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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Spell Canceller

Card Number - MFC-020

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.13.03

DuelMonster Monday:

Spell Canceller/Magic Nullifier:
MFC-020-Ultra Rare
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the Field, all Spell cards cannot be activated. The Effects of all face-up Spell cards are also negated.

Stops all effects of Spells and Spell from being activated.

Requires one tribute
Only 1800 ATK
Can be easily destroyed via Trap or Monster attack/Monster Effect

Jinzo - If you can get both on the Field nothing besides Monsters and Monster Effect can be used.
Gravity Bind - Help keep Spell Canceller from being attacked.

Wow, This card can be potentially dangerous, for you and your opponent. Since most Decks rely on more Spells than Traps he can shut down the majority of cards from being played, but that can also lead you to have a hand full of Spells until he gets destroyed. 1800 ATK isn't much since a Gemini Elf and anything stronger can easily take him down, so if you protect him with Traps like GB, Waboku and anything that stalls or deflect attacks.

Teaming him up with Jinzo can be quite sick, add in Yata and you've got an instant lock, but it won't take much more than something like a Cyber Jar or Newdoria to disrupt their tag-teaming antics. Though I have already seen the two become unstoppable against Clown Control and other small attack filled Monster Decks that rely on Messenger and Gravity Bind.

AS for him being restricted... well he isn't and never was restricted AT ALL in Japan, but neither was Magical Scientist until he was released in English so who know what Konami will do. I wouldn't mind if they restricted him or even semi-restricted him, I just want to get one first. If they never do restrict him it could make Trap Decks viable for Tournament use if you run 3x Spell Canceller, some Fake Traps to stop any Dust Tornados, and maybe some some Solemn Judgments to stop any other Traps or Monsters that may get in the way.

Casual: 4.0
Tourney: 3.0
ArtWork: 4.0 - I love this artwork, at first it reminded me of the hand-like robot monsters in FLCL/Fooly Cooley and kind of like the Machine on Magic Reflector. 
SomeGuy Monday - Spell Canceller

Spell Canceller:
MFC-020-Ultra Rare
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the Field, all Spell cards cannot be activated. The Effects of all face-up Spell cards are also negated.

Contrary to what some may believe, this isn't the new Jinzo. The fact that it's a Tribute Monster isn't what hurts it. It's the weak 1800 ATK that shuts in down. If we weren't in the era of 1900's, I'd have a different opinion.

What's nice about this guy is that you can still abuse Trap cards to back it up. And best of all, they can't be destroyed via Mystical Space Typhoon, Harpie's Feather Duster, or Heavy Storm. This is definitely Spell Canceller's biggest advantage. Just watch out for a manually Summoned Jinzo, because he walks all over this Monster.

All in all, since the set is still fresh to us here in the States, I have mixed feelings on Spell Canceller. He has some potential, but it'll definitely require some extensive playtesting.

Rating: 2.5/5
Umbra Spell Canceller:

MFC-020-Ultra Rare
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the Field, all Spell cards cannot be activated. The Effects of all face-up Spell cards are also negated.

Well this is an attempt to create a monster version of Imperial Order, or a Jinzo for magic. Unfortunately they took Jinzoís base stats, kept it 1 tribute, but lowered its attack by 600 and raised its defense. Raising its Defense makes it unable to be searched by Witch of the Black Forest. And lowering itís attack put it at a level where it is easily destroyed by low level monsters. While the concept is good, it just doesnít have the stats to support it.

Casual: 2.5
Tournament: 1 
Vodkam Monday 10/13/03: Spell Canceller

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all Spell Cards cannot be activated. The Effects of all face-up Spell Cards are also negated.

Well, in keeping with Martin's overrated week, here's a highly overrated card. This card isn't horrible but calling it the "Jinzo of Spell Cards" is a gross overstatement as is calling it a free Imperial Order.

Well, negating all Spell Cards can't be all bad, especially when you have none in your hand or on the field and especially when that's all your opponent has. Unlike Imperial Order, this also prevents the activation of Spell Cards so if your opponent forgets about it and attempts to use one, he/she can take it back.

