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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Jowgen The Spiritualist

Card Number - LON-061

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 07.18.03

SomeGuy Friday - Jowgen the Spiritualist

For a couple sets, Jowgen the Spiritualist was an extremely overlooked card. It wasn't until the presence of LOD and more specifically, Last Turn, that Jowgen the Spiritualist gained some decent playability.

If you have a set Last Turn with all the criteria met, all you have do is succesfully Summon Jowgen the Spiritualist then proceed by activating Last Turn to win the game. Just watch out for Jinzo, because even though most skilled players don't use Seven Tools of the Bandit, they ALL run Jinzo.

Besides the obvious use of Last Turn, Jowgen the Spiritualist also makes for a decent Side Deck Monster. Although, I wouldn't use more than one copy for this purpose. Mainly because decks that rely on Special Summons aren't very big yet. Or even powerful for that matter.

Rating: 2/5 
SandTrap Well, we are finally at the end of this horrible CotD week, and for once we have a card that may not get thrown into the bonfire after all.

Jowgen The Spiritualist
Effect: Randomly discard 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy all Special Summoned monsters on the field. In addition, as long as this card remains face-up on the field, no monsters can be Special Summoned.

Well, the obvious use for this guy is in combination with Last Turn. Get under 1000 LPs, get Jowgen on the field, activate Last Turn, gg. Some people have already seen how horrible this kind of deck can be, but sometimes it can get lucky once in a while (right Jason? OoOooOoooooh :D)

Outside of a Last Turn deck, this card's usage is limited. Low stats and the card loss for its effect makes this card suck.

Rating: 5/5 in a Last Turn deck, .2/5 everywhere else.

I swear, we better get some good cards to review, or else we're gonna see some blood...

*Holds Vortex hostage* =/ 
DuelMonster Friday - Jowgen The Spiritualist:

Effect: Randomly discard 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy all Special Summoned monsters on the field. In addition, as long as this card remains face-up on the field, no monsters can be Special Summoned

Effect Explained: This cards effect can only be used during the controller of the cards' turn. You can choose if and when to randomly discard for the effect. No monster can be special summoned for any reason under any circumstance while Jowgen is face-up on the field.

Jowgen the Spiritualist, another very week attack & defense monster with an effect that can rock the playing field... if played right. The original naming of this card was Jowgen the Controller of the Dead, witch probably sounded too cool for us Americans to handle, but the name was more suiting to his effect. He can destroy every special summoned/revived monster on the field and completely stops special summoning from occurring. I've actually seen people think you have to use his first effect as soon as he is summoned. That would suck. If and when you do use his effect though, it's best if you set any important magic and traps (like any aren't) down first, and then I even let my opponent pick the card as they're face-down in my hands just to ensure it's random enough before destroying their monsters. His effects would be better if they only applied to your opponent, but that would be a bit unfair, and making it less skillful and strategic of a duelist to use.

Besides stopping the usual recursions, he also prevents all toon, fusion and ritual monsters completely, making him a very valuable side-deck monster in case of heavy toon, fusion or ritual decks. There are also allot of monsters that specifically require only to be special summoned like Gate Guardian, Valkyrion The Magna Warrior, Harpie Lady Sisters and many others. All the elemental monsters that require to remove cards from the graveyard to be special summoned including Dark Necrofear and quite a few unreleased cards (like Chaos Soldier) won't be able to come into play. If monsters like Nimble Momonga and Giant Germ are destroyed they still gain 1000 lp and inflict 500 damage, but they won't be able to bring another monster of the same name to the field. The now popular Twin-Headed Behemoth with his once-a-duel effect would become a nonce-a-duel effect if he gets destroyed while Jowgen is out and about, and not like I've seen a good Revival Jam/ Jam Defender Deck, but Jowgen would put a quick stop to them. Besides regular monster card, token monsters can't be summoned either, and I know Scapegoat doesn't actually state that it's a special summon, but it is, read the PDF. As well as the cool trap that's still unreleased in the US yet, the Avatar of Apophis trap card that becomes a monster after being activated gets shut down by Jowgen. There is actually allot more Japanese cards out than English at the moment that deal with major special summoning.

Keeping Jowgen on the field long enough to matter is about the same or a bit harder actually as keeping a Banisher Of The Light on the field. Having him in defense with Chorus Of Sanctuary = 1800 defense, and a Mask Of Restrict will limit his attackers to a few (Spear Dragon, Gemini Elf, Mech. Chaser, Bazoo), then back him up with either some stall cards such as Gravity Bind and Messenger Of Peace. I've even equipped him with Mage Power/ United We Stand and sent him on a rampage. By now most of you should now the Jowgen + Last Turn combo, it's kind of cheap but hard enough to pull off to make it not cheap. If you pull Jowgen in a Cyber Jar summon, best if it's your turn, you can basically clear the whole monster field instantly, or you can summon him after to do the clean up. If you do plan on running a Jowgen in your deck though, it's good to have counters, not like magic counters, but something like a coin or glass bead to place on top of a monster after it's been special summoned so it doesn't lead to you and your opponent not knowing who was and wasn't special summoned.

Casual: 2.0
Tourney: 2.5
ArtWork: 2.5 - He looks like a midget with a trippy wand because they cut most of his legs off from the picture. 


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