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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Byser Shock

Card Number - PGD-103

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 09.30.03

NickWhiz1 Tuesday - Byser Shock

When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner’s respective hands.
Ultra Rare

One of Marik's pet cards, this little critter can be annoying, but his applications are very limited.

One of the perks of having such low stats is that he can be Tomato'd. This is actually not as much of an advantage as you'd expect, because odds are you would get it out via Tomato during your opponent's turn. If you returned a bunch of M/T, all they have to do is reset them during Main Phase 2, and you basically have a useless 800/600 monster on the field.

Another advantage it can have is to clear your opponent's field for a concentrated direct attack. The only problem is that it's a Level 5, so you'd either have to offer one of your monsters to get it out or use one of your precious recursions. In either case, there's probably a better move you can make.

This card had great promise, but it fell just short of being truly playable.

Standard: 2.5

I'm not saying it's bad. Just mediocre.

Draft: 3.0

Since both Monster and M/T removal will be low, this can give you a turn to really smack your opponent if they get a lot of defenses up. The problem is that you'll most likely have to Tribute Summon it. 
SandTrap Here's the next COTD, possibly the WORST UR EVER MADE!
  Yay! Remember kids, some cards were meant to play with, and some were meant to throw into a pile of crap, covered with flammable oil, and set on fire to create an inferno! Which category does Byser Shock belong in? You decide! ... huk =/

When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner's respective hands.
Ultra Rare

OK...what the hell. Some guy working for Konami was huffing and puffing when he thought up this card, and it wasn't because he was tired. Seriously, why in the world would you even consider playing this card? Even using Graceful Charity, dumping this guy, and Monster Reborning it, this card is just not worth the space. 800/600 can't even kill a Sangan in ATK mode. That says a lot. =/

And the effect... omg. It doesn't even destroy the set cards, it gives them back to the opponent! So maybe for a gigantic game-winning attack, use this card. But that's like saying Giant Trunade is any good. Look, don't play this card. It's as simple as that. 

Rating: ...You know what? This card is so horrible, it doesn't even deserve a numerical value. If anything it gets this: ____. 


And if you really, REALLY want to use this card, then I want you to make a deck with 3 Byser Shock, 3 Hane-Hane, 3 Penguin Soldier, 3 Giant Trunade, 3 Guardian Sphinx, and Card Destruction. T3h u|71m473 d3(k!!1111! 

DuelMonster   Before I get to the review I would like to state that I gave wrong info on using Fusion Material Replacement Monsters (Versago) with the XYZ Fusions. You CANNOT use anything besides the stated required Monsters. I was going by Edos translations which stated: "Remove the required Monsters on your Field from the game in order to Special Summon this Monster" 
  The English cards on the other hand states: "This monster can only be Special Summoned by removing from play the above monsters on your side of the field." 
  So the wording of the cards lead me to believe differently, sorry.


Byser Shock/Viser Shock
PGD-103-Ultra Rare
Effect: When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner’s respective hands.

Can clear the opponents Spell, Trap and Monster defenses.
Works when summoned in ANY way.
Searchable by Sangan, WotBF, Mystic Tomato and Last Will.

Only returns Set cards.
Only returns cards to hand/doesn't destroy them.
1 tribute required (unless Special Summoned)
Very weak stats; 800/600 isn't going to do too much.
Not many Duelists set a lot of Monsters or Traps.

Card Destruction - Give them a hand full with Byser then make them discard/draw.
Spring Of Rebirth - Gain some LP while causing ruckus.
Book Of Moon - Turn their Monster face-down to be returned.

This card probably won't see much tournament play since most people don't play many Flip-Effect monsters since NoC, Sasuke Samurai and Trample-effect Monsters own them, and many good Duelists don't rely on many Traps since they're slow and Jinzo ownz them. But still, this card can be quite useful and versatile in certain situations, like if Cyber Jar or Morphing Jar#2 was flipped you can use Byser to either help clear the field quickly or to even get back any pieces of Exodia or Kuribohs that may have landed on the field. Or it can even be used to get back a face-down Monster that was absorbed by Relinquished or Thousand-Eyes Restrict thus leaving them open for a easier kill and no side-effects.

Besides it being good to clear away the opponents set Traps to either get a clear(er) attack in or so your Spells or Summons don't get countered, it also works good against Guardian Sphinx and the other "Re-Flip" Monsters that have become somewhat popular. Book Of Moon can also be an evil partner to Byser, you can Moon the opponents Jinzo or other level 5+ monsters then sent them back to their hand so they have to re-tribute to get them back on the field.

One thing that can be bad about this card, besides the fact that most people don't set many Monsters anymore, is that if the opponent uses Monster Reborn or the upcoming equip card Independent Movement Unit (name may change) that let's you revive an opponents monster for the cost of 1500 LP, they can use it against you, but then again they can use any Monster in your Grave against you, but certain ones like this can mess up your plans.

Another thing is that in Japan in was a Secret and Ultimate Rare, and was degraded to an Ultra Rare here, meaning that it does have great power, but will be a bit hard to acquire. If you do get your hands on one try it out, it can help out in more ways than you may have thought.

Casual: 3.0
Tourney: 2.0
ArtWork: 2.5 - A very mean looking machine, but it looks like there should be a Monster being shocked/electrocuted in it, or maybe it's just a negative polarity device to repel set cards... Still looks cool either way. 

Vodkam Tuesday 09/30/03: 

Byser Shock
When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner's respective hands.

It certainly is a shock when you see this card because it's really not a very good card.

