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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Mirage of Nightmare

Card Number - PGD-036

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 07.25.03

SomeGuy Friday - Mirage of Nightmare

Magic Card: Continuous
During your opponent's Standby Phase, draw cards until your hand has 4 cards. During your Standby Phase, randomly discard the same number of cards you drew with this card's effect to the Graveyard.

Mirage of Nightmare is what I, and many others, believe to be the best card in the set. If you wish to know everything about Mirage of Nightmare, read this Article by Pojo Moderator DM7FGD. 


DuelMonster Friday - Mirage of Nightmare

PGD-036 - Super Rare
Magic Card: Continuous
During your opponentís Standby Phase, draw cards until your hand has 4 cards. During your Standby Phase, randomly discard the same number of cards you drew with this cardís effect to the Graveyard.

This is the trickiest card Iíve seen to date. It obviously is meant for 2 things, that I can see, one being used against hand destruction decks, if your opponent tries a Yata lock against you, you can still acquire cards...for a price. Second, it's pure drawing power when used with MST to destroy it before having to discard or Solomon's Lawbook to completely skip you standby phase. Also you can activate Imperial Order during your opponents turn after you draw the cards, thus negating MoN and hopefully some of your opponentsí magic too.

This card would work all right in an Exodia deck except for the having to RANDOMLY discard if you haven't negated or destroyed it before having to discard. Mirage of Nightmare is a very good card if built to be handled around. It's a very debated card even in Japan still. Either you love it, or don't care for it, I personally wouldn't put one in my deck but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. If you are going to use MoN it's best to pack 3 MST, an IO and maybe a couple Solomon's Lawbook just in case.

Also remember that if you don't have less then 4 cards in your hand, you don't have to draw, meaning you don't have to discard. If you don't need the drawing power, it is at least good to side-deck in case you run into a good Yata deck, but be careful not to deck-out before destroying your opponent or if you combo it with Forced Requisition you can force you opponent to discard when you do, but if your opponent plays Appropriate (not like many do) they may gain hand advantage as well.

Casual: 2.5
Tourney: 3.5
ArtWork: 3.5 - Either the guy in the picture is playing a game of charades with some zombies, or he just crapped his robes because he's going to be killed by them. 


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