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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day
"Can only be activated during your or your opponent's Damage Step. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase this card's attack strength by 3000 for the Damage Step." - Edo

Injection Fairy Lily

Card Number - LON-100

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 05.06.03


Injection Fairy Lily (Official Name)

Lily is a bit too overrated IMO. I mean, a lot of people are talking about playing 3 Lilys in their deck until it's restricted. I guess if you really want an offensive Beatdown Monster, nothing can beat this card. Lily is mainly used to get rid of your opponent's Jinzo or almost anything that your other Monsters can't handle. Usually Bazoo or Exiled Force (which we will review soon) can take care of Jinzo quite easily. The best part about Lily is that you can fetch her with Sangan. Now, don't get me wrong, Lily is a beatstick but with cards like Fiber Jar (again, we'll review it soon), you might want to reconsider playing cards that remove your own graveyard or cards that cost lifepoints to play. Personally though, I would just put her in my Sidedeck against Dragon decks or something. Before I forget, since you can only activate her effect during the damage step, your opponent can't use Magic Cylinder on it after you paid the LP for the attack. Same thing with Mirror Force and Waboku. Make sure you know this as it will probably come up quite often. 

Rating: 4/5 
Yonex Injection Fairy Lily -- Tuesday

Introduction: "Giant shot!"

Injection Fairy Lily
"Can only be activated during your or your opponent's Damage Step. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase this card's attack strength by3000 for the Damage Step." -Edo
Secret Rare

+Low Level
+Big monster


Anaylsis: Well with LOD cards coming around in a few weeks, I decided to help analyze the cards coming out! We start out with one of the most anticipated cards, Injection Fairy Lily. This monster first off, it's a level 3 making it invulnerable to Gravity Bind and no tributing. But the effect is what makes the card restricted to 1 in Japan and soon here. This monster, at the cost of 2000 Life Points, increases the monster by 3000, making it a 3400. Very scary indeed, when this monster can pop out of no where, and cause lots of Life Points damage. However, the 2000 Life Points can be steep, especially in the end. This means that you better watch out for those pesky Kuriboh or Magic Cylinder lurking around. Overall this card is just dangerous and will be a staple in most decks.

Rating: Can you say more profits for Upperdeck? This card will be a big staple in most decks, if not all. This gets a 4.4. The flaw is the price for using this card, but may not matter if paid right.

Conclusion: Are you going to like taking shots? 
NickWhiz1 Tuesday - Injection Fairy Lily 

Today, we're going to look at the other LOD Secret Rare, Injection Fairy Lily (which, by the way, is the actual English name). Yes,.this is the Injection Angel Lily which you may have heard of. 

This card's effect is the ONLY reason this card is playable. Otherwise, it's just a level 3 beatstick. 400/1500 won't win many contests, although it can wall under Messenger of Peace :/ 

The effect reads: 

"Pay 2000 Life Points to increase the ATK of this monster by 3000 points only during the Damage Step." 

Meaning, every time this monster attacks or is attacked, you have the option of paying 2000 LP to increase her attack power by 3000. The increase only lasts for that respective Damage Step. 

Damage Step, what the heck's that? 

If you remember the rulebook, the Battle Phase is comprised of 4 steps: 
Start Step (declare Battle Phase) 
Battle Step (declare attack) 
Damage Step (calculate damage) 
End Step 

So, basically, the Damage Step is when the actual damage is calculated, as well as when Flip effects are activated. 

What's unique about the Damage Step is that, out of the three main steps, it's the ONLY step where Magic and Traps can't be activated. If you were to activate a trap like Magic Cylinder or Mirror Force, you would have to activate it during the Battle Phase, when the attack is first declared. If that happened, Lily's effect could not be activated, and her attack would remain at 400. So don't assume that you can wait for Lily to use her effect, then Cylinder her. It just won't happen. 

This, in my opinion, truely makes Lily a force to be reckoned with. Her effect is pretty much immune to ANY reactive Magic/Trap. However, that doesn't make it immune to effect monsters like Man-Eater Bug, Penguin Soldier, and Kuriboh. 

Now, why would you play Lily? Two reasons, really: 

1. She can destroy pretty much any playable monster in the game right now. The only monsters that won't fall to 3400 attack power are equipped monsters, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior, and Gate Guardian. In other words, she's pretty much indestructible. 

2. Gravity Bind. You do the math. 

Her only weakness is that when your LP gets lower, her usefulness lowers exponentially. That's why you hope to get her early game, otherwise she turns into Graceful Charity bait :/ 

Score: 4.5 (This card is just so close to being completely broken, but 2000 LP is a very hefty cost, unless you're using a Fire Princess deck :/)  


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