Well, returning all the set cards on the field is a nice effect... No need to worry about all those nasty Traps and facedown monsters. I suppose this is a good card to bring out when you want to finish off your opponent but don't have your Jinzo handy to protect you from traps. This also works pretty nicely against all those "re-flip" monsters like Royal Keeper, Swarm of Scarabs, Swarm of Locusts and Guardian Sphinx to name a few. It would be funny if your opponent, by some miracle, managed to summon Fushioh Richie and your undid all that hard work by summoning Byser Shock while it Fushioh Richie was face-down.

Well, 5 stars for an 800 ATK monster is pretty pathetic. Sure, it can be brought out with Mystic Tomato but why would you really want to? The effect can help your opponent sometimes like when monsters like Kuriboh or Exodia pieces get summoned via Cyber Jar, then again, it could help you the same way. Oh well... more Dark Necrofear food.

Anyways, there is only 1 useful combo I can think of:

Byser Shock + Morphing Jar #2

If MJ#2 is attacked and Byser Shock is summoned (face-down) by MJ#2, on your turn, you can flip summon it to send all the set monsters back to each player's hands.

If you flip summon MJ#2, you summon your monsters then Normal Summon Byser Shock to clear your opponent's field. Then again, all you can do is attack for 800 damage directly.

If you run Deck Destruction, you can also combo it with Card Destruction but I really wouldn't recommend it.

Now, I have no idea what the ruling with this will be with regards to things like Torrential Tribute - whether or not Torrential will work and destroy the monsters before they're returned or if it can even activate at all.

Byser Shock has an interesting effect but the pathetic attack strength to go along with the 1 tribute sure takes most of the playability out of it.

Casual: 2.0
Tourney: 2.0 
When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner’s respective hands.

Now here's an interesting yet not too useful Monster.. (Byser Shock was used in the Manga by Malik/Marik, for those interested) Although the combo usually overlooked, as Byser Shock's not exactly a Monster many people use, this Monster can sometimes be pretty good with the Mystic Tomato. Your opponent destroys your Tomato, then you search your deck and Special Summon Byser Shock..All your and your opponent's other set Monster and/or M/T cards will be sent back to their hands. That, and it can sometimes work well with just Special Summoning it by Revival or something, but this usually isn't a worthwile Monster to Tribute for.

With only 800 ATK, it's obvious that this Monster would be a little bit better with a bit of a higher ATK strength.. Perhaps somewhere between 1300-1500 to make it a decent Monster to play occasionally. But since this Monster doesn't have a good ATK strength, and since it is Level 5, and that it returns all set (face down) cards on the Field (yours and your opponent's), it's really not that great of a Monster. If you want to use a Monster that returns cards to someone's hand, I'd certainly suggest using Guardian Sphinx.

- Byser Shock -
Casual: 2/5
Tourney: 1.5/5 

Byser Shock
When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all Set cards on the field to their owner's respective hands.
Ultra Rare

The newest expansion in Yu-gi-oh "Magician's Force" so far is proving to be quite an exciting set. The problem with Byser Shock is, it's coming at a time where flip effects are not that rampant as of late. The only deck I've seen as of late that plays a ton of cards face down is probably Exodia, where in that case, this can really become a key hand card since you won't have to attack and kill that nasty Witch or Sangan.

I really think Byser Shock can be a good card, if you ignore the whole "OOPS I only have 800 attack and cost a tribute HRHRHRHRHR". Sending all face downs back to hand could take your opponent on tilt, but this simply isn't worth it, not by a long shot.

Rating: 2.0/5

Sealed: This would be a mediocre pick, but I guess face downs are more likely here, but you still don't have the material that often to sacrifice a monster for the tribute cost.. 2.0/5

Today's Poker Terminology:

On Tilt: Playing recklessly due to frustration

Key Hand: In a tournament, this is a hand that proves to be a turning point - for better or for worse. 
Josh Bordis
Byser Shock Level 5 Dark Monster Attack 800 Defense 600
"When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned, return all set cards on the field to their respective owner's hands."
This card killed me! I was in a Tournament last week playing a defensive Exodia deck and my opponent was playing a beat down with this card. Everytime I was about to flip summon something good to swing the duel in my favor, he played this card and sent it back to my hand. This card is mainly a defense killer, but there are also some other interesting combos you can pull off to really mess up your opponent... For instance, he finally gets his Jinzo out on the field... You can use Book of Moon or Darkness Approaches to flip your opponent's monster face down and summoned Byser Shock to get it off the field! Also, this card works great with Card Destruction! Don't like the cards your opponent has on the field? Use Byser Shock, reset all your cards, and then Card Destruction his Jinzo away!
There is a problem that is easily solved by its effect... Its a level 5 monster, which means tribute... But what else are you going to do with that GAF in between its attacks? Use it to bring out this monster and then use Non Agression Area to make sure your opponent can't attack next turn.... Its effect makes it easier to get out because it can be Special Summoned... That means Mystic Tomato or any cards to get it back from the graveyard once you discard it with Graceful Charity or Painful Choice... Not only can you get rid of the set cards, but you can then tribute it off to something else the same turn and attack your opponent's clear board!
This card serves three main purposes: Clear your opponent's Magic and Traps for a free play without interruption; get rid of your opponent's cards on the field to give you chance to hit him hard without any defense; Make your opponent Burn through his cards as fast as possible to deck him... Even if you aren't playing a Deck Burning deck, you can still use the first two effects of this card during a duel! The place where most beat down decks go wrong is there are not enough effects that help the person playing the beat down... Gemini has no effect, GAF has a negative effect, Spear Dragon has a positive and negative effect, but this card will add in an easy way to get rid of defenders and traps without wasting other cards...
I think this is a must have in beat downs: 4/5
Defensive Decks beware!!!


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