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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Freed the Matchless General

Card Number - LOD-016

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 05.12.03


Freed The Matchless General

Unlike Ha-Des, you kinda need to play a Warrior Deck in order to really benefit from Freed's effect. A couple of good Warriors that you can fetch with Freed are Goblin Attack Force, Marauding Captain (which we're reviewing tomorrow) and Exiled Force (will be reviewed soon as well). Before Exiled Force gets restricted to one per deck, running 3 Exiled Forces would be quite insane if you have Freed out. It's too bad that it only has 2300ATK though as Jinzo and Bazoo runs over it. Even a Goblin Attack Force can be used to suicide against it. It's also too bad that you can't use Witch of the Black Forest to fetch it. Should you play it in your deck though? Only if you are playing Warriors...

Rating: 3.6/5 
wartortle32 Freed the Matchless General

Negate the effect of a Magic Card that specifically designates this card as a target and destroy it. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can add 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from your Deck to your hand per turn instead of drawing 1 card during your Draw Phase. Your deck is then shuffled.

This is definitely a very strong monster in a warrior deck, even to the point of being a staple in warrior decks. The 2300 attack for 1 tribute isn't all that bad, being only 200 below summoned skull. The effect of adding monsters to your hand will definitely be very handy when you're low on monsters or you just need 1 more attacking monster to finish off the opponent. The magic negation effect isn't that great as there aren't that many targeted magic cards that the opponent can use against it, plus it means you cant power it up with an equip magic card. But you will find that players forget about this effect and try to use change of heart or snatch steal against it. It was the same with gearfried. I've been in a lot of duels where opponent's forget about gearfried's effect and try and snatch steal it. I'm sure that the same is going to happen with this card too.

In a warrior deck, I'd give it 4.2/5. I'd go with 2 of him at the most if you're using a warrior deck. 
Monday - Freed the Matchless General
Hello, and welcome to LoD Warrior Week!  All week, we are going to review 5 new Warrior/Warrior-related cards from Legacy of Darkness.  The 5 that we will be reviewing are from the Super and Ultra Rare spoiler from Shonen Jump #6 (isn't it convenient there's 5 of them?).  Today we start with the "leader" of the Warriors, Freed the Matchless General.
Like his counterparts Dark Ruler Ha Des and Tyrant Dragon, Freed has an interesting effect, as well as a self-protection effect.  His two effects are as follows (not exact card text):
1. He cannot be targeted by Magic cards.
This means no Change of Heart, no Snatch Steal, no Ekibyo Drakmord (but who still uses that?), but that also means no Axe, no UWS, and so on.  However, you can still use Change of Heart, Tribute to the Doomed, Nobleman of Crossout, etc. if he's face-down, but who in their right mind would play this guy face-down? :/  You can, to the best of my knowledge, use Monster Reborn to revive this guy, but Premature Burial might not work, because it must remain equipped to Freed while he's on the field.  Since his effect activates when he hits the field, Premature would be destroyed, and Freed would be destroyed.  They really need to rule on this ~_~
2. Instead of drawing a card during your Draw Phase, you can search your deck for a Level 4 or lower Warrior and put it into your hand.
Now this effect is what makes Freed playable.  You can use him to pluck out Goblin Attack Force, Zombyra (he may see more play now =/), Marauding Captain, Exiled Force, etc.  This isn't mandatory, though.
Now what doesn't make Freed playable?  Level 5 for only 2300 attack power, and he can't be searched out.  I personally don't like this card, but a lot of people do.  I suggest trying it out.
Score: 3.5 (just to prevent the hate mail coming my way ~_^)
Negate the effect of a Magic Card that specifically designates this card as a target and destroy it. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can add 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from your Deck to your hand per turn instead of drawing 1 card during your Draw Phase. Your deck is then shuffled.
Ultra Rare
Freed the Matchless General is a very cool card in Warrior-Type decks. Not only does he have two useful effects, his attack isn't bad at all for a One-Tribute Monster.
His first Effect is pretty good, but not as good as it seems. The main cards that this Effect will be strong against are Snatch Steal and Tribute to the Doomed. Sadly it can't stop cards such as Dark Hole and Raigeki due to the fact that they are not targeted Effects. Though, there are probably some more Magic cards that this Effect is good against in the upcoming LOD set.
His next Effect is what makes his shine. It effectively allows you to run a low amount of Monsters. Pulling out Gemini Elf and Goblin Attack Force when need be is always a good thing. Though, this isn't an Effect you want to be using every turn. Monster cards need the aid of Magic, and some Trap, cards to be successful.
From what I hear, Warrior-Type decks are pretty viable in Japan, so chances are they will be pretty good here as well. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing these decks pop up on the tournament scene. The metagame is almost no fun at all right now. The more viable deck types we have available, the better. But, in my opinion, "Type-less" Beatdown decks will always be at the top.

Rating: 3.9/5

I'm a little uncertain on the rating. Since I don't follow the Japanese game very much, it's hard for me to rate cards without actually testing them first hand (Which is what I usually do).


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