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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Card Number - LON-062

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 03.17.03

wartortle32 Monday - Kycoo

This level 4 1800 attack monster lets you remove 2 cards from the opponent's grave when you damage their LP with it.

The 1800 attack immediately makes it worthy in almost any beatdown deck, but this card has an added effect that should replace your la jinns and 7 colored fishes if you still use them. Not only can you remove the opponent's cards from their grave, depleting their recursion options, but you also prevent the opponent
from using nobleman of crossout on your face down monsters. It acts as a protector of your rv monsters. It's also great against exodia decks as if you are
able to destroy a piece, then damage the opponent's LP with this, you've basically won the game unless the opponent is using miracle dig.

I give this a 3.8/5. If you're still using the normal 1800 monsters, i suggest using this as a replacement as it is better in every way.
Monday - Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!  While you're enjoying your Jigg's Dinner and green beer, we're gonna look at one of the more interesting cards in the game (sorry, it's not Irish, though =/)
Kycoo is a very interesting card.  At 1800 attack power, he can hold his own with La Jinn, 7 Colored, and Harpie's Brother, but can't beat Mechanicalchaser, Gemini, etc. without some help.  However, his effect can be highly annoying to your opponent.  If I remember correctly, the Japanese version said you could only remove monsters, so this version is actually stronger, because now you can remove your opponent's Pot of Greed, Raigeki, etc. before they can use Magician of Faith to bring them back :)  As you probably guessed, his effect shuts down Exodia.  Get one part out of the game, and he ain't getting it back.  Well, he could get it back with Miracle Dig, but don't remove 5 monsters in the first place :/
His second effect also makes it pro-Exodia.  If an Exodia player gets it out on the field and keeps it alive, the opposing Kycoos/Soul Release won't be able to remove your parts from the Graveyard ^_^;;;  And at only 700 defense, he can be searched out with Witch.
This is a very solid card.  It still has enough attack power to be effective, and its effect can really mess up your opponent if used correctly.
Score: 3.5
SomeGuy Monday - Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Type: Effect Monster
Effect: Each time this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent's Life Points, you can remove up to 2 cards in your opponent's Graveyard from play. In addition, as long as this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent cannot remove any cards in either Graveyard from play.
Super Rare

Kycoo is an excellent Monster. IMO Bazoo is better (More on him when we do a COTD), but that does not mean that Kycoo isn't worth playing.

Personally, I prefer using one of these guys in the Maindeck of my beatdown deck as well as one in the side deck. Some of the bonuses you can receive from his effect are:

Nobleman of Crossout cannot be played.

You can screw over opposing Magician of Faith and Bazoo. As well as the less
common Dark Necrofear.

And of course you can hinder the effects of your opponent's Monster Reborn, Call of the Haunted, and Premature Burial by removing the more powerful monsters in your opponent's Graveyard from the game.

Removing Exodia pieces from the game is nice as well...Though, Exodia players can also benefit from the second part of his effect.

And to top it all off, he has 1800 ATK and is a Level 4. Even though 1800's aren't what they once were (With cards such as GAF, Mechanical Chaser, and Gemini Elf), they are still worth playing. In smaller numbers that is.

Overall Kycoo works as a great Side Deck Monster as well as a solid Main Deck attacker.

Rating: 3.8/5

Type: Effect Monster

Effect: Each time this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent's Life Points, you can remove up to 2 cards in your opponent's Graveyard from play. In addition, as long as this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent cannot remove any cards in either Graveyard from play.

This Monster will remove your options from play,
Once something hit's the trash it isn't going to stay,
Get rid of this guy via Fissure or Trap hole,
Because isn't winning the game your goal?

Today The Living legend himself Martin Moreno will review a very strategic card. His name is Kycoo and he destroys ghosts. Wait, Ghost destroyer? He removes graveyard cards from play? HAHAHAHA, it ALL makes sense doesn't it?

Anyway, the ability of Kycoo will really do a wallop on your opponent if they think they are going to be able to rely on a Monster Reborn or even a flipped Magician of faith in order to recover key cards from the graveyard. As I said before in my Gemini Elf review, Kycoo will be one of the few 1800s still worth playing. This card simply says no to Exodia once you nail them by removing an Exodia piece from their graveyard from play.

Your idiot of an opponent: "Well, my Exodia leg MAY be in the graveyard, but wait till I draw my back up soldier... [insert idiotic grin that I KNOW all of you have seen at least once in a game against someone]".

You: "Well sir, I will summon and attack with my Kycoo and remove that there leg from the game eliminating any chances of you getting Exodia in your hand. (I'm sure not all of you have a southern accent, but you get the point)".

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer: Eat it ma'am.

So let's review this son of a kitten. The fact that it makes cards like: Monster Reborn, Call of the Haunted, Magician of Faith and even Spear Cretin alot less of a threat really make this a great addition to most decks you may be running. Beat down will Love this card, at least in a side deck as anti Exodia, but I myself would feel confident enough still uncluding this 1800.

Rating: 4.0

"You gotta fight... For your right... too MaaarrrTAY!"

P.S I love you Mistey!
Yonex Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer -- Monday

Introduction: "What happen to your graveyard?"

Level 4
Each time this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent's Life Points,
you can remove up to 2 cards in your opponent's Graveyard from play. In
addition, as long as this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent
cannot remove any cards in either Graveyard from play.

+Nice Effect
+Good Stats


Anaylsis: Had some time to do a Card of the Day so I'm doing it right now.
Today we look at one of the most anticipated cards (before we found out
about Gemini Elf and Magic Cylinder), Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. First off
everyone always notices it's killer effect. Whenever this card does damage
to your opponent you can remove up to 2 cards from your opponent's
graveyard, which would be super sweet. In addition, your opponen't can't
touch your graveyard at all, so they can't use another Graveyard removal on
you. The stats of this monster is somewhat nice, depending on your
definition. It has a nice 1800 ATK with 700 DEF (for witch). This means that
it will cut through most monsters in the environment. Also since it's one of
the best type, Dark and Spellcaster, we might see a small increase in types,
with Dark Necrophear around. Though this may seem to be the perfect monster,
the 1800 may kill it for this monster. Gemini Elf lurks around in
tournaments everywhere, and even locally. So beware of a Gemini Elves.
However, this can be easily solve with Axe of Despair, Mage Power, and
United We Stand.

Rating: A really good card. May be a bit over rated. However, this only
works in certain deck, not all. So beware and use this card wisely. This
gets a 3.9. Very solid card, however I played with it, and must be used

Concludsion: Nice Card, Nice Effect, Inexpensive

Confusions: Well when reading this card I already noticed two things that
will lead to confusions. First, any Japanese duelists knows that the card
doesn't read "...remove up to 2 cards in...", but it Japan, it reads
"....remove up to 2 monsters in...." This for sure will led to confusion,
and whether or not Upperdeck/Konami decide to change it to how it is. If
they change it to this, the rating of this card will go down to a 3.5. Still
good, however, the monster eliminates lots of stuff. So beware of this and
keep in track with rulings, so you know you don't get messed up or your
cheating someone.



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