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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Injection Fairy Lily

Card Number - LOD-100

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.06.03

This week for Card of the Day I chose to do overdone week. Cards I feel are severely overplayed. So lets start with today's card Injection Fairy Lily..
Injection Fairy Lily
"Can only be activated during your or your opponent's Damage Step. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase this card's attack strength by 3000 for the Damage Step."
"She's got the magic effect,
You know you can pay once,
You can pay twice,
She is the baddest Chiiiiiiiiiiiick" .. okay, I just had to do that.
First of all, Injection Fairy Lily is a good card. The 3000 Damage that cannot be cylinder'd back to you is phenomenal in Putting On The Heat in either attack phase. The 2000 damage you lose for paying for a 3000 attack is not too bad of a trade off in a crucial situation, but if they Mirror Force it, OOPS, they have a lethal reborn option.
My only real beef with this card is if it is taken from you by cards such as Monster Reborn, Snatch Steal, or Change of Heart, your in a REAL mess, because that 3000 attack is just brutal especially since you don't see this sort of thing coming.
It doesn't belong in EVERY deck, this really isn't a staple, regardless if it's restricted or not. It is a good card, but the steep cost can do you in if they got a nice defense going. This card is the WORST for attacking face down monsters.
Rating: 3.5
Sealed Rating: 4
Today's Poker Terminology:
Putting On The Heat
To pressure the other players by betting aggressively.
wartortle32 Injection Fairy Lily

Effect: This card's effect can be activated only during the Damage Step of either player's turn. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase the ATK of this monster by 3000 points only during the Damage Step.

Apparently this is overrated cards week. After having to review the entire Yugi Starter Deck for something else, I'm glad to actually see a playable monster to review. Sorry about the 2 week absence. I've been rather busy with stuff...

Anyway, back to the card. You can only use the effect once per attack, so you cant pay 6000 LP to raise the attack by 9000. Is this card overrated? I think so. The effect really chews through your LP and if you aren't attacking the opponent directly, you're usually taking more damage from the cost than the amount of damage you're giving your opponent. This really leaves you in the hands of your opponent if he just chooses to attack the lily and you have to decided whether you want to spend 2000LP to do less damage to the opponent or to just let the lily die.

I'd give this card a 2.5/5. I'm not saying Lily is a bad card. On the contrary, it's one of the easier one turn knockouts to pull off. You just have to know the right situation to play it in. 
Dark Umbreon
    Today's card is Injection Fairy Lily, which I think is pretty overrated (durrrr). I'm gonna start off by saying I never used it in my beatdown and probably never will. You basically have to pay a whopping 2000 of your Lifepoints to boost Lily's ATK by 3000, essentially making her 3400 ATK.
    With her Level, Lily can attack under Gravity Bind. With her defense, she can make a good wall under Messenger of the Peace. Since her ATK is less than 1500 she can be fetched by Sangan. Since her defense is 1500, she can be fetched by Witch.
Also, since her effect works during the Damage Step, its not possible to plat Magic or Trap in that step. She's very versatile, I'll give her that. She can also be one HUGE monster if you use her effect. She beats Jinzo (with her effect only), which is usually my greatest fear.
    This would all be great, however her cost is the worst part about her. If you're starting at 8000 LP, 2000 may not seem like a lot, especially if you're attacking directly with her. However, if you get her late in the duel, say when you have 3000 or 4000 LP, then its going to seem like a lot. Her cost isn't mandatory, however. I still think its a lot to pay for something hardly permanent. With the release of the new set, better replacements and hard hitters (1900's) will be found.
I think she is usable in beatdowns and good against stall/weenie rush decks, however she's not staple material, since decks in general can live without her cost IMO.
Rating: 2/5
DuelMonster Monday:

Injection Fairy Lily/Injection Angel Lily:
LOD-100-Secret Rare
Effect: This card's effect can be activated only during the Damage Step of either player's turn. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase the ATK of this monster by 3000 points only during the Damage Step.