The biggest problem with this monster is that it is 1 Tribute and is only 1800 ATK which means it takes effort to get it onto the field but very little effort for your opponent to destroy it. With Magician's Force, there are 4 new cards that can destroy Spell Canceller and are only 4 Stars: Luster Dragon, Skilled Dark Magician, Giant Orc and Breaker the Magical Warrior. That's not even including the usual suspects like Gemini Elf, Spear Dragon, Goblin Attack Force, Bazoo the Soul-Eater and Injection Fairy Lily. Of course, any 1800 ATK monster can go in for the suicide attack as well. Since all Spell Cards are negated, the only cards that can raise its ATK are Bladefly and Reinforcements. It is unclear if Blast with Chain and Metalmorph will work. Even though they are Trap Cards, their effects state that they are to be treated as Equip Spells. We'll have to wait for the ruling on this one. Spell Canceller needs a lot of protection in order to keep it on the field. Gora Turtle, Patrician of Darkness and all the usual Trap Cards will work nicely.

Spell Canceller isn't a bad card, but it's not as amazing as some people think. If you really feel the need to use it, you'll basically have to build the entire deck around it.

Casual: 3.4
Tourney: 2.9 
DM7FGD Spell Canceller:

MFC-020-Ultra Rare
Effect: As long as this card remains face-up on the Field, all Spell cards cannot be activated. The Effects of all face-up Spell cards are also negated.

Spell Canceller's like a Jinzo for Spell Cards. The downside to it though is its very weak ATK strength for a Level 5 Tribute Monster. And it's pretty slow as it can not be Searched by anything. Of course, when you get Spell Canceller out onto the Field, it may hurt your opponent for a turn or 2, but it'll hurt you just as much, as you can't play any Spell Cards either. Plus, with its weak ATK strength, your opponent could easily get rid of Magic Canceller with something as simple as a Gemini Elf, Spear Dragon, Goblin Attack Force, etc.

Spell Canceller's not exactly a card I would recommend including in many Decks. And it's certainly not as good as Jinzo, and no, Spell Canceller will not be Restricted/Limited. It just hurts you almost as much as it hurts your opponent, and it could easily be taken care of by your opponent pretty very shortly after Summoning it. Plus there's always the Traps that can take care of Spell Canceller, as well. But if you can get Spell Canceller out along with Jinzo, then your opponent may be in for some serious trouble.. But even then, Spell Canceller is pretty easily Destroyed in Battle. And that's Spell Canceller's main weakness that doesn't make it too good of a card.

- Spell Canceller -
Overall Rating: 2.4/5 
Monday - Spell Canceller
Spell Canceller, yes
It negates all Spell cards played
Wow, isn't that cool?
Spell Canceller
As long as this card remains face-up on the Field, all Spell cards cannot be activated. The Effects of all face-up Spell cards are also negated.
Ultra Rare
Well now, a very interesting pick to start off the Magician's Force CotDs.  As you've probably noticed, this little critter is the Magic/Spell equivalent of Jinzo.  You have also noticed that it has much worse stats than Jinzo.  1800 attack for Level 5 is unstable, considering the number of 1900s that are going to be running amok once Magician's Force is in mass release everywhere (if it isn't already, because today is the "official" release date).  Also, its Defense takes away another of Jinzo's traits, the ability to be searched out by Witch.
Let me say this right now, and take it how you wish to take it:
If Spell Canceller had the same stats as Jinzo, it would be the most broken monster in the entire game.
I mean, think about it, Jinzo is semi-broken in itself, having near-perfect stats for a Level 6 and a mass negation ability.  If Magic Canceller had stats similar to 2400/1500 for one Trib, and still negated all Magic cards, it could REALLY cause problems, as it would put the game in a lockdown more than almost any other card (I'm not forgetting about the stupid spirit bird...), because Magic cards are probably the most important type of card in the game.
As it stands, it's not that bad, as you can always dump it in the graveyard and revive it (as people do with basically ANY tribute monster these days, with the exception of Ha Des and Special Summon requirement-monsters, of course =\).  It can also create a lock if you get it on the field with Jinzo and Ha Des.  Your opponent won't be able to use Magic/Spells, Traps, or any flip/hit the graveyard effects (Spirit Reaper would be one of the few things that could counter this lock).
What really knocks it down is the fact that you can't play Magic cards either (which kinda sucks), and it's bound to be destroyed within a turn or two, but it's definitely something to playtest.
Casual: 3.5
This is a very fun card to play, and can be really, really annoying if used correctly (supplement it with plenty of Traps and you're all set).
Tournament: 2.5
Mediocre at best in the tourney environment.  It will get run over by almost every attacking Level 4 monster.
Draft: 3.5
1900s are less prevalent in Draft, although you will probably run into 1800s (depending on what set you're drafting).  Can really be a pain in Draft.


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