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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

The Last Warrior From Another Planet

Card Number - LON-077

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 03.21.03


The Last Warrior From Another Planet

This guy's ability is pretty game-breaking. Most of the time, you or your opponent win by using Monsters to attack. What happens if you can't summon any Monsters though? The main Weakness to this card is definitely Trap/Magic and Flip Effects. Now, we can counter Flip Effects by playing Light of Intervention or Royal Command. We can counter Magic Cards by keeping an Imperial Order out. As for Traps, the one you would worry the most is definitely Mirror Force. Just keep a couple of Seven Tools handy.

Another cool trick you can pull off is with Dimension Hole. Before you get TLWFAP out, simply get something like a Jinzo or a couple of Maryokutais out. Then, use Dimension Holes on them. Finally, get TLWFAP out. Next turn, you'll get those Monsters on your side because you are NOT summoning them. ;-)

The problem is though, the Dimension Hole combo requires too many cards to work. Usually, just use Imperial Order and Light of Intervention out to protect it and you're all set. Definitely one of the best Fusion Monsters out there...

Rating: 3.6/5 
Yonex The Last Warrior From Another Planet -- Friday

Introduction: "Weee no more monsters."

Level 7
[Zombyra the Dark] + [Maryokutai]. When this card is Special Summoned,
destroy all monsters on your side of the field except this card. As long as
this card remains face-up on the field, both player cannot Summon (including
Flip Summon or Special Summon) any monster.

+Big Monster
+Killer Effect

-Fusion Monster

Anaylsis: One of the anticipated card I was waiting for when LON comes out.
First to begin with, this is a 2350, which is really big for any monster,
well 50 less than Jinzo, however, 50 more than Goblin Attack Force. However,
the attack points really doesn't matter. The effect is the reason everyone
using this card. This card first off, destroys all monster when it gets
Special Summon. Which pretty much is a sweet Dark Hole effect that can be
reused over and over again with reanimation cards like, Monster Reborn,
Premature Burial, and so on. The effect gets better, which in my opinion
people use it, no more summoning monsters. This means, that the game can be
over really quickly, if you protect this monster from traps and magics.
Attach a Mage Power on it, it can totally murder someone in a few turns.
However, be very cautious of those trap cards out there, Torrential Tribute,
Magic Cylinder, etc. that can easily mess up your plan. But that may not be
the weakenss for this card, it may be because it is a fusion monster. This
means that it requires Poly and/or Fusion Gate (I doubt anyone would use
Summoner of Illusionary). However, strong point of the cards is, both
monsters are
some what useable, and does not bring towards the downfall of this card.

Rating: If played correctly, this card can wipe out any deck in a matter of
turns. However, be cautious when using this card, many cards can counter
this card. But still a good card. Pretty solid, since the mosnter to fuse
with are pretty decent also. This gets a 3.4. Yet being a Fusion monster
kinds of bring towards the downfall of this card.

Concludsion: Long name, nice effect.

wartortle32 Friday - The Last Warrior From Another Planet

This fusion monster destroys all your monsters on the field when it is special summoned. Then, no one is allowed to summon any monsters.

The main problem with this card is that the opponent can still set monsters, meaning that they will be able to defend their LP still and kill this off with flip
effect monsters. The ways to get around this are to use Light of Intervention or Royal Command. If you can get Light of Intervention out, and maybe Imperial
Order out for a few turns, all you have to worry about are traps. The fusing part shouldn't be too hard to pull out since a common poly was released in the Joey deck and the common fusion gate can also be used.

I give this a 3/5. I think that it requires too many support cards to be effective which is why I didn't rate it too high.
Friday - The Last Warrior from Another Planet
God bless all those men and women fighting in Iraq, risking their lives to save the Iraqi people and the rest of the world from a deranged madman.  OK, now onto today's review.
This is one of those cards that can create a lock.  If you clear the field, then use this guy, your opponent will either have to destroy him with some other kind of effect, or rely on a flip effect monster.  To create a TRUE lock, combine this guy with Light of Intervention.  Since Light of Intervention forces all monsters to be summoned instead of set, your opponent will be POWERLESS to stop you unless they pull some kind of monster removal.  If you get a clear monster field, then your opponent plays this guy and a Light of Intervention, I suggest you pray to get some kind of monster removal, because at 2350 a turn, you won't last very long.
This guy actually has playable fusion parts.  Zombyra the Dark is one of the more useful commons in the game, being able to get off a couple of strong attacks, and Maryokutai can sometimes be useful.  However, I'd just play Zombyra and use a Goddess of the Third Eye or something.
This guy's main weakness is flip effect monsters.  Monster removal Magic and Traps can be dealt with using cards like Imperial Order and Seven Tools of the Bandit.  Flip effect monsters, however, can end your plan really quickly.  The biggest threats are Man-Eater Bug, Penguin Soldier (my personal favorite), Magician of Faith (recurse a Raigeki or something), and Cyber Jar.  That's why I suggest Light of Intervention, because it can create one of the truest locks in the game.  You can actually circumnavigate your own lock if you use Dimensionhole to remove LWFAP from the field, then summon a monster.  The only flaw with this is that your opponent will get a summon as well, as LWFAP returns during your next Standby.  But hey, it's an idea, isn't it?
OK, I've rambled on long enough.  Just be careful, as decks are built around this guy, and they can be NASTY if used correctly.  Being a Fusion is less of a problem now with Fusion Gate, and Zombyra the Dark makes a decent attacker if the Fusion falls through.
Score: 3.4


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