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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magic Cylinder

Card Number - LON-104

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 10.10.03

Magic Cylinder
Negate the attack of 1 of your opponent's monsters and inflict Direct Damage equal to the attacking monster's ATK to your opponent's Life Points.
Being the final card in overrated week, I must say that I cannot believe how much play Magic Cylinder got, and still gets. Yes it is a powerful Trap Card, but it isn't quite at staple status. Wobaku is a much more consistent card than Magic Cylinder will ever be, and people who consistently play me also believe how little you actually need Magic Cylinder.
Cards like Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, and Harpy's Feather duster's main purpose is to eliminate threats such as these. How many times have you used a Mystical Space Typhoon destroying a Magical Cylinder or Mirror Force and let out a sigh of relief? Well, I can also say that an opponent has probably done this to you at one time or another, which also shows you how much of a better option Wobaku really is.
If your opponent attempts to destroy a Wobaku, you can simply activate it and take no damage for the whole turn via attacks. No say that Wobaku was a Magic Cylinder, your opponent not only got a productive use out of the Typhoon, but you are now open for that attack Magic Cylinder was supposed to stop. In any type of game, you want to stick to cards that have the most consistency.
Now for the good points of Magic Cylinder, not only does it negate the attack of one of your opponent's Monsters, but will also make them take the damage right back. I have seen games end because of a simple Cylinder. It is a very useful Trap Card, but not a staple.
Rating: 3.5
Sealed Rating:  4
wartortle32 Magic Cylinder

Negate the attack of 1 of your opponent's monsters and inflict Direct Damage equal to the attacking monster's ATK to your opponent's Life Points.

Personally, I don't think this card is overrated. Sure, I get the usual argument that this thing isn't chainable and is almost always destroyed before you have a chance to use it. But that's why you have to protect your unchainable traps through other methods. For example, when you draw this card, DO NOT set it right away unless the opponent has already used up a lot of m/t removal. Set something chainable so that it can be the bait for the opponent's m/t removal cards. Waboku, MST, or ring of destruction are great cards for this. Make the opponent waste their m/t removal on these cards, which you will activate anyway. Then after a few turns, when your chainable stuff has been destroyed, and the opponent has used up most m/t removal, then set this card or other non-chainable traps such as mirror force. You'll find that it gets destroyed a lot less often and that the success rate of you using this card is a lot higher.

When you are able to activate this trap, it's one of the best traps in the game, especially when it's late. I usually wait until I've cut the opponent down to 2000 LP or less before using this, as it's the easiest way to win a duel. 

I'd give this a 4/5. It certainly isn't overrated. I actually think it's underrated as most people stopped using this card. It's a pity... 
DuelMonster Friday:

Magic Cylinder:
LON-104-Secret Rare
Normal Trap
Effect: Negate the attack of 1 of your opponent's monsters and inflict Direct Damage equal to the attacking monster's ATK to your opponent's Life Points.

Can save a Monster and/or LP
Deals = Direct Damage back

Doesn't Destroy Monsters
Can only activate it when attacked.
MST Prey

Ring Of Destruction - Deal twice the Damage back.

Well when this card came out it got outstanding attention, then when Ring Of Destruction came out many people began to loose interest in Magic Cylinder since RoD was quicker, chainable and destroyed the Monster. Personally I still love the card, it can work in basically any Deck theme, the only problem is that just like Mirror Force its MST, Heavy Storm and HFD prey, where as RoD and Waboku can be activated in a chain as they're being destroyed.

The only couple cards that work directly against Cylinder are Trap Of Board Eraser and Barrel Behind The Door, but since those cards are a bit too situational for heavy play they don't pop up it time to cause any ruckus.

Casual: 4.5
Tourney: 3.5
ArtWork: 4.5 - This is one of the best ideas and drawings for a card, the picture fits the effect, and it looks insanely cool with that greenish glow and the little question marks. 


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