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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sasuke Samurai

Card Number - PGD-015

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 09.01.03

wartortle32 Sasuke Samurai

Wind/Warrior/2 stars/ATK 500/DEF 800
When this monster attacks a face-down Defense Position monster, destroy the face-down monster immediately with this cardís effect without flipping it face-up or damage calculation.

I like this monster, and not just because he shares a name with my favorite Naruto character. This monster can stop flip effect monsters in their tracks. Most of the time, you'll want this for stopping cyber or fiber jar, which is basically the 2 cards that are in almost every deck, which makes this card suitable for almost every deck. However, once you attack with this monster, it's going to be wide open for attack with only 500 ATK power, so you better have something to stop an opponent's attack.

I'd give this a 3/5. You'll mostly be using this card when you're ahead in the game anyway, so any counterattack by the opponent shouldn't be too devastating. This can possibly take out the opponent's last line of defense. 
SandTrap Alright guys, I'm settling down in college right now, so if I don't get the reviews in on time, you know why. Don't blame me, blame...society or something. Now to review some PGD cards...that suck...again... =/

Sasuke can actually be good, but only at the right time. For example, Sasuke is good against f/d Tomatoes, nullifying their effects. Also, some nasty flip effect monsters like Fiber Jar can be stopped easily, or even monsters with high DEF. Also useful against a f/d Spirit Reaper, and many decks are using at least one of those.

But similar to NoC, this card is situational. You don't want to topdeck this guy when you're looking for a strong monster. And when your opponent is on the offensive and is not setting monsters f/d, this card is naturally useless.

Rating: 3/5.
This card can be good, and it can be bad. Depending on your monster line-up (for example, if you're using a lot of beatdown monsters with high ATK values), you may want to use a Sasuke to make sure that your brute force isn't stopped by f/d monsters.

But man...this guy is so freaking cool-looking. I just want to use it because how good it looks. That and Jackal and Injection Fairy Lily...mmm mmm good... ;) 
DuelMonster Monday:

Sasuke Samurai/Severing Samurai:
PGD-015-Super Rare
Effect: When this monster attacks a face-down Defense Position monster, destroy the face-down monster immediately with this cardís effect without flipping it face-up or damage calculation.

Basically, this monster destroys a face-down monster no matter what the targeted monsters ATK/DEF are and any flip effects are not triggered when attacked. So being able to take out and opposing Man-Eater Bugs, MoF, MoD, or Jars without them getting their effects can be very helpful in any situation. The only real downside to this card is it's week stats (500/800) leave it open for many others to attack it. Of course you can use Equip cards to boost him, but then that leaves him with a false sense of security.

The best part about this cards effect is that it is NOT considered "as a result of Battle." So monsters like Mystic Tomato, Nimble Momonga, Birdface, Newdoria, Yomi Ship, Revival Jam, and many others won't get their effects when destroyed.

The bad thing though, is that not many people use many flip-effect monsters these days, or play many face-down high-defense monsters like Labyrinth Wall. So playing a couple Book Of Moons to flip the opponents monsters down can make the Samurai more versatile in times of need. Most people also use at least one NoC, and since NoC is semi-restricted, Sasuke Samurai can act as a 3rd, 4th or 5th NoC, and he's allot more reusable.

I still haven't pulled nor traded for a Samurai yet, but I would use at least one in my current deck if and when I do get one. With a bit of protection (equip & stall cards) this monster can be very useful, and with more and more flip-effect monsters coming out expect to see him widely played among your areas.

Casual: 3.5
Tourney: 3.5
ArtWork: 3.0 - Very Anime looking, and I believe there are other cards with his picture yet to be released. 
Pegasus Sasuke Samurai, 9/1/03:

September! Woo!

Sasuke Samurai is one of my favorite monsters in the English game, next to Flash Assailant (yes, i'm weird). Nobleman of Crossout (one of my favorite magic cards) in monster form... mmmm. Why do I like this card so much?

Face-down monsters constitute a real risk to a duelist. It could be a Cyber Jar, Fiber Jar, Dice Jar... all quite game-breaking cards. Sasuke Samurai gets rid of face-down monsters. Therefore, Sasuke Samurai is good.

Royal Command/Light of Intervention both also get rid of flip effects, but they can be negated by Jinzo or destroyed by MST/HFD/Heavy Storm. So use Sasuke Samurai instead. (Or Life-absorption Spell, once it's released in the US: like Ceasefire, but heals. Unrestricted)

To get rid of this card, your oponent has to attack it or use monster removal on it. Since people don't seem to play TttD, Fissure, or OttD, I'm not sure exactly how they'd use monster removal, so the easiest way would just be to attack Sasuke Samurai. How do you get around that?

Heart of Clear Water!

Most people think Sasuke Samurai's not worthy of maindeck material (it's useless against speed decks that almost never set monsters), so they just sidedeck it. You should too. Sasuke Samurai is excellent sidedeck material.

I can't really think of any combos with Sasuke Samurai, except that Book of Moon one. It's a nice way to kill Jinzo, by the way. Oh yeah, and there's also Shallow Grave...

One more thing: If a monster dies by Sasuke Samurai's effect, it is not considered battle. That means Spirit Reaper WILL die, and Mystic Tomato, etc. 's effects won't be activated.

One more thing: I believe this card's name is correctly pronounced "SAHS-kay" or "SAHS-oo-kay" Samurai.

Casual: 3.6/5
Tourney: 3.4/5 
Vodkam Monday 09/01/03: Sasuke Samurai

Effect Monster

When this monster attacks a face-down Defense Position monster, destroy the face-down monster immediately with this card's effect without flipping it face-up or damage calculation.

Here's a solution to almost any facedown monster.

Do you think that facedown card is a Fiber Jar? Kill it with Sasuke Samurai. Did your opponent just tribute for a monster that they put facedown? Kill it with Sasuke Samurai. The beauty of this card is that it kills the monster without damage calculation or flipping it face-up. This means Guardian Sphinx, Helpoemer, Magician of Faith, Fiber Jar, Cyber Jar, Spirit Reaper and a whole slew of others are neutralized. This won't prevent Witch of the Black Forest or Sangan from getting their effects as those happen once they're sent from the field to the graveyard, regardless of how they get there. His effect does get past Waboku though, which is nice bonus. He combos quite nicely with Book of Moon but using 2 cards to kill 1 monster should be reserved for desperate situations.

The biggest problem is that Sasuke Samurai is a 1-Hit Wonder unless you have Marauding Captain, Waboku, Mirror Force or similar cards to protect him. He is by no means a replacement for Nobleman of Crossout as the monster isn't removed from play and you have to use up your summon to get him onto the field, plus he is vulnerable to all the things that normally destroys monsters.

A very cool card and is deadly if protected. His usefulness is a bit limited because of the "sitting duck" factor but he works pretty well in a Warrior deck.

Casual: 3.1
Tourney: 3.1 


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