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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Sinister Serpent

Card Number - SDD-002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 03.05.03


Sinister Serpent

Ah, the Goblin Nabob of Yu-Gi-Oh. At first glance, this card doesn't seem too good. There's a simple reason to that. You use Sinister Serpent in combo with some other cards. Currently in the English environment, you can use it for a "free" Magic Jammer and Tribute to the Doomed. You can also use it to draw an extra card with Card Destruction or soften the blow when your opponent uses Delinquent Duo or some other discard cards against you. Soon enough, we will get Graceful Charity in Pegasus' Starter Deck and Sinister Serpent would help you keep more good cards in your hand.

In the future though, there will be a LOT more cards that can be used with Sinister Serpent. Exclusivity Virus, Metamorphosis, Black Paladin, and Judgment of Anubis to name a few. Those are the Japanese names and you probably won't have bother knowing what those cards do for quite a while. What I'm basically saying is that Sinister Serpent will be a lot more playable in the future.

I've also posted this once on the Message Board. Another cool trick you can pull off is if you have something like a Cyber Jar in your hand. You know your opponent have sort of removal waiting. Then, during your Standby Phase, conveniently show to your opponent that you returned Sinister Serpent to your hand. Then, shuffle the 2 cards around and set one of them down. Your opponent's turn he must take a gamble. Attack and save the Removal for next turn, hoping that it's just Sinister Serpent. But if it was Cyber Jar, you'll get the effect. But, if he used a Removal and only to find out that he destroyed Sinister Serpent, he just wasted it. Next turn, you can safely put down your Cyber Jar (assuming of course, that he doesn't get any more Removals).

It's also a good monster to use as Tribute (assuming it survives). It can become an infinite blocker as well (to a certain degree). This card is simply SO versatile. Might not be as useful now as its use is still quite limited in the current environment. It will probably be Restricted to one per deck immediately and that's for a good reason.

Rating: 4.5/5
Wednesday - Sinister Serpent
I want you to ignore the stats of this monster.  1/300/250 will not accomplish a whole lot on its own.  In fact, ignore it's a monster card, period.  We're just going to look at its effect.
Wow, this card is screaming "discard bait!  discard bait!" when you look at its effect.  Tribute to the Doomed just became free.  Magic Jammer just became free.  Relinquished just became free.  Graceful Charity just became 1 card.  Final Destiny just became 4 cards (ignore this one ~_^).   If your opponent uses Delinquent Duo, if they don't hit this with the random discard, gee, I wonder what we're gonna use?  If your opponent uses White Magical Hat, and picks this guy, gee wiz, wasted effect?
There's only one way to get rid of this guy permanently, and that's to remove it from the game.  If you don't do that, it'll just stay around like a bad itch.  It ensures that you will always have a monster available (ok, now you can remember this guy is a monster).  You could actually, in a way, lock your opponent down if you use this in combination with The Dark Door.  Since they can only attack with one monster per turn, you don't really have any fears of being hit directly (unless SS is hit by a card effect).  You can then proceed to gather up Exodia or work on a Clown lock or just plain stall if you want to.  I assure you, your opponent will be VERY annoyed once you get this card into play.  And don't bother trying to get more than 1 of these guys, it will be restricted pretty quickly.
Score: 3.5
This card is a near-staple in most Japanese decks, just because it can be so easily abused.  You'll see why.
SomeGuy Wednesday - Sinister Serpent

Regardless of it's pathetic stats, Sinister Serpent has some very good combo potential. Maybe not in the current enviroment, but either way, it can be pretty useful in the right situations.

The only time when this card really sucks is when you first draw it. After that, it's basically a free card that can be used for anything. It can ease the pain of a Magic Jammer or even Tribute to the Doomed.

Late in the game when both players are trying to top deck a Monster, Sinister Serpent can be used as a mini wall. They attack your face down Sinister Serpent, then on your turn it goes back to your hand to be set again. This can be used every turn until it is removed from the game.

The main cards that come to mind are Nobleman of Crossout and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer.

All in all Sinister Serpent is one of those "Why not?" cards. There is simply no good reason to not play it. Like I said, it can really suck when you first draw it (Especially if it's at a bad time), but from there on, it's basically like a free card.

Easily a future candidate for the restriction list.

Rating: 3.6/5

The sinister serpent just dont go away,
Well I guess he is here to stay.
Go to the grave then back to hand to play,
This card's effect is very Schwaaaay!

Sinister Serpent will be an underrated card. As long as your opponent dosen't remove it from the game via a nobleman when its originally played face down, it will be back, unlike Chandra Leavy. Very nice when your on the ropes, but it won't be a staple. Also it's funny if they nail it with a white magical hat, because you will simply say OOOOOOOOOPS! I GET IT BACK.

So my rating? It's a fun card, and I like it. I will give it a 3. Average.

-Martin Moreno

Wednesday - Sinister Serpent

This card is simple, but very cool.  Having recursive monsters is always neat.  At the very least, you can keep getting them back and using them as blockers in the right scenario.

It wouldn't be my first choice to make it into a deck, but if you have a combo that requires you to sacrifice monsters or discard cards, this would be a card that definitely belongs in your deck.

Rating: 3


Hey ... I'm just here to prevent about 20 emails I'd be bound to get if I didn't post this here.  This card is available from Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel.  This game will come out in April 2003.  Click on the image for all details.  This game is going to be a "must have" to get Harpie's Feather Duster. That's for sure!  The other two cards ain't too shabby either.   ;-)



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