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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Barrel Behind the Door

Card Number - LOD-095

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 07.30.03

DuelMonster Wednesday - Barrel Behind The Door

PGD-095 Super Rare
Trap Card: Counter-Trap:
When an effect that inflicts damage to Life Points is activated (except Battle Damage), switch the damage you receive to your opponent’s Life Points.

This is one of the best combo related counter-traps to come out yet, though you don't have to use it in a combo, you can set it and wait for your opponent to attempt to use a burn card or counterstrike with a Magic Cylinder but why wait when you can make very sick combos with it. Most likely the best thing to use this with right now is Ring of Destruction, wait till your opponent plays RoD or use it in a combo when you use RoD to double the damage done to your opponent. The second best thing to use it with or against would be Dice Jar, if you roll the lower number they still take the damage.

If timed right you can do a one-turn-kill combo with BBtD. You can either attack with a powerful monster like Blue-Eyes White Dragon then play RoD and then chain with BBtD = 9000, or if your opponent attacks with a Blue-Eyes chain it with Magic Cylinder, then RoD, then BBtD = 9000 damage. It's all about having the right cards at the right time.

The card states "except battle damage" but it also doesn't work for LP costs like with Lily and Solemn Judgment or upkeep costs like Imperial Order and Mirror Wall since it's not considered inflicted damage. I bet this card might cause people to play Seven Tools Of The Bandit more often since 1000 LP is less than what BBtD could do sometimes. Also watch out because BBtD is chainable to itself (I think, but it's not ruled yet), so if you play it your opponent can play one too to throw the damage right back at you. If you aren't going to play with one it is at least good to side-deck in case you go up against a Burn Deck or any deck that plays Fire Princess.

Casual: 3.0
Tourney: 4.0
ArtWork: 4.5 - An awesome concept for a picture, I was thinking of a wheel barrel sitting behind a door, but it's a pharohic looking gun booby-trap waiting to go off. 
Pegasus Barrel Behind the Door, 7/30/03:

Apology: After posting on the Rules and Rulings section of Edo's Message Board, the conclusion is that Light of Intervention DOES negate Book of Moon. Thanks to DuelMonster for pointing it out. However, the board is not sure whether the monster is turned into defense mode but NOT turned face-down, or whether it simply stays in whatever mode it was in.

Warning: Barrel Behind the Door does NOT redirect cost damage, so don't even THINK about using it with Lily's effect. (You may use it with Lava Golem or Graverobber since their effects do direct damage, not cost damage)

This is an interesting card. The power to redirect damage is always really cool. But there's a bit of a debate going on as to whether the damage is NEGATED, or whether both you and your opponent take the damage. Apparently, the Japanese card's wording doesn't negate the damage, but the English card ("switch") does. 

That makes this card incredibly powerful, because you can pull off ridiculously powerful combos with Ring of Destruction and similar cards (Dice Jar, for example). Using RoD + Barrel on a blue-eyes will do 6000 damage to your opponent, and using Dice Jar + Barrel will do either 500, 1000, 1500, 200, 2500, 3000, or 6000 damage to your opponent. The Immortal of Thunder will heal you 3000, then do 5000 to your opponent when it does. Sweet. 

This card is also great for countering cards like Ceasefire and Just Desserts (YES, THE DAMAGE IS CLUMPED, NOT SEPARATED; DARK ROOM OF NIGHTMARES IS ACTIVATED ONCE, ADDING 300 TO THE TOTAL). 

The main thing this card will be used for is 1. for sick burner combos and 2. to counter sick burner combos. A pity this card does next to nothing against a fire princess deck. 

Casual: 4/5
Tourney: 3.7/5 
Umbra Wednesday

Barrel Behind the Door
When an effect that inflicts Damage to Life Points is activated (except Battle Damage), switch the damage you receive to your opponent's Life Points.

Trap Card
Counter Trap
Card Number PGD-095
Card ID No. 78783370
Super Rare

This is another interesting card out of PGD. This card can be used in a one-turn win combo, and otherwise do serious damage. The one turn win combo utilizes this card to bounce back the effects of Ring of Destruction. Ring + BBtD + 2000 or greater attacker + 2 axe of despairs is nice, dealing 8000 or more damage if nothings negated, though with this many cards its hard to pull of, but still this card with Ring of Destruction is painful to your opponent. Another painful use for this card is with Dice Jar, Fail the roll, oh well deal the damage to your opponent anyway. This is especially nice if your opponent rolled a 6. Of course there are many cards this can be used with to a not as destructive level. Some off the top of my head include Dark Elf and Seven Tools of the Bandit. Making your opponent pay for you to use a card is always nice. And the artwork is cool to boot.

Casual: 3.5
Tournament: 2 
Vodkam Wednesday 07/30/03: Barrel Behind the Door

Counter Trap
When an effect that inflicts damage to Life Points is activated (except Battle Damage), switch the damage you receive to your opponent's Life Points.

Here's a fun card with some really sick/cheap combo potential. Put this down and have no fear of Magic Cylinder, Ceasefire, Ring of Destruction or any other big effect damage cards. Unfortunately, there's only a small handful of cards you'd want to use this on, however, they're all popular cards so you'd have a pretty good shot at activating this card. It's a very situational card but can turn the tide of the duel if sprung at the right time.

There's 2 really sick/cheap combos that people are using this with right now:

Barrel + Ring of Destruction: Flip Ring then Flip Barrel and your opponent takes ALL the damage
Barrel + Dice Jar: Hope either you or your opponent rolls a 6. If your opponent rolls it, flip Barrel and they take 6000 damage

I don't know how they will rule on Barrel vs. Barrel plays but I would assume that Barrel is considered to be effect damage so if your opponent uses Barrel on you, you can return the favor. I wouldn't play more than 1 in my maindeck. Personally, I have 3 Barrels sidedecked right now for those who like to use 3 Rings of Destruction (or 3 Dice Jars for that matter) before the restrictions are out.

Casual: 3.5
Tourney: 3.0 


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