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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Limiter Removal

Card Number - PSV-064

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 09.25.03

DuelMonster Thursday: Limiter Removal:

PSV-064-Super Rare
Magic: Quick Play
Effect: Doubles the ATK of all Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field. At the end of this turn, all the Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field are destroyed.

Yes, Limiter Removal has been removed from restriction, making it allot more deadly and with the Release of Magicians Force we will have LOTS more Machine Types coming out. All the X,Y,Z pieces and Fusion Monsters are Machines, which will include X-Head Cannon an 1800 ATK level 4 Machine. Spell Canceller will is another decent Machine with 1800 ATK but it's level 5 but its Spell Negation effect will make up for that. We also can't forget the 2 biggest effect Machines played right now; Jinzo & Barrel Dragon which after being boosted with any amount of Limiter Removals will have a sick impact on the opponent.

A very useful thing about Limiter Removal being a QuickPlay Spell Card is that you can activated it during the opponents turn thus you can activate it after they declare an attack on one of your Machines you can flip a L.Removal or two boosting the monster enough to hopefully destroy the attacker and inflict Damage to LP, sure your monster would be destroyed but it would have if you didn't play L.Removal.

There are a few tricks to keep your monster from being destroyed after playing it and a very helpful way to boost ALL the monsters on you field regardless of its Type. Yes I'm talking about DNA Surgery... You can turn all your monsters into Machines then Attack, then if you MST/Heavy Storm/Giant Trunade the DNA Surgery your monsters are returned to their original Type and stay alive. You can also use cards like DimensionHole, Book Of Moon, Monster Recovery, Penguin Soldier/Hane-Hane, D.Type even works, or you can Tribute the monster(s) for a Summon or another Tributing effect like with Cannon Soldier another good Machine Monster... Hey now that's a good idea... Having a Cannon Soldier out with either more Machines or DNA Surgeried Monsters, have all the monsters attack, then tribute everything for the finishing blow, better yet if you use Catapult Turtle instead of Cannon Soldier you can probably deal ALLOT more Damage since all the Machine Monsters ATK would be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled if you manage to draw all three for a one turn use.

This card use to be restricted to one-per-deck back when it was released, but I guess with all the Magic and Attack Negaters out now it isn't as powerful as it once was. Still, if you manage to use a couple L.Removals on a XYZ-Dragon Cannon and get a clear shot without the opponent using Kuriboh... That could be game right there. So watch out for Limiter Removal filled XYZ Fusion Decks in the future, they will be extremely powerful and Game-Breaking for Tournament use.

Casual: 3.5
Tourney: 4.0
ArtWork: 3.0 - A pile of mechanical pieces and a meter surpassing its limits, very suiting picture for its name and effect I guess. 
Vodkam Thursday 09/25/03: Limiter Removal

Quick Play Magic
Doubles the ATK of all Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field. At the end of this turn, all the Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field are destroyed.

Well, with the recent un-restriction of this card and the coming of XYZ in Magician's Force, this card will see a fair bit of play.

Well, the usual candidates for Limiter Removal are Jinzo, Barrel Dragon, Gradius (and his Options) and Mechanicalchaser. But with 3 new machines (X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank) coming, not to mention the various fusion combinations, machine decks will become very formidable. This card isn't like Megamorph. Limiter Removal WILL double the modified ATK so you can pump your monsters up with equips then double everything.

Getting to double the attack of what's probably already a beefy monster is insane. It's even more insane, now that you can have more than 1. Just for fun, let's see just how strong you can make a single monster with 3 Limiter Removals:

Barrel Dragon (after it has been revived via Rope of Life) = 3500ATK
Assume you've had time to draw a few new cards
3 set Magicians of Faith
1 faceup Witch's Apprentice = +500ATK

Activate Mystic Plasma Zone = +500ATK
Equip Barrel Dragon with United We Stand = +4000ATK
Equip Barrel Dragon with Mage Power = +3000ATK
Equip Barrel Dragon with Axe of Despair = +1000ATK
Equip Barrel Dragon with Axe of Despair = +1000ATK
Activate Limiter Removal
Activate another Limiter Removal
Activate another Limiter Removal
Flip summon Magician of Faith and get back Limiter Removal
Flip summon Magician of Faith and get back Limiter Removal
Flip summon Magician of Faith and get back Limiter Removal
Activate Limiter Removal
Activate another Limiter Removal
Activate another Limiter Removal
Equip Barrel Dragon with Axe of Despair = +1000ATK

So, let's see... 14,500 modified ATK before we calculate any Limiter Removals
6 Limiter Removals = x64 multiplier
14,500 x 64 = 928,000 ATK

I'm sure I probably missed something but you get the idea.

Anyways, this card isn't all fun and games. All of your machines are destroyed at the end of the turn unless you either flip them facedown with Book of Moon, temporarily remove them from play with Dimensionhole, return them to your hand (or deck) or change their sub-type (with DNA Surgery or D. Tribe). Kuriboh, Waboku, Magic Cylinder and a whole slew of other cards will also wreck your plans of turning your opponent into dust so it's important to clear the field first and if you can, use Confiscation or The Forceful Sentry to get rid of any nasty Kuribohs.

Being able to use 3 Limiter Removals makes this card pretty insane in a machine deck. It has limited usefulness in any other deck since the only machine most people will run is Jinzo.

Casual: 4.3
Tourney: 3.8 

Limiter Removal

PSV-064 Limiter Removal
Super Rare
Quick Play Magic
Doubles the ATK of all Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field. At the end of this turn, all the Machine-Type monsters on your side of the field are destroyed.

In my opinion, Limiter Removal has been quite a strategic card for a while now. The fact you are able to double productivity of each Machine monster on your side of the field really can be lethal. Yes, there is the SLIGHT drawback of destroying all those monsters at the end of turn, but if you are launching an assault with enough attack power, it won't matter because you will simply win the game before the end of your turn even comes along.

Magician's Force will definitely give Limiter Removal some staying power. Machine decks are actually going to be something to be reckoned with. Machine King and XYZ to name a couple. Also being a quick play really gives him some productivity points.

How Convenient.

Rating: 3.0/5 I have a lot of confidence in this card after the release of the newest set.

Sealed: Like I tell my girlfriend, "Honey no." 1.0/5 


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