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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magical Scientist

Card Number - MFC-073

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.21.03

Vodkam Tuesday 10/21/03: Magical Scientist

Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck in face-up Attack or Defense Position. That Fusion Monster cannot attack your opponent's Life Points directly, and is returned to your Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.

Before Magician's Force was released, some people were touting Magical Scientist as one of the secret rares of the set. Well, it's not a secret rare... in fact, it's a plain old common which is extremely hard to believe given how powerful a Magical Scientist deck is.

Fusion monsters have always been next to impossible to summon, until now. By paying 1000 LP you can Special Summon a Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster for 1 turn. That might not sound like much but there are a few ways of using this.

First off, there's the "Magical Scientist Combo" which involves Magical Scientist and Catapult Turtle being on your side of the field at the same time and you having more LP than your opponent. I won't get into how to get the combo onto the field but the idea is that you use Magical Scientist's effect over and over to keep summoning 2100 ATK Fusion Monsters (Empress Judge, Roaring Ocean Snake and Punished Eagle) and use Catapult Turtle to launch each one of them until you can't pay anymore. At that time, you launch Magical Scientist then Catapult Turtle itself which will finish off your opponent.

Second, you can use Magical Scientist to Special Summon Thousand-Eyes Restrict to suck up your opponent's monster. If your opponent still has a monster on the field, use TER to attack it. That way, you get rid of 2 monsters for a mere 1000 LP.

Lastly, you can use Magical Scientist to get Dark Balter the Terrible. Dark Balter negates the effects of monsters that it destroys so it's extremely useful against Witch, Sangan, Mystic Tomato and Sinister Serpent among other things. There are other monsters like Ryu-Senshi and Fiend Skull Dragon that you could get but TER and Dark Balter would be the keys to your Fusion Deck.

Magical Scientist is also extremely easy to get onto the field as Witch, Sangan, Mystic Tomato, Apprentice Magician, Last Will and Reasoning can all bring him out.

Unfortunately, if you don't finish off your opponent with Magical Scientist, you've probably left a 300 ATK monster in Attack Position, ready to get slaughtered. Magical Scientist is also thwarted by cards like Jowgen the Spiritualist and Royal Oppression. The "combo" is also useless if you have less LP than your opponent. Also, the monster summoned cannot attack directly. This card would be insanely broken if the monsters could attack directly since you could summon 4 2100 ATK monsters and finish off your opponent in 1 turn. Then again, you could summon monsters solely for the purpose of slapping United We Stand on one of your monsters that can attack directly. That's kind of insane but it would be fun nonetheless.

Magical Scientist is among the best cards in the set. It was just recently restricted to 1 in Japan and I expect that we'll get that restriction right away when the next update comes instead of waiting for 2 more sets. The Scientist combo loses some power from this but is still quite deadly. This card doesn't belong in every deck but it is very useful and can really make life miserable for your opponent.

