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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Lesser Fiend

Card Number - LOD-003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 07.15.03

SomeGuy Tuesday - Lesser Fiend

Effect: As long as this monster remains face-up on the field, monsters destroyed by this monster in battle are removed from play instead of being sent to the Graveyard.

First lets take a look at Lesser Fiend's stats. It's a Level 5 Monster with only 2100 ATK. The defense doesn't help it out much either. Definitely not something worth the Tribute so far. Although it does have the power to destroy most of the Haymaker Monsters besides Goblin Attack Force.

Now that we've seen how strong he is, let's see what his Effect can work well against. Ummm... Not much. It can potential hinder Monster Reborn, Call of the Haunted, Premature Burial and some of the new recursion cards from PGD. But seriously, it doesn't effect those cards very much at all. You can still discard Monsters from your hand or deck that won't be affected.

The only decent use that Lesser Fiend's Effect brings is that you can safely destroy a Witch of the Black Forest or Sangan and not have to worry about it biting you in the ass.

Although, all in all, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer is a much better choice. His Effect is also a lot more versatile.

Rating: 1/5 
SandTrap Yay. Another crap-tastic card. =/

Lesser Fiend

Effect: As long as this monster remains face-up on the field, monsters destroyed by this monster in battle are removed from play instead of being sent to the Graveyard. can stop a Witch, Sangan, or Sinister. All you need is to willingly tribute a monster to bring out this monster with such a low attack value! GJ killing that Sangan, now you die to a GAF! Talk about field advantage! Seriously, a one tribute monster with only 2100 ATK? When GAFs are commonly played? Are you really going to do that? I sure wouldn't. There are just better cards to use. 

Rating: 1.3/5. I don't think we need to go into depth on why this card is not good. We can all see the little +'s and the huge -'s. 
DuelMonster Tuesday:
Lesser Fiend:
Effect: As long as this monster remains face-up on the field, monsters destroyed by this monster in battle are removed from play instead of being sent to the Graveyard.

Lesser Fiend is one of those evil cards that can fit in beatdown, control, and anti-decks. I say that because he can take out key cards and stop lots of other card effects like killing Sinister Serpent for good. He will also take out Helpoemer before he can sit in the Graveyard causing ruckus. He basically an almost better Banisher Of The Light, I say almost because yes he has way better ATK and only effects your opponent but he's level 5 and only removes monsters it kills and BotL is level 3 and will take out every card played. You can also call him a Pre-Emptive-Kycoo since he removes cards from play before they get to the Graveyard instead of after, which is why he stops the effects of Sangan, WotBF, Mystic Tomato (and the others like it), Twin-Headed Behemoth, Revival Jam, Dark Necrofear, Nimble Momonga, Giant Germ, Troop Dragon and many other monsters. Besides effecting monsters he can also mess with magic and traps like Return Of The Doomed, Last Will, Michizure, and more cards that haven't been released yet.

I do like the effect of this card but I currently play a no-tribute deck with some Mask Of Restricts, but if I ever went straight Beatdown or Banishment this card would lead with destructive force.

Casual: 2.0
Tourney: 2.5
ArtWork: 3.0 - Yet another card that had horns removed for our censored American eyes. 
Vortex XD July 15, 2003

Well, hi there everyone! Todayís CoTD is Lesser Fiend, a monster that is a rare card from Legacy of Darkness for all of you that donít know already :/. I bet some of you have pulled this card countless times in boosters and thrown them aside, no? Well, at least I have, and for a very good reason. This card is just about worthless. First off, we start with its stats: A Level 5, 2100 attack monster. This actually considered somewhat decent for a Level 5 by some people, but let me just say, Jinzo blows this card out of the water. Tribute monsters slow you down, and you donít want that really. Only play a tribute monster if its completely broken, or it fits the theme of your deck (Ha Des, Tyrant Dragon).

Oh, and no, donít think about making a deck around Lesser Fiend. That would be hard because like I said, its not a good card =/.

Taking a step away from its stats, and looking at what matters, its effect. The monster it destroys in battle and is sent to the graveyard is removed from play. Well, this effect can be decent at times, but a monster hardly stays on the field for more then 3 turns anyways. Kycoo would be a better pick in my opinion really. You get to remove two cards from the graveyard (anti-recursion), and you pay no tribute whatsoever. With these two factors in play, Kycoo is more versatile then Lesser Fiend. 

And with all that said, I give Lesser Fiend a big old:

Causal: 2/5
Tournament: 1.8/5

Bye Bye for todayÖ

(And Jake S, if you are reading this then I pwnz j00! Just kidding around with you, lol.)  


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