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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Fusion Gate

Card Number - LON-098

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 09.23.03

DuelMonster Tuesday:

Fusion Gate:
LON-098-Short Print
Magic: Field
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, a Fusion Monster can be Special Summoned without using "Polymerization". The Fusion-Material monsters used in the Fusion are not sent to the Graveyard, but are removed from play.

An everlasting Polymerization, with a heavy side-effect. First lets look at Polymerization= a chemical reaction in which two or more molecules combine to form larger molecules that contain repeating structural units. Oh... wait I meant "Fuses 2 or more monsters to form a new Fusion Monster." So now if you're using Fusion Monster but don't have luck pulling and Polys from your deck at the right moment, Fusion Gate can help speed up the possess but for a cost, having to remove the Fusion Material from play, which may or may not hurt your gameplay depending on if you want to reborn the monsters or if Fiber Jar is highly run in your area.

Sure you can use cards like Versago or Goddess of the Third Eye as one of the fusion material replacements do you don't have to remove your good monsters but there are a few Fusion Monsters that specifically require to ONLY use the required material and Versago and others cannot be used. Such Fusions like this are: Dark Balter the Terrible, Ryu Senshi, Fiend Skull Dragon, and the soon to be popular Dark Paladin.

Fusion Gate is a bit more reliable than Polymer in some ways, like if they don't counter Gate to begin with or have IO out then you should have no problem, except maybe Bottomless TrapHole or something, and you can fuse several monsters in one turn or over several turns, where as Poly can be negated instantly and usually you'll only draw one when you could use two at a given moment. Allot of people don't play Field cards or Fusion Monsters, so it should last out on the field for a good amount of time and the opponent could use it too but what's the chance of going up against another Fusion-Deck in the current Meta-Game?

De-Fusion is Fusion Gates worst enemy, since the material monsters would have been removed from play so that when De0Fusion is played you get nothing back. Of course you could always use Miracle Dig to get any cards that were removed from play into your Graveyard, but then you have to use some type of recursion or Fiber Jar to make any use of that (note: I don't recommend using Miracle Dig, at least not yet).

The next big Fusion Monsters will be Dark Paladin, YZ-Caterpillar Dragon, XZ-Caterpillar Cannon, XYZ-Dragon Cannon (also in a new tin) and XY-Dragon Cannon but all the X/Y/Z piece fusions don't require Polymerization so Fusion Gate doesn't work with them either, but still... Dark Paladin will be mighty enough to want to play Polys and Gates.

So this card can be used to help speed up a Fusion-Filled Deck, and you can save space by running 2x Gates compared to 3x Polys, and with some halfway descent Fusion Monsters out now (TER, LWFAP, RotN) it might be worth trying out, but I still haven't so I'm sure allot of people won't either.

Ratings: Obviously only for decks that run a high amount of Fusion or certain key Fusions (LWFAP).
Casual: 2.5
Tourney: 2.0
ArtWork: 2.0 - The field is a mist of polymer particles and magical metamorphic power. Still looks kinda lame though. 
Vodkam Tuesday 09/23/03: Fusion Gate

Field Magic
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, a Fusion Monster can be Special Summoned without using "Polymerization". The Fusion-Material monsters used in the Fusion are not sent to the Graveyard, but are removed from play.

With Dark Paladin coming in Magician's Force, I thought it would be a good time to re-review this card.

If you're running fusions for any purpose other than Metamorphosis, Summoner of Illusions and Magical Scientist, this card is a must. This is so much better than Polymerization for performing fusion summons. First off, it is still a valid fusion so if your fusion monster is destroyed, it may be revived. Second, since it's a field magic, it can be used multiple times. With only 2 mass magic/trap removals to worry about, it has a good chance of surviving as your opponent probably won't want to waste a Mystical Space Typhoon on it. The fact that your opponent can also use it shouldn't be a deterrent as the majority of decks will not be using fusions but the nice thing is that if your opponent has a deck that relies on field magics (ie. Gravekeeper), this is just another way of getting rid of it. What makes this card really playable though is Terraforming which was just released in Pharaonic Guardian.

Having your monsters removed from play is bad, especially if you really like using Fiber Jar. Also, since it's a field magic, your opponent can chain Mystical Space Typhoon to it in addition to all the usual magic negators. Polymerization doesn't have this weakness.

Overall, it's a better choice for fusion decks than Polymerization. Fusions are still hard to play for the most part but this makes it a little easier.

Casual: 3.7
Tourney: 3.2 


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