Casual: 4.6
Tourney: 4.1 
Tuesday - Magical Scientist
Hello, look at me
I can kill you in one turn
Now isn't that grand?
Today's card is one of the more unique (and feared) cards in the game, Magical Scientist.
Magical Scientist
Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck in face-up Attack or Defense Position. That Fusion Monster cannot attack your opponent's Life Points directly, and is returned to your Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.
(Originally a common in the Japanese Champion of Black Magicans set (303))
I'm sure everyone will probably talk about the one-turn kill combo, so I'm not going to bother.  I'm going to look at his playability in other decks.
Even though he's not quite as devastating in a non-OTKO deck, he still has his uses.  Here is a list of the good Fusion monsters he can summon out, and uses for each:
Thousand-Eyes Restrict: The obvious one.  Lap up one of your opponent's monsters, and at the very least you paid 1000 LP for monster removal.  If you're lucky, you can attack another of your opponent's monsters to get rid of two monsters.  Pretty good for picking off Fiber, MoF, Cyber, etc.  Just don't suck up a Witch or Sangan, because they'll still get the effect.  However, there are better for that job...
Dark Balter the Terrible: Fiber?  Gone.  Cyber?  History.  Sangan?  So long.  Mystic Tomato?  Eaten.  Witch?  Don't let the door hit you on the way out.  Basically your mini-Ha Des, which is always nice.
Fiend Skull Dragon: I would rather use Balter for the effect monster destruction, but this is a viable second choice.  Also protected from Ring and Cylinder.  Yum.
Ryu Senshi: Miniature targeted Jinzo.  Negate any Normal Trap (note: Normal Trap) your opponent throws at you.  Waboku, Mirror Force, Ring, Cylinder, kiss them goodbye.  Best used for a bum rush.  Negating targeted Magic effects against him is kind of useless unless you somehow get him on the field for an extended period of time, or they use Offerings to the Doomed ;/
Punished Eagle/Roaring Ocean Snake/Empress Judge: Used simply for their attack power, when Balter, FSD, and Ryu Senshi can't do the job.  Always pick Balter, FSD, or Ryu Senshi unless your opponent is packing 2000/2050/2100 monsters.
I would have put XY, XZ, and YZ, but their effects prevent them from being used for Scientist.  It's a shame too, they would work very well with Scientist :(  Also, Reaper on the Nightmare would have been a good choice, but you can't attack directly.
With the above at his arsenal (and more to come), Scientist is definitely a formidable opponent.  What makes him better is the ease in which you can get him out.  He can be brought out by such popular methods as Witch, Sangan, Mystic Tomato, and Last Will (obviously).
Also, you can circumnavigate the not being able to attack directly by using Metamorphosis or Dimensionhole.  Summon out one of the Fusions, then use Metamorphosis to summon out another copy of it from your Fusion Deck, and it will stay there.  (Balter, TER, and Ryu Senshi are the best picks for this.)  I'm fairly sure Dimensionhole would work, but I'm not sure.
Scientist just recently joined the Japanese Restricted List last week at a restriction of 1, but the English is still unknown.  It's very likely that Scientist could get restricted over here as well, most likely to stem off the OTKO deck.  That won't kill him off for other use, though, as most decks wouldn't use more than 1 of him anyway.
Casual: 5.0
Use your cheesy Scientist OTKO deck.  Go ahead.  Anyway, this is probably one of the most fun cards in the game to use, just because he's like a swiss army knife in terms of what he can summon out.  If you really wanted to, you could compare him to Morphling (M:TG), but that would be seriously stretching it.
Tournament: 4.5
Use your cheesy Scientist OTKO deck.  Go ahead.  He also works very well in "standard" decks.  Try him out in your Control or Beatdown deck, and you may be surprised.
Draft: 1.0
You'll be drafting very few Scientist-friendly Fusions (if any at all) no matter what set you draft, so don't even bother with it.
Tuesday - Magical Scientist

Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck in face-up Attack or Defense Position. That Fusion Monster cannot attack your opponent's Life Points directly, and is returned to your Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.
Seeing how this was the most anticipated card in Magician's Force, I'm going to assume we all know the combo. And if you don't, I'm sure that one of the other reviewers will go over it in detail.
Now my opinion on the combo and deck type on a whole...
It's really a pathetic way to win. Not only that, but it is highly overrated as well. If you don't get a quick turn one/two win, the odds are extremely against you. So far, online and off, I have not lost a single game to a Magical Scientist deck where I have gotten the first turn. Keep in mind I never bothered having to Side Deck either.
If for some reason you are having trouble against the deck, there are numerous amounts of cards that you can run in your Side Deck that will give your opponent an even lesser chance to win. Even siding three copies of a sub par card like Mask of Restrict can tilt the odds in your favor. Unless of course your opponent gets the first turn. In which case you better pray he/she gets a bad draw.
Sure the deck is good. But it isn't reliable enough to run at the upcoming Regionals. It's better used for local tournaments where not as much is at stake. Don't bother running the deck for casual play, your opponents will just hate you for it.
It was recently restricted to one in Japan. Expect it to happen here... Eventually.
Rating: 3.9/5
DuelMonster Tuesday:

Magical Scientist:
Effect: Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck in face-up Attack or Defense Position. That Fusion Monster cannot attack your opponent's Life Points directly, and is returned to your Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.

Searchable by WotBF, Sangan, Last Will and Mystic Tomato
Insane Potential
Common - Easy to acquire.

Extremely Weak! - But it doesn't matter for his purpose.
Costly Effect

That them there whole crazy scientist turtle launcher thingy...Cards needed:
Cannon Soldier
2 Last wills
Catapult Turtle
Magical Scientist
7 2100atk fusion monsters

1. Summon Cannon - Tribute himself - 500 Damage
2. Play 2x Last Wills - Summon C.Turtle and M.Scientist
3. Pay 1000 LP for a Fusion - Launch with C.Turtle - 1050 Damage
4. Repeat step 3 six more times - 6300 Damage
5. Tribute M.Scientist with C.turtle - 150 Damage
Total: 8000 Damage, and if you need an extra 500 just tribute C.Turtle for himself.