Attacks under GB & MoP
Work if attacking or attacked
Over-powers almost any Monster

Kuriboh!, let you pay 2000 for nothing
Costly to use

Fairy Meteor Crush - 3400 TRAMPLER!
Life Absorbing Machine - Gain back LP costs, but doesn't work if you pay LP during your opponents turn.

This is one of the most over-powered and over-rated cards out at the moment next to Yata, and for good reason. Her effect lets her gain 3000 ATK during the Damage Step, meaning if your opponent wants to play Mirror Force, Magic Cylinders or something else to destroy her as she attacks they have to do it as the attack is declared before the Damage Step. The ONLY Traps or Quick-Play Spells that can be played in the Damage Step are ones that increase or decrease ATK and DEF like Mask Of Weakness, Castle Walls, Snake Fang, The Reliable Guardian or Rush Recklessly but theses cards don't see much play at the moment so they don't get in the way too much if any.

The ONLY bad side to using her effect is the cost... 2000 LP can add up very quickly. If your opponent decides to attack her you have to make the decision to pay the cost to make her able to destroy the attacking Monster, so if your opponent keeps attacking her and you keep paying you can run out of LP quicker than your opponent. The easiest way to get by with paying her cost a lot is to use some LP gainers like Life Absorbing Machine, which lets you gain back HALF the LP cost you paid in YOUR last turn, but it doesn't won't work for anything you pay during your opponents turn, but still, if you have two Machines active you gain back the full amount that you had paid during your last turn so it can help if you can find the room for it in your Deck.

This card was also a Normal Rare when it came out in Japan and was upgraded to a Secret Rare when it was released over here, I guess they didn't quite see her power until she hit the tournament scene and blew away Jinzos left and right... leading her to quickly be restricted one-per-Deck. She can basically take down almost any un-boosted Monster in the game right now except Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and Gate Guardian... two Monster that don't see much play anyways.

So yeah! This card Rocks!, it may not fit in every Deck, but for the Decks that do she helps win games very fast if used wisely.

Casual: 4.5
Tourney: 4.0
ArtWork: 4.5 - Hearts? What happened to her Medical Crosses? Numinous Healer still has Medical Crosses on her nurses hat... oh well, guess it makes her more lovey :) 
Vodkam Monday 10/06/03: Injection Fairy Lily

This card's effect can be activated only during the Damage Step of either player's turn. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase the ATK of this monster by 3000 points only during the Damage Step.

Yes, this card is overrated, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just not as amazing as some people think.

Lily is a decent monster with an excellent effect. 3400 ATK can kill almost anything in the game today. Gate Guardian, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior and Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth are the only monsters with a higher ATK right now and those are all hard or impossible to get onto the field. She can be searched by both Witch and Sangan. Being an Earth-Type means she can be Special Summoned by Giant Rat or even Last Will.

The biggest problem with Injection Fairy Lily is that too many people treat it like a 3400 ATK effectless monster. They keep attacking with no regard for their own Life Points which ends up losing them the duel. 2000 LP is not a small amount to pay. It's worth it to kill monsters like Jinzo or Dark Ruler Ha Des but for killing things like Gemini Elf, it's a huge waste. The other problem is that people put her onto the field with no way to either protect themselves from her or destroy her. This makes her a prime target for Change of Heart and Snatch Steal which will usually end the duel.

Kuriboh will make that 2000LP you paid worthless. Mystic Tomato (or similar monsters) will just drain you and your opponent of LP since your opponent can keep Special Summoning more Tomatoes and eventually even a Witch or Sangan will be able to kill Lily since you won't be able to pay for her effect anymore. If your opponent uses Waboku when Lily attacks a monster in ATK mode, if that monster has more than 400 ATK, Lily dies if she doesn't use her effect and even then, your opponent doesn't take any damage or lose his/her monster. Lily is also not a very good wall, especially when your opponent has more monsters than you on the field as your opponent will keep attacking Lily until you cannot pay in which case, you have a 400 ATK monster in Attack Position, waiting to get slaughtered.

There are only a few reasons to use Lily but several not to. She can be a good monster if she is used responsibly but I haven't seen very much of that.

Casual: 3.4
Tourney: 2.9 


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