

Unfortunately, you can only have 1 of him on the field at a time but usually, you won't need more than 1. His negation effect states that it makes *your* graveyard immune to Necrovalley. I'm pretty sure this also means that your opponent will be able to use Monster Reborn on one of your monsters but we'll have to wait for the ruling on that. His dependence on Necrovalley also makes him an easy target since many people run an awful lot of magic and trap removal these days.

I like this card but only for Gravekeeper decks as this doesn't really fit in anything else.

Casual: 3.8
Tourney: 3.3 


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