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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Card Number - MRL-034

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 05.19.03



It seems that we are taking a break from reviewing LOD cards this week. Have no fear, we'll continue with some really interesting LOD cards that I like next week. Back to the card review...

Toll is a pretty interesting card to play in a Control Burn. It's especially good against beatdown decks as they rely on attacking too much. This card should slow down your opponent if he is low on life and it might just give you the time to draw cards that you need. This is more of a specialized card, so do not throw this into any deck.

Rating: 3.5/5 
wartortle32 This card forces each player to pay 500 LP to attack with each monster.

I'm not sure why we're going back sets, but whatever. This card is only really useful in a stall / burn deck. Most stall/burn decks dont usually attack that often, so it will only hurt the opponent. This card works best in twos or threes as then you can really pile on the damage to the opponent. Most of the time, the opponent wont bother to attack when the cost is that high, buying you some time.

In a stall/burn deck, I'd give it a 3.7/5. Not necessary, but it can make the opponent think twice before attacking, possibly saving you for a few turns. 
NickWhiz1 Monday - Toll

This week we will be taking a look at 5 less-publicized cards from previous expansions. Today we will cover a card from MRL, and the rest of the cards this week will be PSV. With that in mind, here's today's card, Toll.

Now isn't this a nasty little card. For each attack, you must pay 500 Life Points. Yep, each and every one. To the best of my knowledge, should a reset occur, you lose the 500 Life Points because it is a cost to declaring an attack, similar to Dark Elf, Jirai Gumo, and the Toons.

You have two options when you are facing this card. You can take the 500 LP damage and continue attacking, or you can try to stall, build up, and launch a game-winning attack.

If you are already far ahead, 500 LP per attack for a few attacks shouldn't mean much if you can win. However, if you are very low on LP, this card may actually prevent you from attacking, and should you have 500 or less LP, you can't attack. Period. You HAVE to pay the 500 LP to attack, and if you can't spare it, you can't pay the cost, thus you can't attack. Of course, if you've let yourself get down this low and let your opponent get Toll on the field, you deserve to lose. Let me tell you, this situation will NOT happen very often.

The other route is to just hold off until you can defeat your opponent in one fell swoop. Set yourself up so your attacks will be well worth the LP, then when the time comes, knock your opponent out.

The third route, obviously, is to destroy Toll. However, if you are not using a mass M/T removal card (i.e. you are using MST), your opponent can sucker you into destroying Toll, then lead you into a Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder =/ Be wary of that, because if Toll is on the field along with one or more face-down M/T, it may be a trap.

I honestly don't see this card ever played, except in very daring Toll/Chain Energy combo decks (I've lost to a Toll/Chain Energy/Mushroom Man #2 deck before, and it wasn't pretty). That's not to say that this card isn't bad. It's not that bad, really, because it applies a cost to attacking, one of the most essential elements of the game. However, it gets bogged down by affecting you as well, and if you don't want your opponent attacking you, you should use Messenger of Peace or Gravity Bind.

Score: 2.3 
SomeGuy Monday - Toll

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, both you and you opponent must pay 500 Life Points per monster to Attack.

Toll is obviously best suited for a non-attack based Burn (Direct Damage) deck. Which classifies most of them. Although, unless I was on a tight budget, I probably would not use it. My reasoning for this is due to the fact that if your side of the Field is open, this card will not keep your opponent from attacking. The only time they would hesitate is if they somehow got down to only 500 Life Points remaining. Which won't happen much against the top tier Beatdown decks.

Toll does work pretty well in conjunction with Scapegoat, Princess of Tsurugi, Giant Germ, Penguin Soldier, and a select other Flip Effect Monsters. You just have to time it right and hope that your opponent isn't holding a fist full of removal.

Rating: 2.2/5 
SandTrap Well, I first want to thank SomeGuy for recommending me to this honorable position. I also want to thank the Pojo staff for letting my become a CotD reviewer. I'm very thankful. *Dances with joy and nakedness...or just joy...*

Anyways, time for my first ever CotD Review! w00t! Today's card is:

Continuous Magic Card

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, both you and your opponent must pay 500 Life Points per monster to attack.

Hmmm...I don't think this card is very good. Back when Dark Elf and Jurai Gumo were running around, it may have been a nice choice in a Burn deck. But now, with the abundance of m/t removal being played, this card will not last long. Truthfully, I wouldn't waste a MST on this card, I'll just attack. In the long run it may be really harmful, but as long as I win in the short run, who cares?

If you're playing some kind of Burn or Stall deck, then this card may possibly be right for you. However, I rather stop my opponent's attacks for sure, rather than depending if the opponent wants to pay that 500 and attack anyways.

Rating: 4/10, and only in a Burn deck. It has minimal uses, and there are better cards to put in your deck besides this one. 


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