Obviously, if you have played with or against a Magical Scientist Deck and won/lost in the matter of 1-3 turns, you know how much power and speed thing little guy can pack. His main combo can be pulled off on first turn as long as you pull a Cannon Soldier and 2x Last Wills. There are actually other nice ways to abuse pulling those three cards at once too, but just think about it and you'll figure some out.

M.Scientist was recently restricted 1-Per-Deck in Japan, and I've heard that people have been wanting and waiting for it to be restricted since it was being ridiculously abused and didn't require much skill. The act of restricting him won't change the odds of pulling off the combo that much though, with 2x Last Wills, one being to Summon C.Turtle and one to Summon M.Scientist, if the now 1-Per-Deck M.Scientist is already in you hand you have to reroute you routine.

All in all this guy is going to be one of the most powerful Common/SP/SSP cards in the game and will certainly be restricted either late this year or early next year. So abuse 3 while you can, unless you actually want to play a more challenging Deck Theme of course.

Casual: 4.5
Tourney: 4.3
ArtWork: 4.0 - He's a bit geeky looking but the he's got a cool looking lab with experimental Fusions being conducted. The best part of the picture is the little shull-spider in the corner. 
Pegasus Magical Scientist, 10/21/03:

Sorry I haven't been doing reviews in awhile, but I just haven't had anything good to say about the cards we've been reviewing... everyone else's been doing a good job. 

Anyway, onto Magical Scientist. Everyone and their mother knows the Catapult Turtle combo, so I don't need to talk more about that. But there's more you can do with this card other than just the half-turn kill:

1. Once Dark Crisis is out, there's ANOTHER OTK you can do with MS. Basically, use MS to summon a 2300-ATK fusion (sorry, it has to be 2300-ATK, otherwise the combo's a lot weaker... so unless we get a 2300-ATK fusion this can't work), Creature Swap it to the other side of the field, summon three Black Flare Knights, run them all into the 2300-ATK fusion, summon three Mirage Knights, and attack with all three. 2800 x 3 = 8400. I don't feel like posting up their effects (if the first Mirage attacks the 2300-ATK fusion, it'll still do 2800 Battle Damage), so you can just check at Edo's under 304.

2. You can summon monsters as tribute... ex., dump+revive a MS (or use Ultimate Offering), summon two fusions and sac them for Moisture Creature. Even sweeter if you summon two TERs and get rid of two of your opponent's monsters to boot! And, of course, you can sac the fusions for a Ritual Summon. It's too bad there isn't a powerful level 8+ fusion that's fused by two level 6 fusions. 

3. The monsters you summon count towards UWS. If you were really sadistic, you could also sac them for Little Swordsman of Aile's effect (sac TERs after you absorb a couple monsters). 

4. You can bring out a Ryu Senshi to protect your monsters from RoD, Magic Cylinder, Mirror Force... same with Balter and Flip Effects.

The list goes on and on. This is an excellent monster (IMO, the best card in MFC), and it should've been restricted in Japan a long, long time ago. (It took till October 15.. -_-). Of course, being restricted doesn't make it bad; it's still fairly easy to summon this card. 

Casual: 5/5
Tourney: 5/5  
dawnyoshi Magical Scientist

Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Level 6 or lower Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck in face-up Attack or Defense Position. That Fusion Monster cannot attack your opponent's Life Points directly, and is returned to your Fusion Deck at the end of the turn.

Magical Scientist was probably the biggest rarity shock to many Japanese players. After all, this card has been feared and hated due to its 1 turn kill ability (using this, catapult turtle, and a load of lvl 6 2100+ atk fusions can give you a 1 turn kill). That already makes this card amazing, but how good is it in standard decks?

There's plenty of uses for magical scientist outside of his own deck. If your opponent has a strong monster out, use scientist to get Thousand Eyes restrict onto the field. The monster's gone easily. Irritating set monster on the field? Use scientist for Baltar and smash through it. That trap card making you nervous? Use Scientist to bring out Ryu Senshi and negate that irritating trap. Now what happens if Magical Scientist is on the field alone or you have low life? Well, I'd say you’re pretty screwed at that point. Japanese decks have deck destruction virus (crush card) to make scientist even more playable. However, until that comes out in America, scientist loses some of his playability. Still a useful monster for many situations.

Constructed: 3.8/5

Limited: 1/5
In a sealed deck tourney or a draft, this card is dead weight. Unless you miraculously pull a Thousand Eyes Restrict in that magician's force pack (o.o;;;), you should leave scientist alone. Totally useless without some sort of theme or a load of fusions... 


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